Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wannabe crawler

This kiddo wants to crawl! He just doesn't quite have every part coordinated to be a crawler yet.
Kacy saw Collin was struggling and decided to offer herself as bait for a little more enticement. :-)
After being unsuccessful for several tries, Collin decided he better do a few pushups to build up his biceps a bit more. :-) Seriously, can you see that there's air under all but his hands and feet?
He's SO close! He'll be on the move before we know it. :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

standing tall

Big boy has learned to hold himself up in a standing position.I think he's pretty proud of himself. :-)
"Watch. I'm about to do something crazy!"
"That's right. I'm doing this one-handed! It's really no big deal."

Monday, August 29, 2011


Last night Collin was sitting in his chair on the kitchen counter. He was close enough to the pizza box that his fingers grazed it, but he was really trying to grab the box and couldn't reach.

He grabbed the little gladware lid he'd been playing with off the counter.

Using the lid as an extension of his hand, he raked at the pizza box and got it close enough to grab. :-)

The kid is crafty!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 months old!

Collin Cooper is 7 months old today. Look how big he is!
Our little man is becoming a big boy! One new skill Collin has been working on this month is walking while holding onto Dad or Mom's hands, but he's only successful if his mouth is wide open for concentration purposes. :-) He also spends his time standing while holding onto something, rolling all around his bedroom, nosediving as he prepares to crawl (he doesn't quite have his arms and legs coordinated to crawl, but he's close!), blowing raspberries on Dad and Mom, sitting in a booster or highchair at restaurants, feeding himself finger foods, and drinking from a sippy cup.
Collin is great at identifying where sounds are coming from and doesn't hesitate to move himself to get a better view of something that catches his attention. He also loves making noise! He's stringing sounds together to sound a little more conversational, but his favorite sound is still "aaaaaaaaahhhh" and he has fun using his voice to get attention.
This month Collin has learned quite a bit about cause and effect and he is learning to anticipate what comes next! He enjoys knocking over stacks and towers, thinks peek-a-boo is hilarious, and loves when Daddy is "coming to get him." He giggles and squeals when he's being tickled or getting raspberries blown on him. He even moves closer so we can get him. Daddy was doing "brrrr" near Collin's toes, and Collin actually moved his foot so it touched his dad's mouth. :-)

Favorite toys this month include Wubba, Collin's office, the Fuzzy Bee and Friends book, the Infantino activity toy set, Rolling Acres Farm, and anything that can function as a drum (such as a paint can, bowl, or plastic container). The toys Collin likes most either make noise, are good to chew on, or both. Electronics like laptops, cell phones, and remotes all catch his attention too.

Collin shakes toys and hits them against the floor or the countertop to make more noise, and he learned this month to hit the tops of things with his hand like he's beating a drum. It's especially funny when he hits his hands on his highchair tray because it looks like he's demanding to be fed. :-)

Speaking of being fed, Collin had fun with food this month! He loves applesauce, yogurt, and graham crackers. We're using peach puffs to help Collin learn to grab food off his highchair tray and put it into his mouth. The peach puffs are also the first thing that Collin can't swallow immediately, so gumming his food is a skill he's working on too.

True to his age, Collin loves his mama and daddy the most right now. It's a phase that we're loving him through. :-) He's timid about being held by other people, but he loves smiling and talking to everyone. When he's really happy he does a big smile, tucks his chin, and pulls his fists in like this:

Our sweet boy is turning into a charming, inquisitive, loving little man. Collin fits into our lives so perfectly that it feels like we've known him forever. At the same time, seven months have passed so quickly! We are incredibly proud of our little prince!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just chew it!

Even Collin can't escape back-to-school time. :-) We didn't want him to feel left out when he heard about other kids getting new school supplies!
We bought Collin this abacus thinking he'd like to move the beads.
So far he likes to tip the abacus over...and chew on it. :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Collin's Own Swimming Pool

We bought Collin a swimming pool for the backyard! It was a sweet deal and the best part about it is the attached canopy that rotates so Collin can always be in the shade.

Collin has some work to do when it comes to concentrating on the "swimming" part of his new "swimming pool." He was so busy with the water toys that he didn't seem to notice he was sitting in water himself. :-)
I can foresee many more swims as we enjoy the end of summer!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Graham Cracker Slime

Collin tried graham crackers for the first time a couple days ago. He was skeptical at first...
"You want me to put this in my mouth? I don't think so!"
"Ok, I'll try it."
"Ooh, I like graham cracker!"
"Mom, is it supposed to be messy like this?"

"Do I have something on my face?" :-)
The slime involved with Collin feeding himself is something that stretches his parents' obsessive-compulsive cleanliness, but it's so fun! He's getting to be such a big boy!

On the Road Again

We made another fantastic trip to South Dakota last week. Collin is too busy to just hang out in his car carrier for too long. This is a typical car-riding position:
We arrived laaaate on Saturday night, but luckily Collin slept well and was ready for a busy few days! He loved Grandpa Tim and Grandma Lee's gorgeous yard!We did a good job this time getting group shots. :-)While in South Dakota, we took Collin swimming for the first time and he LOVED it! We thought he'd probably tolerate the water fine but not really enjoy it. We were wrong! He kicked his feet and whacked his hands on the water to splash his face. I'll upload the video in a separate post, but this is the happy boy during a break at the pool.Collin was also invited over to swim in his friend Marley's pool. He sat in the water for about an hour! He developed a smart strategy for getting a drink - splash his hand in the water a couple times and then suck the water off his fingers. He's pretty crafty!He also spent quite a bit of time in the pool chewing on toys. He seemed more interested in the toy than sweet Marley who was sitting beside him.On this trip, Collin also got to spend quite a bit of time with his cousin Abbie. For whatever reason, he was particularly interested in her head. Here, he's telling her future. :-)
This is pretty much what Abbie thought of her cousin Collin...She was happy to show off what a good stretcher she is. :-)Collin was excited to revisit his jumper at Papa Kent and Grandma Sue's house. He loves hanging out in the jumper and looking out their front window!We had a surprise birthday party for Ryan on Tuesday night. As we pulled into the park, he said, "Hmm. I recognize pretty much all of these vehicles..."
Collin got to see three sets of great grandparents in one night.
We did another set of four generation pictures. Here's Great Gramma Fran and Grandpa Jeff with Ryan and Collin.
Here's Great Gramma Fran, Grandpa Jeff, Andrea and Abbie.
Here's Jeff with all his kiddos!We did our best to get another group photo but there were some shenanigans going on. :-)Collin got to meet a lot of people again on this visit including Great Uncles Al and Russ; Great Aunts Paula, Carleen and Melanie; second cousins Darin and Colleen; and third cousin Kaia. It worked out perfectly to coordinate our visit to South Dakota to maximize the number of family members we got to see.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Colorado. Because he wanted to end the trip the same way it started, Collin's right foot is propped up on the side of his carrier again. :-)