Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Months Old!

Collin Cooper is three months old today!  He won’t have a well-baby visit this month, but I’m guessing he weighs about 13.5 pounds and he wears 3-6 month clothes without tons of room to spare.  Check out the changes:

months 0-3

Let’s talk about Collin’s favorite things at the age of three months…

He loves looking at faces, making eye contact, and smiling!  Dad makes the best noises to get his attention and smiles. :)

2011.4.23 014

Collin continues to enjoy sucking on his hands.  Usually he sucks his left hand, which makes us wonder if he’ll be a lefty like his Uncle Wes and Grandpa Jeff!  Sucking his hand has changed from being a pastime to being a signal of hunger, and hand sucking is definitely a preferred way of communicating over screaming!

2011.4.27 002

Collin’s newfound interest is blowing bubbles.  He’s a factory of drool, which nicely translates into easy bubble blowing. :)

2011.4.27 004

While he’s drooling and blowing bubbles, we’re kept busy trying to keep his shirt dry.  It makes us feel like his assistants! :)  He really loves having his mouth dried off, for whatever reason, and it always makes him smile really big!

He is a snuggler and we’re pretty sure he’ll be a blanket boy.  He snuggles with whatever rag or cloth we’re using to keep his face dry, holding it tight and putting it up to his face.  We joke about it, saying, “Oh, is that your favorite washcloth?”  We ordered a little car blanket for him last week that seems to be a nice size for toting around, and hopefully he likes it!

Collin has also become quite the chatter in the last month!  He has a really cute way of tilting his head back when he’s talking to us, and usually his face looks like he’s talking about very serious business. :)  One day he was left in the bouncer on the kitchen table while Mom went down to the laundry room, and he talked the entire time as if saying, “Mom!  Mom!  Mom, remember I’m in here?  Mom, where are you?  Mom!”

He finally enjoys his bouncer!  It’s a great place for him to sit while we take a few minutes to get something done around the house and it usually is where he sits during dinner so we can both eat with two hands.  He’s particularly fond of his friends Mr. Snail and Mr. Bug who hang on his bouncer. :)


We have a fantastically consistent nighttime routine, with Collin going to bed around 10:30 and sleeping straight until 6:30 or 7.  We joke that he runs on lithium batteries during the day because he often takes just a little cat nap and wakes up raring to go. :)  The length of his naps doesn’t matter as long as he’s happy!

2011.4.25 009

New experiences this month include rolling from belly to back in both directions (to the left and the right), happily staying awake through full meals out at a couple different restaurants, having friends over for dinner, hanging out in the backyard, surviving an uncomfortable VCUG test, and celebrating his first Easter.

easter family picture

Collin is more awesome than words can explain and we love him to pieces!  We’re looking forward to another fun month!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Collin Rolls Over!

I videotape Collin every day during tummy time, because I always think today might be the day he rolls over from his belly to his back. Today was the day! I kept rolling him back to his tummy and he kept getting himself to his back, so I think it might be safe to officially call him a roller. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kidney Update

Collin had his VCUG kidney scan on Monday. They inserted some dye into his system and then watched the function of his bladder, kidneys, and everything in between. His kidneys work just fine, but they're enlarged because other parts of the system aren't working properly.

The left kidney is enlarged and the left ureter is not refluxing, which means there must be a small UPJ obstruction in the tube that connects the kidney and the ureter.

The right kidney is very enlarged and has grade 4 (out of 5) reflux. Basically there's a flap at the ureter that prevents urine from traveling back out of the bladder into the kidney, and Collin is missing that flap.

Collin is too small for a procedure to correct what's going on, so we're just waiting it out until he's one. At the age of one we'll do another VCUG scan to see where we are. Hopefully the obstruction on the left has cleared, or he'll have to have a tube go in to blast that. Ideally the reflux on the right will have improved as well, and he'll just need an injection of Deflux at the ureter to artificially create the flap that prevents reflux.

There's a 75% chance that Collin will outgrow the reflux by the age of 6. When he gets the Deflux injection, it will last for two years. If we're lucky, Collin will outgrow the reflux by the end of those two years and not need another injection.

At this point he isn't having any trouble because of the obstruction and reflux, so we're lucky. He'll continue his daily dose of antibiotic, and we'll just wait to see how the images look in 9 more months.There are so many things that could be wrong, and we're very grateful for such a happy and healthy little boy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Visitors!

Collin had visitors this weekend – his grandparents Tim and Lee. :)  He told some pretty good stories while they were here!2011.4.18 022
He smiled at Lee immediately and kept smiling at her the whole time.  His best nap while they were here was when she put him down.
2011.4.18 017
Shelby and Kacy had visitors too – Max and Crosby – and they all did a great job.  They also confirmed my suspicion that having four dogs is a zoo! :)
2011.4.18 0072011.4.18 010
We had a couple great meals out and took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending time in our backyard.

I think Collin knows he’s lucky to have three sets of grandparents!2011.4.19 005

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movin' to the Beat

Ryan and Collin were having a little bit of fun the other day... :-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a Beautiful Morning!

I woke up this morning to the clicking sound of Collin sucking on his hand. It's such a treat to wake up to a happy baby! :) The sound of his sucking is loud enough to wake me on another floor of the house, but it's a little hard to hear in the video so you may have to turn up the volume.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dino-mite Boy :)

I think Collin looks so much like a little boy already.  He’s not quite 11 weeks old, but he definitely looks less like a baby every day!

He’s two for two with great naps today - putting himself to sleep without any fussing! :)  Some days are zero out of four, so we’re off to a great start!  Holding him all day long is awesome and fulfills my love of snuggling, but napping in his crib is better for both of us long-term… 
2011.4.12 016
2011.4.13 014
2011.4.13 0282011.4.13 026
I love this boy so much!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Collin is getting so big and changing so much!  I’m so grateful to spend my days with him!!!

Collin spent 10 or 15 minutes on the kitchen counter yesterday “dancing” to the beat his daddy was making.  He has pretty good control of his head and it no longer bobs side-to-side or forward, so he is able to sit up as long as he can lean back on something (like his dad). :)  He seems to really like sitting up!2011.4.10 0012011.4.10 0032011.4.10 0042011.4.10 0052011.4.10 006

Collin and I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday night.  I was hoping he’d sleep in his carrier the whole time, but of course the girls I was out to dinner with wanted to hold him. :)  To my surprise, he was awake and sat on someone’s lap at the table for the entire 3 hours that we were there!  He was perfectly content sitting at the table being a part of the action!

Because he’s awake so much more now I’ve had to change my routine.  I used to get housework and errands done while Collin was sleeping so I could spend all his awake time chatting with him, but it’s hard to get much done during a 45 or 60 minute nap!  Right now he’s sitting on the couch beside me just kicking his feet and smiling every time I look over and say, “You’re so handsome!”  Did I mention it’s pretty easy to get him to smile these days? :)  Not so easy is capturing the smile on camera…2011.4.11 0282011.4.11 0212011.4.11 026

Collin is a drooling fool these days and is getting pretty good at making spit bubbles.  He’s pretty chatty too.  On Saturday morning he woke up so happy and was just chit chatting to himself in his crib!  Another recent change is that his hands are open more often rather than being in fists all the time.  It’s hard to catch a photo of open hands though because he’s so busy!

Most things about him are different, but there are a few things that are the same as the first day we brought him home.  He still throws both arms up whenever he sneezes and it’s still totally adorable!  He also still stretches his legs way out while he’s getting his diaper changed.  I think we’re lucky he likes the changing table so much!

Ryan and I fall in love with Collin more every day.  He’s just so stinkin’ cute!!!  He loves to make eye contact and be a part of the action, and we love hanging out with him! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

He’s Getting So Big!

Collin got to spend the day with Daddy today!  Doesn’t he look so big?2011.4.7 0142011.4.7 0162011.4.7 022
He’s still not always steady, but he’s definitely making progress on head control!2011.4.5 0232011.4.5 0242011.4.5 0262011.4.5 025

Monday, April 4, 2011


My parents were here this weekend along with Shane and Bridget. Collin was a good boy while they were here! We toured the area a little, ate out a few times, watched the final four games, and had some great meals at home too. California Pizza Kitchen was the first place Collin has been awake for the entire meal and he was so well-behaved!

Collin had a good time with Uncle Shane.2011.4.3 013

Collin got a little warm while we were out and about in the warm weather and was happy to cool off in his diaper when we got back home.

This is what Collin looked like for most of the time we were out.

One afternoon Collin showed off how much his head control has improved.

Of course we had to get pictures of Collin with the group. He was a little too busy sleeping to pose for the camera. :) 2011.4.3 019

This picture took a couple tries… :) 2011.4.3 024

With guests in the house Collin wasn’t interested in napping in his crib during the day, but he still did 7 hour stretches at night.
This is what Collin looked like right after everyone left. It seems like he just wanted to make sure he didn’t miss anything while he had visitors. :)