Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Months Old!

It's hard to believe it has already been five months since we brought our sweet boy home! Check out our big 5-month-old!
Collin has been changing quickly every month, but this has been a particularly big month in terms of changes! Can you believe he already weighs 17.5 pounds?!? :) Let's talk about some of Collin's favorite things...

Collin loves to sit! He likes sitting on someone's lap, sitting on a table top while we're out for dinner, and especially sitting on the floor by himself. It didn't take very long for him to move from being able to sit up alone for a couple seconds to being able to sit up alone for a few minutes. He still tips over, but he often is able to use his own hand to catch himself.

Collin also loves to stand! He can't do this alone yet, but he's a big fan of being held up so he's in a standing position. When he gets excited while he's standing he bends one knee or the other so it's kinda like he's dancing upright. :)

This month Collin has gotten very good at controlling his hands. He grabs for things that are in front of him, holds on tight to things he finds, and moves objects from one hand to the other. We still wonder if he's left-handed because he typically grabs first with his left hand and seems to have better control of it.

Collin is using his hands to explore his world, and his favorite thing to touch right now is faces. He'll put his two hands on either side of someone's face and it's so sweet! We thought he had a good grip before, but now Collin's grip is tight enough to cut off circulation! :) He holds on tight to a person's finger and gets a solid grasp of long hair if he can reach it.

Noisemaking is one of Collin's favorite pastimes. He holds a pretty good conversation, but he doesn't mind chatting to himself sometimes too. He's exploring all kinds of sounds right now and seems to like challenging himself to make a higher pitch today than he did yesterday. Most common are vowels, but he also says "m," "d," "k," "b," "h," "v," and "g." He has also learned that he can talk to get attention when the people around him are busy in their own conversations!
Collin is pretty easily excited. :) Funny faces and noises get his attention, and he typically smiles at anyone who talks to him. His excitement is so cute - he kicks his feet, smiles, tucks his chin in, and throws his arms out to the side. He sneaks a giggle in every once in awhile too.
We bought a jumper activity center for Collin yesterday and it's awesome. There are quite a few toys on it and he quickly figured out how to make things move. Of course we're biased, but it seems like he's a pretty smart boy! :)
Perhaps most exciting about this month was the introduction of solids! Rice cereal was an epic failure, but bananas were a smashing success! It's hard to blame him for preferring yummy bananas over cereal that is blander than plain oatmeal. :) It only took Collin about 2 spoonfuls of bananas to figure out the system, and now he leans toward the spoon and smacks his lips to get all the food off. :) Sweet potatoes are somewhere in between - tolerable, but not quite his favorite yet. Next on the list of foods for Collin to try are avocado, squash, pears, and green beans.
Fun experiences this month include the first time riding in Daddy's Jeep, a professional photo shoot, time spent in Mommy's classroom, visits to friends' houses, play time at the park, and lots of walks around the neighborhood with the puppies. Collin's waketime is getting close to two hours these days, so it will be a lot easier to make sure his list of new experiences for next month is long and fun! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Steps in a Process: Rolling Over

C-man was amazing yesterday and just went with the flow all day long. We had the photographer here to the house for a photo shoot from 9-11, emptied out my classroom from 12-3:30, and hung out at Nate and Sarah's from 5-8. Collin was charming all day long and just napped on the go. :)

This face cracks me up!
I thought it would be fun today to take some action shots of Collin rolling over. Just follow these steps and you can roll from your belly to your back too. :)

Stretch out as much as possible.
Lay head down for a break.
Stretch again.
Curl toes under and put booty up in the air to squeeze left arm under chest.
Lean to the left.
Lean some more.
Just kidding. Lean back to the right.
Booty up.
Lean back to the left.
Grab whatever's near to bring it along for the roll.

Throw right leg back until it hits the floor.
Look to see if anyone's watching.
Touch right shoulder to the floor. Ta-da!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day in the Life

I can't say there is such a thing as a "normal" day because Collin's daytime schedule still varies, but this is what Collin did yesterday:

8:15 wake up and eat
8:25 get dressed
8:30 take medicine
8:31 sit in bouncer while Mom has breakfast
8:40 play time in Collin's room -- pushups, reading, standing,
chewing on toys, situps, photo of the day, rolling practice
9:35 eat
9:45 nap
12 eat
12:10 play in the living room -- rolling practice, singing and
dancing, teaching the girls an important rule (if you sit
by Collin, he'll pet you and sometimes accidentally pull
on your hair)
1:45 eat
1:55 go in car carrier for errands
2-3:20 stay so busy charming the ladies everywhere we go that
naptime gets skipped
3:20 get back home to eat
3:30 nap
6:15 eat
6:25 play time -- walk the dogs, read books and play in Collin's
room, make banana puree to try at breakfast tomorrow,
get dinner ready for when Daddy gets home
8:30 DADDY'S HOME!!!
9:00 bedtime routine -- read a book, put on jammies, eat
9:30 resist sleep...
10:15 sweet slumber :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Collin and Tanner

Collin had dinner the other night with his BFF Tanner. They don't know it yet, but they're going to best buddies. Kohl's is next to Texas Roadhouse, which is where we had dinner. Too bad I didn't use something else besides the Kohl's sign as the background... :)

Anyways, here's Ryan and Collin with Harrison and Tanner.
Collin is saying, "Yo Tanner, come closer." Tanner is saying, "Mr. Ryan, are you really going to let your son pull me around by my bib?"
Tanner is 10 weeks older than Collin. As you can tell from this picture, Collin is a giant and Tanner is a peanut! :) Collin weighed more at his 4 month appointment than Tanner at 6 months.
"Hey dude. Wanna be best buddies?"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Ode to Collin's Daddy

Collin's shirt says "My Dad Rocks" and it's so true. Ryan is such a fun daddy and Collin is a lucky boy to be growing up with such a fantastic dad!
Daddy is the most fun to play with!
Daddy makes Collin happy!
Collin loves his daddy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playing in the Yard

It was a gorgeous day today so Collin and I spent a little bit of time outside. The weather was just right - warm, a slight breeze, and cloud cover so the sun wasn't shining on his sensitive skin.
He seems to like the feeling of the grass. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Collin doesn't necessarily get things into his mouth at the right angle, but he gets everything close enough to chew on.
He tried, but the pacifier doesn't fit up his nose... :)
We got to spend a full Sunday together as a family. What a treat!

Every Dog Needs a Boy

Collin has never minded the dogs, but now he seems really interested in them. It's so cute because he'll look right at one of the dogs and give a big smile!
I figured I better get a picture of Collin and his dogs. Both Shelby and Kacy hang out in Collin's room while we're in there, but I made them lay by him for the photo.
He's finally getting pretty steady in this chair. He used to lean hard to his left, but now he's pretty straight up. Luckily he'll be able to sit up on his own pretty soon because he won't fit in the chair much longer!This last picture is random, but this is our life. Sometimes I leave the sliding glass door open so the girls can come in and out as they please. The typical routine is for them to lay outside and bake in the sun until they can't stand the heat another moment, and then come inside to cool off in the A/C. For whatever reason, Shelby decided to just lay in the doorway...:)