Lilypie - Kids Birthday

Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Friday, May 19, 2017

big sister Lauren

Lauren has always been a "mama" type, and she is really a natural caretaker when she holds Caroline.

On this particular day, she turned Caroline toward her so she could pat her booty and her back.  Add in some steady shushing, and she actually put Caroline to sleep!

She's also experimenting with holding so Caroline's head can rest on Lauren's shoulder.
"Do I look like a good big sister?" she said.

Love these two together already.  So excited to watch them become friends!

the sillies are outside

Collin and Lauren spend a lot of time outside.  They're typically working on a project or engaged in a pretend scenario.  It's so, so fun to watch them work together and play together.

At this particular moment, cute Lauren was the baby on her booster seat

and this handsome dude was the daddy.

Happy bigs.  It's a good day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

strong Caroline

Well, if you can imagine...  Caroline Paige doesn't get a ton of tummy time due to the amount of action on our floors at any given moment.

That doesn't mean she isn't strong though!

She's already pushing up!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

All I wanted for Mother's Day was to spend the day with these 5 gorgeous babies

and to get a decent, everyone's-eyes-are-open picture of our family of 7.

 Mission accomplished!

We also had yummy, Ryan-cooked meals and I received the most precious gifts that Collin and Lauren picked out.

I love being a mama.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

cool dudes

We're so grateful for our time with these two cool dudes!!

super Saturday

Cute Caroline did a ton of stretching while I was getting her dressed this morning, and somehow it seems it was my first time seeing her armpits.

Seriously.  Look how chubby and cute she is.

We got loaded up and headed out to Collin's soccer game.

Collin's been working on his heel kick.  It was very popular with the crowd the first time he tried it, so now he tries to work it into every game. :) 

Cory had a hard time staying off the field during the game.

For the little boys, the best part is after the game when they can wander wherever.  Morgan showed off his walking skills by making it all the way across the field!

Silly Lauren was up to silliness on the ride home.  "What do I look like?  Do I look cozy?"

It's a pretty sweet Saturday morning routine we've got going on this spring!

Friday, May 12, 2017

chill Caroline

This sweet girl is seriously laid-back.

She loves to stretch out on a blanket.

If she's fussing, sometimes the best way to settle her down is to stop cuddling her and let her stretch out by herself.

You are so very loved, our beautiful and bright-eyed Caroline!