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Saturday, January 10, 2015

sleeping babies, episode 207

Maybe it's because the days are so busy that I only get to really stare at them when they're sleeping...

They're just so peaceful when they sleep.

(All that crib space, and she's squished way in the corner...)

Lauren reads

Lauren Kate loves to read.  She especially enjoys turning the pages and pointing at pictures on each page.

Sometimes she "reads" too, saying "uh mmm mmm uh mm" for each page.

Collin's duck call

Collin likes to experiment, and he's pretty proud to show off new tricks he figures out.

Here's his duck call.

Lauren unzips

When Lauren wakes up in the morning, she typically isn't in a rush to get out of her crib.  She enjoys having a little time to relax and roll around.  And sometimes get into mischief...

She found the zipper pull of her jammies and figured out how to unzip them.

She was pretty proud of herself!

best buddies for life

Before Lauren was born, we would tell Collin he was so lucky because his baby sister would always be his best friend.  Not every moment is proof of their friendship, but it's sweet to watch Collin and Lauren's relationship grow.

They're silly

and sweet together.

They love to play together with us.

(Notice how he's holding her hand while they read.)

She'll copy anything he does.

 He loves to teach her everything he knows.

They love to make each other laugh.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lauren the window watcher

Lauren loves watching out the front window and she's really observant.

If she notices something interesting, she'll run to us and talk like crazy ("uh uh mmm uh mm") while pointing toward the window.

Collin the basketball-er

This guy has been busy learning some ball handling skills.

 "Mama, are you ready?  Watch this!"

"I DID IT!!!"