Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

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Friday, December 19, 2014

our family!

God has given us these beautiful children and we are so grateful for our precious family!


Collin LOVES legos!  

He loves setting them up on his car mat.

It's been really fun watching him modify the vehicles, and his creativity with the legos is really growing!

blanket baby

This girl loves her blanket!

bath time fun

Collin and Lauren love bath time.

parade of lights

We headed downtown one fresh, chilly night last week to check out the parade of lights.

Lauren enjoyed the lights and music.

Collin enjoyed dancing to the music and filling his pocket with candy.

We're having fun filling this month with fun Christmas activities!

playing store

Lauren has a little cabinet in her bedroom that was filled with Christmas decorations.  Once we emptied it, we realized it'd be a fun place to play!

Collin likes to use it as a store.
"Hi, what can I get for you today?"

Lauren's getting the hang of it too.

It's always the random activities that are the most fun. :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

siblings = best friends

These two cuties are really learning how lucky they are to be best friends!

There's always something silly going on

and Lauren loves to join Collin in the fun.

Hand-holding in the car is pretty precious too.

Bedtime is one of Collin and Lauren's sweetest times together, full of giggles and sweetness.

Best buddies for life!