Thursday, July 29, 2010

From orange seed to peach... Baby's development during the first 13 weeks

6 weeks
Baby is the size of an orange seed, and basically looks like an oversize head with dark spots where eyes and a nose are starting to form. There are depressions where ears are beginning to form, and baby is developing arm and leg buds. The heart is beating more than 100bpm, and blood is flowing through baby's body.

7 weeks
Baby is the size of a blueberry this week, and scheduled to triple in size during the week. Small paddles are developing on the arms and legs, which will become hands and feet. Baby has a tail (an extension of the tailbone, which will disappear in a few weeks), and a loop in the intestines will soon turn into the umbilical cord. Eyelids partially cover baby's eyes, and he or she now has a pancreas and an appendix.

8 weeks
June 22 was our first appointment. The doctor’s office is fantastic. It’s just the doctor, two nurses, and the doctor’s wife at the front desk. It’s a small, Christian office, and we absolutely loved it. We got to see baby!!! He is 1.3cm from crown to rump, and we even could see the heart beating!

Baby is now the size of a raspberry, and some wild things are going on. My uterus is twice its original size, and baby’s eyelids almost cover the eyes. Did you know the eyes are fused shut until 27 weeks? The yolk sac disappears this week as baby is now operating on an independent system. The yolk sac is clearly visible in our ultrasound pictures, and looks like a halo above baby’s head. Fingers and toes are forming, and baby's tail has almost disappeared.

9 weeks
Baby is growing like crazy in the 9th week! All major organs and systems are in place, which means baby can now concentrate on gaining weight. In the last 4 weeks, baby has quadrupled in length! Make no mistakes – though growing like a weed, baby is still tiny and could fit in the lid of a 2-liter bottle. Baby’s arms are only the length of this 1.

The size of a grape, baby no longer has a tail and is developing muscles that will allow for conscious movement. Baby’s gender is already determined, but this week is when gender-specific organs begin to develop externally.

10 weeks
Baby is now officially a fetus, and minute details are developing – like fingernails, teeth, and hair! Compared to the size of a plum or kumquat (a what?), baby’s weight change is now measurable. At this point, he weighs 5 grams, which is obviously tiny. His elbows function, and this week he’s developing ankles and knees! His head is half the size of his body because his brain is so huge, but the proportions will begin to level out. They say that almost all developmental problems would have occurred by the 10th week, so we take comfort in having made it this far.

Ryan is absolutely positive that baby is a boy, in which case baby boy would begin producing testosterone this week. His skin is still translucent and the spinal nerves are just now beginning to stretch out from the spinal cord. 10 weeks means we’re already ¼ through the pregnancy – WOW!

11 weeks
Baby is going to have an exciting week! This week baby’s palms develop sensation, sucking reflexes begin working, and the olfactory senses begin developing, which means baby will soon have the first experiences with taste and smell. Baby is developing coordination and is beginning to move limbs on command. Baby is now the size of a plum. The growth in the last two weeks is mind-blowing!!!

Ryan is already so excited about providing our baby with experiences, and I cannot wait until we have a child out of the womb. He is going to be such a great daddy! This morning he said, “Hey babe, baby went Jeeping for the first time yesterday!” As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure baby had a blast Jeeping.

At our appointment this week the nurse tried to find baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler, which was an interesting experience. We heard tons of sloshing sounds, which she said were from the placenta and my blood flowing (Did you know my blood volume will increase by 50% by the time I deliver?). Seriously, it was a lot of noise! Despite all that noise, she couldn’t find the heartbeat.

Since the nurse wasn’t able to find the heartbeat, the doctor did an impromptu ultrasound. It isn’t an official ultrasound machine, but more like the doctor’s toy. He has a certified ultrasound tech for the official ultrasounds, but he gets a kick out of seeing babies whenever he wants to. Baby’s heart was beating at 190bpm, and looked amazing!!! We were able to see lots of movement – especially kicking of the legs and stretching of the arms. Ryan was pretty blown away to being seeing movement. It’s hard to imagine a little human the size of a lime, but fully developed and functioning!

12 weeks
Baby is up to awesome things again this week. Reflexes are developing, which means baby will squirm if I push on my belly! I won’t be able to feel it for a couple more weeks, but it is fun to know baby is moving and grooving in there. Also this week, baby’s mouth is learning to suck and kidneys start working. Did you know that the intestines grow so quickly that they protrude into the umbilical cord? This week they’ll start working their way into his abdominal cavity. The eyelids are less transparent now, and the eyes and ears have moved almost to their final resting spots.

Baby is changing way more than I am, but I've officially gained my first pound.

13 weeks
This week baby is 3 inches long and weighs about an ounce. About the size of a peach, baby now has unique fingerprints and is forming teeth and vocal cords! The skin is still fairly clear, so the organs are still visible from the outside. The body is growing a lot, so the head is now only about 1/3 of the total length. If we’re having a girl, she has over 2 million eggs in her ovaries right now, but luckily she won’t be needing those for at least 30 years!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're having a baby!

Baby Fremont at 8 weeks:

Baby Fremont at 12 weeks:

The estimated due date is February 3, 2011. :)