Friday, September 30, 2011

pajama day

Collin had a "pajamas and pancakes" playdate this morning.  His jammies are so cute I decided he better wear them all day.  Luckily they work pretty well for cruising around the house. :-)

"OK Mom, are you ready to start taking my picture?"

 "Woohoo!  I'm on the move!"

"Mom, take my picture like this."

"Now take one of me with my cheesy smile."

"Alright, let's do one with a real smile!"

Happy weekend!  I hope yours is great!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look What I Found!

While making his way from the living room to the kitchen, Collin found a place where he can always grab a snack if he's hungry. :-)

Just kidding, of course!  The bowls are always down, so we'll have to teach Collin they're not for him...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

silly boy

I took video to capture this thing Collin is doing right now - putting his arms out to the side, clenching his fists, and clenching his jaw too.  I think he's just doing it to be silly because every time he looked at me while he was doing it, he laughed. :-)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

8 months!

Collin Cooper is 8 months old today!  Look at this big boy:
The biggest news of the month is that Collin is now mobile.  So far he uses just his arms to pull himself forward.  It's quite a workout, but he's able to get where he wants to be.  We can only imagine how fast he'll be when he learns to use his legs too!
Collin loves eating!  He has two or three solid meals a day and sometimes a snack too.  For breakfast he has rice or barley cereal with his daily antibiotic mixed in, and he chows down on that meal!  For dinner he has some type of produce.  He loves pears, peaches, bananas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, and avocado.  Strangely enough, he wasn't sure about his first bite of mango.  This month we've experimented with actual solids rather than purees.  Collin loves to eat small bites of anything that is softened from ripening or from being cooked.
(This picture is from my phone.  I can't remember why he's giving me a "don't mess with my cracker" look, but it cracks me up!)

Collin is a noisy boy!  He continues to be quite a chatterbox, babbling while he plays.  He strings sounds together and experiments with inflection.  When he has something very important to say, it often sounds like "ya-ya-ya-ya" or "ra-ra-ra."  He's also quite verbal with his emotions and recognizes his name.  He hits objects together to make noise and loves to repeat it if his hands or feet accidentally make an interesting noise when he touches something.  For example, if his foot bumps into something when he rolls over and makes a sound, he'll kick his foot again to make the noise again.  When his hand squeaked as he was scooting backwards on the wood floor, he figured out how to rub his hand on the floor to keep making the squeak.
Up until now Collin has reserved his laugh for things that were truly meant to be funny.  We could make him laugh, but he didn't laugh at just anything.  This month that changed and Collin now laughs to himself when he notices something he thinks is funny.  Collin thinks his puppies are particularly silly, and especially when they wrestle or play fetch.  He also thinks it's funny when he crawls toward something he wants.

Speaking of what he wants, Collin is very clear about what interests him.  He'll reach over things, move something out of the way, and completely contort his body to grab an object that interests him.  He also climbs up on Mom or Dad's lap if that's where he wants to sit!

Collin is getting to be a very big boy.  He stands while holding onto something, is working on pulling himself to a standing position, and loves to hold someone's hands and walk around.
Favorite toys this month include this monkey, stacking cupsthese sea buddies (in and out of the bathtub), and anything that he can chew on or make noise with.
Watching Collin's charming and silly personality develop is such a treat and we enjoy watching the wheels turn as he works hard to learn and figure things out.  We adore our little man and we are so blessed to be his parents!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Visitors

Collin had visitors this weekend!  Great Grandpa Mike, Great Grandma Betty, Grandma Sue, Papa Kent, Uncle Shane, and Auntie Bridget were in town Thursday-Sunday.

Collin clung to Mama all weekend but showed off his personality as long as everyone watched from a distance.  As a parent it was a difficult weekend because I wanted Collin to let everyone hold him, but I certainly didn't want him to be upset or scared.  Please say a prayer for us as we're working through separation/stranger anxiety.

He's still as handsome as ever!

I'm so lucky to be his mama!!!

Friday was game day.  We had a cornhole tournament and played a raucous game of CatchPhrase.

Shane and Bridget were the undefeated cornhole champions.

On Saturday we took Collin to the park.  It was funny because he fell asleep in the stroller as we were walking to the park so we all just sat at a picnic table and waited until he woke up so we could go play. :-)

As usual, Collin loved the swings.

Maybe Shane and Bridget did too.

Uncle Shane took Collin down the slide.  I'm not sure either of them had a ton of fun... :-)

 The longer slide was a little more fun.
 We loved having family visit us and we're already looking forward to their next trip to Colorado! :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today marks the beginning of a new phase:  Collin is cruising!

Check out his face.  Can you tell he's excited about his new skill? :-)

We're always proud of our little man, but today is an especially proud day in the Fremont household!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


We started play time today with a basket full of toys.  Collin quickly showed me that he'd rather think outside the box basket and use it for something besides storage.
 For example, one can practice pushups on a basket.
 One can use a basket as a drum.
 One can even use a basket as a footrest!

Unfortunately, having a basket nearby has yet to develop this guy's ability to crawl.
 It's ok, because he's still having fun practicing! :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011


Collin loves to make noises!  His current trick is holding something (anything) to his mouth and shaking his head left to right to see if he can get it to squeak.  He's able to get a good squeak out of softer plastic things, but I was surprised he was able to squeak on this hard plastic cup.

He shares a couple other noises in this video too. :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainy Day Entertainment

It has been POURING today!  This afternoon, Collin had fun standing at the sliding glass door and watching the rain come down.

 Soon enough he'll be writing messages in the fog left behind after breathing on the window...
 See his little nose smashed up to the glass? :-)

He's getting to be quite independent with this whole standing business.  I was ready to catch him if he tipped, but he never did.  He stood by himself for at least 5 minutes!