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Sunday, November 22, 2015

bean bag toss

We found the bean bags and Lauren had a blast.  We love to see her reaction as we recreate activities that were so fun with 2-year-old Collin.

silly bedtime

It started as a fake laugh, then turned real.  Lauren's saying "my toot" to tell us she did it.

Kids giggling?  It's a precious way to end the day!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Collin the worship leader

He's getting good at playing and singing at the same time!  Can't wait to get this little mister into some music lessons!!

better together

The last time I downloaded pictures off my phone, almost all of them were of Collin and Lauren together.  This week has been so precious in the development of their relationship - they're learning to communicate, share, and balance each other.  It's sweet!

(He's her baby, laying on his bed.  She climbs up to rub his back and tell him, "Shh, shh.  I know, baby.")

Collin has this new thing where he starts laughing so that Lauren will smile or laugh for the picture...

Sweet life.

Monday, November 16, 2015

our first babies

They don't get much space on the blog, but the pups sure are an important part of our family!



Though they don't have nearly as much space to run around, our country pups are quite delighted with our transition to city living:  the mailman walks by each day, there's lots of action with people (and pups) walking on the sidewalks, and we take walks almost every day.  It's a good life!


a conversation with Lauren

Lauren really likes my wedding ring.  Whenever she mentions that it's pretty, I always tell her that Daddy gave the ring to me.

One night I was sitting beside her crib holding her hand at bedtime and she noticed my ring.

LK:  "Daddy?"
me:  "Yes, Daddy gave me that ring."
LK:  "Pretty.  My?"
me:  "No, the ring is mine."
LK:  "My?"
me:  "You think someday Daddy will give you a pretty ring?"
LK:  "Yep!"