Monday, November 29, 2010

30 weeks and a baby shower!

I guess I missed a whole week of posting... Oops! We're now 30 weeks into this pregnancy, and all is well! :)

At 30 weeks, Collin's grip is strong enough to grasp an adult's finger. He spends much of his time blinking, practicing "breathing" (amniotic fluid), kicking, and squirming. His brain is developing the grooves that provide lots of surface space for our little genius. :) They also say his head is getting larger to accommodate a period of rapid brain growth, but I think it'll be ok if his head stays in the 97th percentile rather than getting any larger!

The lanugo hair that has been covering his body and keeping him warm is starting to fall off, and apparently all five senses are now developed. His eyesight will only be around 20/400 when he's born, but the other senses should be pretty keen. He also has the capability to produce tears, and his bone marrow is now entirely in charge of producing his red blood cells.


On another note, I got to spend the weekend in Spearfish! I flew from Colorado Springs to Rapid on Friday morning, spent the whole weekend at my parents' house, and returned to Colorado Springs last night. Collin seemed to enjoy being at the higher altitudes, because I spent most of the flights watching my belly and seeing him squirm. Maybe he'll be a pilot!

While in Spearfish I had lots of time to just hang out with my parents, and I also got to see a lot of our fantastic family and family friends. My mom hosted a baby shower for us on Saturday afternoon, and it was wonderful! We are blessed to have such amazing people in our world, and they have made sure Collin will be well-dressed, well-bibbed, equipped with the latest gadgets, and well-snuggled with sweet stuffed animals and cozy blankets! :) I had so much fun at the baby shower and I am so grateful for all the lovely ladies who were there!

I only took two photos with my phone during the trip. The first is the diaper cake my mom made, and the second is Collin's new ride. Hopefully I'll get more pictures from Mom's camera!

There's quite a lot to do in the weeks until Collin gets here! For one thing, Ryan and I are both very busy at work. I have a baby shower here in Colorado Springs this Saturday afternoon, we go to our first childbirth class on Sunday afternoon, we see the OB next Tuesday evening, and we see the perinatologist next Friday afternoon. We also have some tasks to take care of before we can say Collin's room is finished. There's no doubt the three weeks until I'm on Christmas break will go by quickly! :)

It goes without saying, but I'll include it anyways: We're beyond excited to meet our sweet little boy!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

28 Weeks = awesome news! :-)

It's hard to believe we're already at the 7 month mark! Time flies when you're having fun, right? :)

We had two fantastic appointments this week, first with our OB and then with our perinatologist. We're so happy with our choice in Dr. Russell, our OB. His faith and confidence are so calming, and he even prays for us! After we left his office on Tuesday night, we were feeling really peaceful and excited for Friday's appointment.

Leaving Friday's perinatologist appointment was a combination of peaceful and excited too! Collin's third ventricle is now perfectly-sized, and his kidneys are 2/3 the size they were a month ago! They're a smidge over the 50th percentile (like 52nd?), but not a concern at all. Collin weighs exactly 3 pounds, which puts him in the 44th percentile overall. He's definitely our son - his head is in the 97th percentile. :) He looked perfect and Dr. Muench (Dr. Betoni's partner) saw nothing to be concerned about. Our prayers have most certainly been answered!!!

Collin was very active during Friday's ultrasound, to the point where Dr. Muench suggested we change his middle name to "Stubborn" since he wouldn't stop in a position that was perfect for getting the right views of his heart. Though we appreciated the suggestion, we have even more appreciation for the opportunity to see Collin squirming like crazy. :) I LOVE feeling Collin move all day long, even when his big movements startle me, and I definitely won't complain that he's so busy in there. :)

I feel really good still, even though I'm really full. My amniotic fluid is very high (94th percentile), but Dr. Muench said "At least you're still on the chart!" :) I really don't care about my own comfort level, as long as I know Collin is doing well.

We didn't get any printouts from Friday's ultrasound, but you probably aren't interested in seeing 87 pictures of Collin's organs anyways. Here's me at 28 weeks:

I prefer the front view. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

27 weeks

At 27 weeks, we're already at the end of the second trimester! The time is passing so quickly!!! During the first trimester, all of the major organs and systems were developing, and then most external features developed during the second trimester. The third trimester is for final preparations for life outside the womb.

In the next 10 weeks, Collin should gain about 1/2 pound each week! That means I'll only gain 5 more pounds, right? :) As he gets bigger, he also is getting stronger, which means his movements are becoming more powerful. Rather than tiny taps, I'm now feeling kicks and elbow jabs, but I love the reassurance of knowing he's busy in there! Ryan can feel Collin move any time he touches my belly, and sometimes the movements are even visible from the outside.

Apparently Collin is slowly rotating in preparation to "head out." :) I've been told that since I'm carrying him up so high that it will be very obvious when he has flipped and dropped. I'm a little afraid of not knowing I'm in labor (it will be painfully obvious when I'm in labor, right?), so I'll appreciate having advanced warning when I'm sure he has dropped. :)

While Collin is making final preparations, so are we! :) We have a game plan for his room, which is really exciting! We've been putting it off knowing we still have plenty of time, but it's time to get going. We're hoping to be done by the beginning of December, so I'll post pictures as we make progress. We have an OB appointment on Tuesday evening, I'm meeting with my district's benefits advisor on Wednesday to learn about how/if my health insurance works while I'm on a leave of absence, and we see the perinatologist on Friday morning.

All the virus testing came back negative and I passed the gestational diabetes test this week, so we have zero potential explanations for the excess fluid and the enlarged kidneys and third ventricle. We're praying fervently that Friday's ultrasound will show Collin's kidneys and third ventricle to be closer in proportion to his body size. We'll keep you posted!