Lilypie - Fifth Birthday

Lilypie - Third Birthday

Friday, January 29, 2016


This handsome boy may be 5, but he still rocks footie pajamas!

"Hey Lauren, check this out.  There's a hole on my knee."
"Hole, Bubba?  Oh no!"

Cutie kids!

Collin & Gabe

Collin and his sweet friend Gabe got silly with the scotch tape.

They were cracking each other up!!

Silly + hilarious.

Collin the reader

At the beginning of November, we started calling Collin a reader.  He was paying attention to the sounds of letters and putting a few together to read simple 3-letter words.

By mid-December he was reading compound words with simple vowel patterns, and by early January he was reading pretty much anything!

By the time his 5th birthday rolled around, he even read most of this card that was written in cursive!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

giggly Lauren

Our girl is silly and loves to laugh!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Collin is 5!

When we became parents, we were buried in the fog of newborn-hood.  We didn't spend much time looking beyond infancy, but even if we did, would we really have imagined just how amazing our Collin Cooper would be as a 5-year-old?

The changes seem less drastic because we watch him day-by-day, but seriously.  Look at his little just-turned-4 baby face!

This year has been a blast!  Kiddo is hilarious and always up to something fun.  Here are some favorite pictures from the year...

He's busy and brave.

He reads and he writes.

He works hard every single day.

He's hilarious and silly and creative.

For real.  Party animal.

We love you so much, our precious 5-year-old!