Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Lilypie - First Birthday

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Collin is excited to teach Lauren everything he knows.

They're going to be great partners in life!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

crazy shenanigans

Mr. Daredevil is into jumping these days.

Lauren loves to dive on the bed while Collin does his jumping.

And sometimes when he's being crazy, all you can do is watch. :-)

Collin the salesman

Every Friday night I've been working at Downtown Friday Nights, selling food out of my parents' catering bus.  Last week the kiddos came down to see the Clydesdales, and Collin ended up working with me for awhile.

This kid is amazing!

"Hi!  What can I get for you?

Ok, that'll be five dollars please.

Super nachos!  Jalapenos!

They're working on your food back there.  It'll be ready in one minute.

Here you go!  Thank you!"

Daddy's little helpers

Daddy is working on a big fence project right now, and Collin was thrilled to visit the job site on the day when his daddy was using a mini excavator.

While Collin and Daddy were excavating, Lauren was busy with her own project

and then decided she better check out the equipment too.

We're raising a couple of hard workers!

Collin's new pet

Meet Podey!

Collin and Daddy found him out in the yard

and Collin decided to name him and bring him inside.

Currently he's in a chrysalis in the dirt on the bottom of the cage, and we're expecting to see him again in a week or so.

pool play

This little mister has been having a blast at the pool this summer!

Sometimes we meet friends at the pool

(Maya and Collin)

and one day we even convinced Daddy to join us!

gator play

Baby girl likes pretending to drive the gator

and she really loves when Collin takes her for a little drive!

Future best buddies, these two.