Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Collin the chef

Collin loves being a chef and was excited to help at the Festival in the Park this year.  His job was setting dough out to thaw.

He also thought he should do some dough flipping.

(Notice the dough that's mid-air!)

construction project

Collin and Lauren helped their daddy with a big construction project this month.

There used to be a wall between the living room and dining room

and now it's a half-wall!

Lauren is mobile

Lauren is now a professional crawler

and walker.

Watch out world!

brother and sister fun

Collin and Lauren are learning to be friends, and watching them interact is so fun.

One of their favorite things to do together is what we call "bonk."  Lauren dives onto Collin's bed, which is when we all say "bonk!" and then she climbs off so she can dive over and over.  Collin is typically very excited to join the fun.

Lauren's groove

Lauren likes music and is learning to move to the beat.  Sometimes it's a shoulder thing.

Sometimes it's a head and hips thing.

Sometimes it's an arm thing.

However it goes, we love watching as she's happy and moving.

Monday, July 21, 2014

water fun

Collin was watering the flowers

which caught Lauren's attention.

They played together with the hose

and that made for a happy & wet girl.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

the gator: not just Collin's for long

Collin Cooper loves his gator.  He drives it almost every day, and uses it for everything from mowing and smashing the yard to towing a trailer and hauling trash to the dumpster.

Lauren Kate thinks she's ready to take over driving it.

She actually figured out how to climb in by herself!

Sweet Collin has been giving her lessons, and he even pushes the pedal while she steers.

 (Lest you think we're crazy/dangerous, A: these pictures were taken while the gator was stationary; and B: I hold onto Lauren while the gator is moving.)

Collin also thinks it's pretty cool to take his sister for a cruise.

It won't be long before Little Miss Firecracker is giving her big brother a run for his money!