Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chatty Boy

We went to a street fair called Territory Days today. It was nice to get out and the weather was beautiful. We all got pretty warm and Collin definitely doesn't like being too hot! He spent the afternoon hanging out in just a diaper and that made him as happy as a clam. He chats when he's happy... :-)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Four Months Old!

Collin is four months old today!  Check out this big boy: 
2011.5.27 028
He had his four month well-baby appointment with Dr. Underhill today.  Here are the stats:

length:  24.5 inches (50th percentile) 
weight:  15lbs 6.5oz (50th percentile) 
head:  17.5 inches (95th percentile)

Collin had another round of immunizations – one taken orally and two via needle.  Ryan was helping Collin keep his pacifier in his mouth and I think they both were surprised when it was time for the shots.  Collin got big eyes when he was poked and Ryan got big eyes when he saw Collin’s big eyes. :)
We are amazed by how much Collin has changed in the past four months!  He has quickly morphed from a baby into a little boy.

These pictures show two of my favorite things about Collin at four months.  He’s strong enough to hold himself upright and he snuggles in when he’s being held. 
2011.5.27 0082011.5.27 002

Collin continues to be very aware of his hands.  He interlaces his fingers, holds tight to toys that are put into his hands, and spends quite a bit of time chewing on his fingers.2011.5.27 0562011.5.27 057
He also likes to mess with his tongue… 
2011.5.27 063
Watch Collin for a couple minutes and you’re guaranteed to see a plethora of expressions.  One if his new tricks is sucking in his bottom lip. 
2011.5.27 050
He’s also good a blowing raspberries, but I can’t seem to get a picture so you’ll just have to imagine what it looks like when he makes the “bbbbbbbbbb” sound and sends saliva flying. :)

We have a pretty talkative boy on our hands!  He mostly makes vowel sounds, but he also says “mmmmmmmmmmm.”  You know what word that’s close to, don’t you? :)  Some friends stopped by today while they were out for a walk, and Collin and 8 month old Isabella were just chatting up a storm!  Sometimes he even surprises himself with his high-pitched squeals.

Collin is getting really good at sleeping.  We’ve started a new naptime routine and we’re having pretty good success with it.  We know he had a long enough nap when he wakes up chit chatting. :)  Nights are getting longer too.  The past three nights Collin has slept 9 hours! 
2011.5.27 046

When Collin is upset, he’s more likely to make a fussing sound than a full-out cry.  He and I were over at a friend’s house this week and 5-year-old James thought Collin’s fussing sounded a little like a cuckoo clock.  Ryan also thinks it sounds like an engine that can’t start… :)
Collin’s new skills this month include sitting up, standing, and laughing.  He can sit by himself for a second, and when assisted he’ll sit or stand for quite a while.  He doesn’t laugh often but we’ve heard him laugh a few times, and each time has been in response to silly faces or sounds.

I can’t believe how much he has grown and changed already!  Is it just me, or does he look so old in this picture?  And check out all that hair! :)2011.5.27 048
Fun experiences this month include our road trip to South Dakota, play dates at friends’ houses, Collin’s first museum visit, and several dinners out with friends and family.  It’s getting easier to take Collin out and about!

We’re having a blast being parents and we’re excited for the fun things that are coming in the next month.  We love this little guy so much! 
2011.5.27 005

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sleepy Collin

We're working on dropping Collin's fourth nap right now. Only taking three naps means better/longer nighttime sleep, but it's a tricky transition. Collin passed out in my arms on the couch last night and didn't wake up when Ryan picked him up to take him to his crib. Turn up the volume to hear his little sleeping noises. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sitting Up!

Collin can sit up by himself for a couple seconds!2011.5.23 010
2011.5.23 0112011.5.23 0122011.5.23 016

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Collin is a Cowboy!

Collin and I went to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame Museum today with Grandpa and Grandma Burnison.  It was full of cool displays and Collin was happy to cruise around in his stroller while we were there for over two hours.  He got tired of reading and took a nap for the last thirty minutes or so. :)  We stopped in the gift shop on our way out and took pictures of Collin riding the little rocking horse. :)
photo (2)
At first he didn’t pay attention to where he was sitting, but then he noticed the horse’s bright orange mane and decided he better try to see what horse hair tastes like…
photo (1)
photo (3)
He’s such a sweet boy! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chatty Collin

Collin and Ryan were having a contest last night to see who could make the craziest noises... :)


Collin has been getting great sleep so far this week.  I don’t want to jinx us, but it seems like our good-sleeping boy is back.  He slept 8 hours the last two nights and has had good naps during the day too.  He has done three 1 hour naps, plus one 3 hour nap both yesterday and today.

Great sleep=happy boy!  He’s smiley all the time, but especially so when he’s so well rested.

I wish I would have had my camera when I got him out of his crib this morning.  He was just resting on one arm, kinda with his elbow down and propping his head up on his hand.  When I said, “Good morning Buddy!” he turned to look at me and gave me a big smile.  Seriously, he’s awesome. :)
2011.5.17 0462011.5.17 0522011.5.17 056

I just snuck into his room and got this picture.  Did I mention he found his thumb? :)

2011.5.17 001

Monday, May 16, 2011

Standing Up and Rolling Over

I want to capture all of Collin's cool tricks before we forget what they were like. Some things are harder to catch on video (like laughing and talking, since he turns off his voice when he sees me push record!), but I'll keep working on it!

In this video I pull Collin up to a standing position so you can see how well he keeps his body straight to stand up, and then that he's pretty steady when he stands. After standing, Collin shows you how rolling over is his trick that comes without warning... :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Skills!

They say the acquisition of new skills can cause big disruptions in a baby’s life, and it seems like that’s true for us.  We’re struggling with sleep here, but I think it’s because Collin is becoming such a big boy.  The short naps and struggles to fall asleep are frustrating, but we’re so lucky to have such a fun, sweet, healthy little man and I am SO lucky to spend my days with him.  I want to tell you about the progress our Collin is making. :)

Collin is now steady enough for this chair, which is called a bumbo.  It has a high back and contours around Collin’s body so it’s very supportive.  Watching him sit in the bumbo is hilarious because sometimes he’s totally steady and other times he’s totally out-of-control.  Just when it seems like he’s secure, he tips to the side.  His facial expressions are just so funny. :)

2011.5.13 030
He looks totally stable, right?  I just started clicking with the camera, so the next series of shots shows a little of what it is like while Collin sits in the bumbo for a couple minutes…2011.5.13 0312011.5.13 0322011.5.13 0332011.5.13 0342011.5.13 0352011.5.13 0362011.5.13 0372011.5.13 0382011.5.13 0392011.5.13 0402011.5.13 0422011.5.13 043

This one makes me laugh the most:2011.5.13 0442011.5.13 0452011.5.13 0462011.5.13 0472011.5.13 041
It’s a pretty good workout so Collin doesn’t last for too long, but it’s so fun to see him sitting like such a big boy! :)


Other cool things Collin is doing right now are standing, chatting like crazy, and laughing!  Last night Ryan was holding Collin’s waist and Collin was standing steadily on Ryan’s lap.  Standing is also a good workout and doesn’t last for long, but it makes Collin seem so old!  It wasn’t very long ago that he just hung like a ragdoll when we held him.

Collin is making lots of noises these days and can hold a conversation for several minutes.  It’s almost like he pauses to give us a chance to speak and then knows when we stop talking that it’s his turn to start again.  His chatting seems less serious and more excited right now with plenty of high-pitched squeals.  What’s the male equivalent of Chatty Cathy? :)

He’s laughed three times so far.  We both heard the first laughs right before we left for South Dakota.  He was laughing in response to a face I was making.  I made him laugh with funny faces earlier this week, and on Wednesday he was laughing while I was helping him do sit-ups on my lap.  I tried to catch it on camera on Wednesday, but of course he quit laughing when I pushed record.  He’s going to have to learn to perform for the camera!

We’re so blessed!  This is an exciting time and we’re having so much fun watching the growth and changes!

2011.5.10 004

Monday, May 9, 2011

Collin’s First Trip to South Dakota

This weekend was our first trip away from home with Collin.  He was amazing in the car!  Each way of the drive only took us 45 minutes longer than usual.  When we stopped in Cheyenne and Lusk we just fed Collin, changed his diaper, and put him back into his car carrier for another nap.  He’s an awesome traveler! :)

2011.5.9 024
No matter where we are, Collin loves smiling with his daddy!
2011.5.9 015
I thought I did a good job of taking pictures while we were in Spearfish, but I didn’t get as many shots as I thought.  Regardless, Collin got to meet a lot of new friends and family.  It was hilarious to watch his face as he examined his new surroundings. :)

with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Schroeder:2011.5.9 037
with Great Gramma Fran:2011.5.9 039
with Bailee and Uncle Wes:2011.5.9 055
We did a four generation photo on Ryan’s side of the family and my side, but apparently the photo with my side wasn’t taken with my camera.
Here’s Collin with his dad, Grandma Lee, and Great Grandma Joan.  I promised not to post the picture in the Rapid City Journal, but I never said anything about posting it on the blog… :)
2011.5.9 057
Collin was a great traveler and did quite well for his first trip away from home.  It was a materials-intensive endeavor (for such a little man, he certainly requires a lot of stuff!), but we are so glad we did it!  We loved sharing our guy with the people we love. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


2011.5.3 002
Collin is checking himself out in the mirror and saying,
“I really am ruggedly handsome, aren’t I?” :)

(Do you watch Castle?  It’s one of our favorite shows and that’s one of the lines in the opening…)

2011.5.3 009
He’s getting pretty strong while he’s on his tummy…
2011.5.3 0102011.5.3 0112011.5.3 0132011.5.3 0142011.5.3 012
Can you guess what happened next? :)