Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tummy Time :)

Kacy decided to help Collin with tummy time today. :)2011.3.30 0082011.3.30 0092011.3.30 0102011.3.30 012

I’m happy to report that Collin seems to be feeling back to 100% today.  Sleeping straight from 10pm-6am may have helped.  His first official time sleeping through the night at just under 9 weeks?  We’re proud! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Month Stats

Collin had his two month well-baby checkup today.  He was great the whole time, even smiling for both the nurse and the doctor.  He’s a squirmy worm and danced to show he enjoyed being naked on the exam table. :)

Here are the stats:

length – 22.5 inches (up half an inch – 50th percentile)

weight – 11lbs. 15oz. (up 2lbs. 9.5oz. – 75th percentile)

head circumference – 16.25in. – 75th percentile)

Dr. Underhill gave Collin two thumbs up and said he looks really great.  Collin got two needles in the thigh and an oral immunization.  He cried more this time than last, but still just for a minute. :)

The real pain from this appointment came four hours later.  After his appointment he slept in his carrier while we ran errands.  Just as we got home and I was hauling the groceries into the house he woke up screaming bloody murder.  He was inconsolable for over thirty minutes, but finally I got him to settle down and take some Tylenol.  I think his leg hurts from the shots, but he’s sleeping now!

I’ve noticed him scrunching his nose up a few times before and I accidentally caught it on camera today.  I’m not sure what the deal is, but it’s funny!
2011.3.29 017

He’s pretty interested in his tongue these days! :)2011.3.28 017

This is Mr. Serious after his appointment today.
2011.3.29 0022011.3.29 0062011.3.29 010
He made me work for it, but I got a couple smiles out of him! :)2011.3.29 0082011.3.29 011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Months!

Collin Cooper is two months old today! Check out the changes!

Collin is growing and changing every day. The past month has been challenging and gratifying for all of us as we have struggled and successfully learned new skills. Being a growing boy is tough work, and we're working hard to be the best parents we can be!

At two months, Collin has started to outgrow some of his 0-3 month clothes. He has a tiny waist and a big belly, but his length is what makes some 0-3 pajamas too small because he stretches them from end to end. :)

Let’s talk about some of Collin’s favorite things at the age of two months…

First and foremost, Collin loves to dance. When he’s laying on his back he squirms like crazy! He kicks his legs, swings his arms, and gets so excited that his breathing gets pretty fast. :)

Collin is also very interested in watching and trying to imitate our facial expressions. Specifically, he seems to think mouths and tongues are pretty interesting. He watched intently and imitated me for several minutes the other day while I was opening my mouth wide and sticking my tongue out! :)

Collin’s hands are still an important part of helping him be comfortable. When he’s sleeping in the sling his outside hand is usually resting on his cheek. When he’s tired or frustrated he likes to suck on his hands. It’s like he’s sucking his thumb, except his thumb is tucked under his other fingers, so he’s actually sucking on the top part of his fist.

Our favorite part about Collin at two months old is his smile. He doesn’t give it freely, but that makes it even more exciting to see! It’s amazing how his sweet smile improves the moment or even the whole day!

New experiences this month include rolling over from back to belly, rolling from belly to back, first smiles, babble sounds, staying awake while in the car, a visit to the zoo (he enjoyed every exhibit through his eyelids!), being awake inside stores while out running errands with Mom, an ultrasound, and an eight hour stretch between feedings one night!

We’re making great headway with a sleep schedule, and especially at night! During the day Collin eats every 3-4 hours, plays for 1-1.5 hours, and then sleeps until the next feeding. The length of his naps aren't exactly predictable, but that's ok because our nights are so predictable. We go to bed after he eats around 10 or 11pm, get up once in the night for a feeding around 4am, and wake up in the morning around 8. We’re all comfortable with the routine and very happy with the schedule. :)

We’re more in love with Collin now than we ever imagined, and we feel absolutely blessed to have him in our life. Cheers to another successful month! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collin’s First Car :)

We got this cute tummy time mat for Collin that’s in the shape of a car.  He doesn’t have the head control yet to be able to grab, but when he is able to reach for things the car has a steering wheel that moves and a glovebox that opens. :)
2011.3.22 008
Unfortunately, Collin has a hard time staying awake when he’s on his tummy.  Today was his first driving experience, and already he was falling asleep at the wheel!  Luckily it will be 16 more years until he has to stay awake in the car. :)
2011.3.22 0042011.3.22 005
"What?  Oh no, I wasn’t sleeping!  As my daddy says, ‘I was just checking my eyelids for holes.’ "
2011.3.22 009

I hate to type this out in case I’m cursing myself, but this is the first evening in several days that Collin is sleeping in his crib.  He sleeps in there very well during his daytime naps and through the night, but he seems to dislike his crib during the 7-10pm timeframe.  For the last few evenings he has refused to stay asleep in his crib at this time, so we’ve let him sleep on the couch while we’re hanging out.  My fingers are crossed that we’re turning a corner on evening fussiness and he’ll stay in his crib a little bit longer tonight!

Isn’t he handsome?!?  Ryan and I are wondering how much he’ll get away with as he gets older because he’s just so stinkin’ cute… :)2011.3.22 063

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Many Faces of Collin

Collin has been experimenting with facial expressions a lot lately!  The best part about it is that he has a way to communicate besides crying. :)
2011.3.19 007
He has good control of his eyebrows!  He raises them both together often enough, but he can also raise each eyebrow individually.
2011.3.19 005

He’s smiling on purpose now, which is absolutely adorable and so gratifying!  His first real smile in reaction to another smile was for his daddy last Saturday morning, and Ryan said it made his whole day. :)  It only took me a week to capture the sweet smile in a photo!

2011.3.19 004
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the little one said, “Roll over!”

Collin rolled from his back to his belly last night!!!  He was laying on his back on the couch downstairs while we watched a movie, and all of a sudden he was on his side.  I said, “Ry, look.  Collin’s trying to roll over!”  We were pretty sure he’d get stuck on his side, but we kept watching while Collin kept squirming.  Pretty soon he was mostly on his tummy, but his left arm was still underneath him.  Ryan and I had discussed the arm issue recently, wondering how Collin will get that arm out of the way when he rolls over.  Collin kept squirming, curling his toes under and putting the soles of his feet down onto the couch for leverage, and eventually moved his body enough to get his left arm out from underneath himself so he was flat on his belly!

We’re not sure whether he’ll roll from his back to his belly again soon because most developmental charts say back-to-belly rolling doesn’t happen until 5 or 6 months.  Perhaps it was a fluke, or else Collin really is gifted… :)

2011.3.15 005
What?  I wasn’t supposed to roll over yet?  Nobody told me! :)
2011.3.15 003
2011.3.15 004
2011.3.15 007
2011.3.15 009
Hmm…  Should I try it again? :)
2011.3.15 008

I’m going to try my best to catch it on video the next time Collin rolls over!  Last night as we were watching we were saying, “Ugh, and here we are without a camera!”

It was so cool watching Collin roll over, and the very best part is that Ryan and I were both there to watch it and cheer Collin on. :)  He’s growing up!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Happy Monday! :)  Collin and I are both feeling very fresh today thanks to several days and nights in a row of great sleep.  It’s all been leading up to last night’s feat – we both slept from 10:30-4:30!!!

I decided Saturday was the day that Collin should start learning to put himself to sleep at naptime and bedtime, and back to sleep when he wakes during naps.  I did tons of research, psyched myself up, and was all prepared to hear him cry.  Thankfully, the sleep training has gone better than expected and he has barely been crying.  He doesn’t cry when he’s putting himself to sleep and usually just fusses for a minute or two when he wakes up during a nap.  I already knew it, but this sleep training has just further proven – the kid is a gifted, quick learner. :)

His wake times have been pretty short the past several days since it is important to put him down in his crib before he’s too tired so he can be successful putting himself to sleep.  We’ve been hanging out in his room during wake times, and he has a new-found love for laying on the floor.

The girls enjoy his floor time too.  Shelby is super gentle and doesn’t lick, so I didn’t worry about having her up close and personal with Collin the other day.

2011.3.10 0482011.3.10 0502011.3.10 051

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged yet about cloth diapering.  We’re using Flip diapers by bumGenius, and we love them!  They’re one-size diapers that use snaps to change sizes so they will fit Collin until he’s potty trained.  They snap up to be short enough for him now, and the waist also has ten snaps to adjust as he grows.  When we started, we snapped them as tight as they went.  Now we’re out to the second snap on either side, so he’s definitely growing!

Anyways, the Flip diapers consist of a waterproof cover (what you see) and a cloth insert.  When we change him, we usually just have to change the insert and we can re-use the cover.  About every other day I throw the contents of the diaper pail into the washer and run the sanitize cycle, and that’s it!  It’s super easy and we’re both happy with our decision to use cloth.

I just think this picture is so cute. :)  He’s getting chubby, isn’t he?
2011.3.11 012

Last night Collin was wearing this little mechanic’s jumpsuit that is so adorable.  Ryan is so excited to wrench on a Jeep with Collin!!!
2011.3.13 029
2011.3.13 031
2011.3.13 0322011.3.13 0342011.3.13 036

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kidney Update

We saw Dr. Bong this morning to get the results from Collin's renal ultrasound. The kidneys look better than they did, but are still enlarged. The swelling is either due to UPJ obstructions (more likely) or reflux, but there's no way to tell right now. Collin will continue to take an antibiotic until the swelling is completely resolved, since an infection of the kidneys would cause scarring, which is the most common reason for pediatric renal transplants.

In two months we'll go in for another ultrasound, but this one will be more complicated. They'll insert a catheter and fluid into Collin's bladder and watch via ultrasound when he pees to see if his bladder is refluxing into his kidneys or not. I'm not sure what will happen after we get the results of that test.

Dr. Bong is pretty sure the issues will resolve themselves by the time Collin is one, but said sometimes it takes until the age of six for resolution. He didn't talk about any treatments at all, so it seems like we're just waiting for the kidneys to fix themselves.

I took a pretty cute series of photos of Collin trying to find his thumb today...

2011.3.10 0232011.3.10 0242011.3.10 0252011.3.10 0262011.3.10 0282011.3.10 0292011.3.10 0302011.3.10 031
2011.3.10 032
2011.3.10 027

He’s not sure what to do with the rest of his fingers once he gets his thumb into his mouth. :)

In other news, we had a fantastic night last night!  Collin slept from 10-1:30, from 2-4:30, and again from 5:30-7.  It was lovely, and he was so happy this morning.  I’m hoping he connects the happiness to the sleep and we have a repeat tonight! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Collin in the Morning

I videotaped Collin for a bit this morning. He's a pretty cute little dude!

He slept beautifully from 10-1:30 last night and I was very glad that I went to bed at the same time as he did! :) We struggled until 6am, getting up every 30-60 minutes. On the plus side, he was waking up for a reason - he doesn't like having his face in the wetness after he spits up. Any idea how I can fix that?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We’re still here!

My lack of blogging can be related to my lack of sleep lately!  It’s been a rough week…  Last Monday and Tuesday Collin slept a 5-hour stretch each night, which was amazing!  I thought we might have this whole sleep thing figured out.

For the next five nights he only slept in 1- or 2-hour stretches, which included two nights of me sleeping on the floor in his room.  Can you hear me yawning? :)

Last night was glorious and Collin slept from 1-5:30!  He was super happy when he woke up, and Dr. Bob (the pediatrician) says Collin can connect feeling good and a happy Mama to the longer stretch of sleep.  I’m pretty sure we’re on the upswing now. :)  My fingers are crossed for sure!

2011.3.2 0012011.3.2 0022011.3.2 0032011.3.2 004

We went to the radiology office today for Collin’s kidney ultrasound.  I was nervous about the four hour fast we had to do, but it worked out perfectly and Collin was just ready to eat at the end of the scan.  He was a tiny, squirmy little worm on the huge table!  He definitely got his tummy time exercise for the day. :)  We dropped the disc of images off at Dr. Bong’s office, and we’ll see him Thursday to learn the results.  Again, our fingers are crossed!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the past week.

Collin is getting good at controlling his head while he’s on his tummy and can switch his head to look in the other direction.  It’s such hard work that sometimes it requires a break in the middle. :)
2011.3.1 005
The girls are very attentive to Collin!  These photos aren’t posed; they just like to be near him. :)
2011.3.1 0222011.3.1 026

2011.3.3 0192011.3.3 029

Collin loves his daddy!
2011.3.5 020
My parents visited this weekend and got to be part of the sleeplessness, but I think they still like him…
2011.3.6 007 (2)

Collin doesn’t scream in the bath anymore! :)
2011.3.7 0052011.3.7 0062011.3.7 0072011.3.7 008

Even though it’s challenging, I love my job as Collin’s Mama and the rewards certainly outweigh the struggle!  I want Collin to sleep well at night, but I know it will come in time and this sleepless stage is just a short segment of our lives.  I’m working very hard to cherish each moment rather than wishing for the next. :)

2011.3.5 019