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Friday, September 19, 2014

the hose

Sometimes on warm days, Collin and Lauren like to get crazy with the hose.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

hard-working kids

Sweet Collin loves to be a helper, and it's getting to where his "help" is actually helpful.

We made cotton candy last week, and Collin loved his job as the sugar pourer.

Whenever Daddy's working with lumber at the house, Collin is too.

He's pretty good at pounding in nails.

Baby girl is learning to be a helper too!

a snowy day in September!?

It snowed on the 11th of September.  Lauren and Collin loved it!

Dude even had time to build three snowman and two snowpuppies.

Thankfully the snow is gone and the sunshine has returned for a little bit of South Dakota fall.

sleeping babes

One lucky day, I got to snuggle exhausted Collin while he slept.

I still love watching them sleep...

Collin and Lauren

These two sweet babies are getting along so well these days and it is adorable!

They play together

and they're making big plans to get in trouble together as they grow...


Collin the reader

His memory is pretty much spot-on.

Collin puts on a concert

Collin loves singing and playing his guitar.  He pretends he's Ashton, our worship pastor.  He does a pretty good job making up lyrics!