Sunday, January 29, 2012

Collin's birthday party!

Today was Collin's birthday party!  Putting together the details for the party was so much fun.  Collin (and everyone else) had a great time celebrating his first birthday. :-)

We greeted guests with an "It's Collin's birthday!" wreath on the front door.

Hanging from the ceiling were garlands made out of scrapbook paper squares sewn together with a sewing machine.

We also used tissue paper poms for bursts of color.

We printed some of our favorite pictures from Collin's first year for a quick look at his growth over the past 12 months.

A banner and sign decorated the area by Collin's highchair.

We used the breakfast nook as the kids' table - with coloring books and supplies for making paper plate tambourines.

We made personalized favors for the 11 children who came to the party.

They said "bear hugs from Collin" on the outside and had teddy grahams inside.

Papa Kent and Grandma Sue put together a gorgeous and delicious spread!  On the menu were pulled pork sliders, bacon-wrapped smokies, pepperoni pizza puffs, mini mac&cheese, fruit skewers, fresh veggies, cheese and crackers, shrimp, chocolate pretzels, and vanilla cupcakes. 

There were 30 people at our house for the party - 18 adults and 12 children!

First we spent over an hour eating and playing.  The kiddos got along really nicely and it was fun to watch them all interact.  We have such great friends!

Next it was time for cake!

Sweet boy wasn't sure what to do with the cake.  After his first grab, he just had one single pearl in his hand. :-)

He decided to try a little bit of frosting.

He wasn't too impressed at first...

He went for it a little bit more, but not too much!

During cake time, we skyped with Grandma Lee (+ Max and Crosby).

Finally it was time for presents.  Collin received tons of great gifts!  It was very sweet to watch him pay close attention to each card, and then I had to divert his attention to the toys. :-)

It was a wonderful day celebrating Collin's first birthday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

today is Collin's birthday!

Our big man really is a big one-year-old man now!

You've come a long way, baby! :-)

At the ripe ol' age of one year, Collin is 29 inches long and weighs 20lbs. 1oz.  His height and weight are in the 25th percentile, which his pediatrician says makes good sense with the fact that Collin walked so early (9.5 months).  Collin's head circumference is still off the charts big ~ he is our child. :-)

Sweet Collin is BUSY about 98% of his waking hours.  He's basically always on the go - walking, chasing, following, exploring, and climbing.  He has been a professional walker for a couple months now, and he is fast!  He gets back to standing in the middle of the room and tries to climb on things that are about his height.

He's pretty brave about walking alone when we're out in public.  If he sees something that catches his attention, he goes for it by himself.  At the zoo the other day, he walked more than half of it on his own!

Collin is pretty serious about getting things done and typically saves his giggles for things that are really funny.  This month he really found his giggle box though, and it is so fun to find things that are exciting enough to make our sweet guy laugh!  He especially likes chasing and being chased, playing peek-a-boo around corners, and playing with the dogs.

Collin is a great imitator and has picked up some cute skills as a results.  He likes to click his tongue and blow air through his lips to make a sound like an elephant.  He can do quite a few other sounds with his mouth, which he has discovered just by playing. :-)  He shakes his booty and waves his arms to dance to the music.  He'll even pound his hands on the floor or stomp his feet to copy someone else.

Collin continues to be very attentive to details and he isn't afraid to crouch down to get a closer look.  He has an astute understanding of how things go together and matches lids to the correct container.  His dexterity is pretty good too, and he can insert a straw into its hole in a lid.

"Oh" is Collin's favorite word right now.  Sometimes he uses it in context, like saying "oh" after dropping something.  Other times he just says it because he likes the sound of his voice. :-)  He's a chatterbox!

Collin likes to say "hi!"  He even said "hi" and waved to strangers out in public a few times this month. :-)  He's pretty good at giving high-five too, especially to his daddy.

He's getting quite a bit of hair (compared to his beautiful bald noggin a few months ago).  When he's eating he likes to rub his hands behind his ears, so it isn't uncommon to find him with crusty hair after meal times.  He doesn't love having dirty hands other times, but he doesn't mind making a mess while he eats!

He still loves to swing, so we gave him a slide and swingset for his birthday.  It's in the living room today, but will go out in the backyard tonight.  Swinging makes Collin squeal, and he isn't afraid of the slide!

Happy birthday precious Collin!  We love you!  You make our world go 'round, sweet boy. :-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

splish splash!

Collin looooooooves  the water!  He's always busy, even in the tub. :-)

Monday, January 23, 2012

fun at Gymboree

Collin had a playdate at Gymboree today.  It's a one-hour session:  45 minutes of free play and 15 minutes of group singing and dancing.

He was pretty brave!  He held on tight to this boat while I rocked it, he went down the slide by himself, and he did plenty of wandering around and watching the "big kids."

He was bending his knees to bounce on the trampoline before I pushed record.  You can tell by his sweet voice that he was having fun. :-)

On an unrelated note, I finally got a good picture of Collin's pretty teeth!  The two bottom teeth are working their way up, and if you zoom in you can see that the top tooth broke through too.  Teething has been a very slow process ~ it's been almost three months since the first tooth broke through, and it's still only about halfway up.  They're not coming up quickly, but they are beautiful!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

busy, busy, busy

Last week was a busy one!

Collin fell in love for this play-doh container.  He can't get the lid off and he doesn't know what's inside, but he still loves it.  The novel items are so good at catching his attention.

When we walked into Kohl's and saw this double stroller, we knew we had to try it.  Abbie and Collin got so much attention!  Are they cute, or what?

Thursday was a gorgeous day and we took advantage by going to the zoo.  C enjoyed checking out the 4-wheeler display.

Aren't they cute?!

While Collin is walking around, he thinks it is hilarious to peek around the corner at me.  His giggle is so sweet! :-)

Today Collin got all dressed up for his one-year photo shoot.  It's hard to believe his birthday is this week!!!  We have a busy week of playdates and getting ready for a party! :-)