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Sunday, April 20, 2014


It's fun to keep track of some of the most interesting things that come out of the mouth of Mister Chatty.

Our favorite phrase Collin uses right now is "my best."  He has lots of bests, and pretty much uses the phrase to indicate if he really likes or doesn't like something...
"Thanks for the pistachios, Mom.  Pistachios are my best."
"These jammies are my best."
"I don't like peas.  They're not my best."


Mom:  "Sorry I stepped on your shoe, bud."
Collin:  "That's ok.  Ackidents happen."


"I went potty all by myself!  I just used the sleeve of my jammies to clean the pee off the toilet."


(after choosing Oreos as a treat during a trip to the grocery store with Daddy)
"Dad, Mom never lets me have oreos.  You're cool Dad.  You're my best!"
(as they were walking into the house)
"Mom!  We got oreos!!!"


Collin:  "Mommy, what's that thing you were talking about with Daddy?  A bribe?"
Mom:  "It's something you earn for working hard, kind of like a prize.  If you do the hard job of staying in your bed all night, we'd give you a prize.  That's called bribing."
Collin:  "I don't want to talk about it anymore.  Bribes aren't my best."


(from the backseat of the vehicle, singing along with the radio)
"You can have all this world.  Just give me Jesus."


(to some girls who were driving a toy car at a friend's house)
"Hi!  What can I help you with today?  Is your car running ok?"


(at church, during the song that says Jesus died upon a tree)
"Jesus didn't die on a tree!  It should say cross."


funny (from a 3-year-old) words:  fantastic, excellent, embarrassing
funny pronunciations that are still hanging on:  ackident, compuputer

Saturday, April 19, 2014

CBS spring program

CBS, the bible study we go to every Thursday, is wrapping up for the school year, and this week was the end-of-year children's program.

The program was a blast to watch, and we are so grateful for the way our time at CBS is helping plant seeds of God's word in Collin's heart!


We're so excited for spring and fresh air!  It was quite cold on Wednesday, but we bundled up and braved it to play at the park for awhile.

Collin had a blast!

Lauren continues to be unimpressed by wind and cold.

Two out of three campers were happy.  Not bad!

Friday, April 18, 2014

noisy household

It's not quiet around here.  Collin talks about 90% of the time he's awake, which leaves very little space for Lauren to fill, but she's learning to just talk over him. :-)

(Collin is playing with toys in the background, not talking to us.)

(He's wearing his "reading glasses.")

Thursday, April 17, 2014


How cute are they?!

Mornings with Mommy

We go to a fabulous playdate every other Friday called Mornings with Mommy.  They have about 8 crafts and activities setup for kiddos to do, all centered around a new theme each week.

While Collin matched colors, Lauren played with a magnet puzzle.

Lauren's getting to the age where she can start participating, and Collin thinks it's so exciting!

sweet sleeping

There's something indescribably awesome about peeking in on a sleeping baby.  They all look about the same, yet sleeping pictures are some of my very favorites.  Peaceful, precious, and I get to soak it in without them knowing...

We had a rough 6 or 8 weeks, but now Lauren Kate is back to being a great sleeper.  She likes snuggling her face into a blanket while she sleeps.  We still swaddle her, but she usually busts out at least one arm at some point.

Collin still naps almost every day, though it's becoming more difficult for him to settle down at naptime.  His nighttime sleep is hilarious to watch.  Twice this week I've peeked in to see him with his head sideways on his pillow and the rest of his body on the floor.

We're so grateful for our two beautiful babies.