Wednesday, February 29, 2012


No, really.  This dude loves cheese!

He'd be a cheese-atarian if we'd let him!

Monday, February 27, 2012

13 months old!

This guy is 13 months old today!

We are always surprised at the number of new skills and characteristics that develop from month to month, and it's no different this time.

Collin chats almost constantly.  He had forgotten the word "hi" for a couple weeks, but that's back.  He has probably said "hi" 100 times today. :-)  He loves to talk while he's relaxed in his car seat, he pretends to talk on his toy cell phone, and he talks to his parents a lot!  Sometimes he'll come really close, crouch down to be at our eye level while we're sitting on the floor, and say something so serious.

He's also using his voice to communicate, and let me tell you, he can communicate!  He does a fake whine noise to get our attention wherever he needs it (Today he lost a football under the bed, so he was making the whine noise to get me to follow him into the bedroom to get the ball out for him).  He does a fast march/stomp and makes a "kkkk" noise when he's excited, has a very specific squeal that lets us know he's frustrated, and makes an "uh" noise as he points to what he wants.

Speaking of pointing, this guy points all the time!  The moment I get him out of his crib after a nap, he's pointing. :-)

Collin copies A LOT!  While I was rubbing a rag on the carpet to clean up a spot, Collin was rubbing his hand on the carpet too.  After Ryan bent down to pick something up off the floor, Collin bent down to touch the floor too.  After taking a ponytail holder off Bridget's wrist, Collin put it directly onto his own wrist.  After I patted a little girl's head last night, so did Collin.  He's watching!

Sweet boy loves to give hugs, and he also learned this month to give slobbery, open-mouthed kisses.  Talk about melting our hearts!

Sleep is going pretty well right now.  Two nights ago it was a 9.5 hour stretch, and last night was 7.5 hours.  There is still progress to be made, but we're happy with the improvement!  His nap schedule is fairly consistent too (he typically naps 11:30-1 and 4-5), which helps us plan our days.

Eating is going well too.  Collin's favorite foods are cheese, yogurt, fruit, and sausage.  He loves cow's milk, thank goodness!  He used to love any kind of carb - bread, muffins, crackers, etc., but he's not as interested in those kinds of food lately.  He prefers to be fed with an adult spoon (those baby spoons are for... babies!).  He thinned out quite a bit when he started moving around, but the belly is working its way back. :-)

Collin has really developed a love of books in the past month and all the books are rarely on the shelves in his room.  He'll bring a book over for us to read, sit long enough to listen and turn a couple pages, and then head back to the shelf for another book.  He's paying attention to the details in the illustrations, and he loves when we read with funny voices and sound effects.

We just love our little guy so much!  He's full of creativity, smiles, and love.  He makes us laugh, he teaches us new things every day, and he is a total joy to be around.  We are blessed!

Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him."

kisses for Collin

The other night, Collin was giving kisses to his reflection. :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

sweet family day

I love capturing pictures of Collin, but I want more pictures of our family too.  Today I'm pretty happy with what I got. :-)

Does he love his daddy, or what?

I'm pretty proud of this one.  One day we'll figure out how to get Collin to smile right when the timer goes off, rather than right after the timer goes off! :-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

our silly boy in action

Collin gets sillier and more creative every day.  Today he decided his drumstick should go inside his overalls. :-)

Wait!  Where'd it go?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boston, Mass!

Collin just got back from his first vacation!  We traveled Thursday-Monday to Boston, Massachusetts to visit Uncle Shane and Auntie Bridget.

The trip was FULL of firsts, including Collin's first time at an airport.  He loved looking around because there was so much to see!

We had pizza for dinner in the Denver airport before getting on our flight.

Here we are, on the plane and ready to take off!

Collin was PERFECT on his very first flight.  He didn't sleep a wink, but it was 4.5 hours full of fun.  We spent at least an hour playing with a cup full of ice, and there were plenty of other things that kept Collin happy. :-)

We got to Boston around 10:45pm and went straight to our hotel.  Collin and I had a room that was adjoined to my parents' room, which worked perfectly.

My grandparents also made the trip with us!  (Here's my grandma with Bridget and Shane.)

One thing that made the trip so great was how nearby everything was.  Just a few minutes got us wherever we wanted to be.

Friday morning we went to the gym where Shane works.

They have a play room just for kiddos that is open all day long.  It was such a fun place for Collin to play!

Friday night Collin went to his first basketball games to watch Bridget's sister Michaela play, and then to watch Uncle Shane's team play.

Collin had his first sucker!

It was pretty late and Collin needed a nap, so I strapped him in the carrier for a snooze. :-)

Collin LOVES Auntie Bridget!

Saturday morning we hung out the hotel.  I took cars and plenty of other toys for Collin to play with, but he was mostly interested in playing with other random things.  Cups, cracker boxes, and remotes all provided plenty of entertainment.

We spent most of Saturday at Shane and Bridget's apartment.  Collin had a golf lesson with his Uncle Shane.

As previously mentioned, Collin loves Bridget. :-)

Saturday night we had dinner at the most fabulous Chinese restaurant.  Collin was a trooper during the 2 hour dinner, playing with ice cubes and doing lots of snacking.

On Sunday we hung out at the hotel, visited Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play, and played at the apartment.

Collin helped move furniture so his grandparents could play cards while he napped.

He also learned how to play with an "old-fashioned" phone. :-)

I had the hugest burger at a restaurant near the stadium, and Collin was again a gentleman during lunch.

Collin did some snacking with his great Grandpa!

Sunday night we went to another basketball game.  Collin loved taking a ride on his great Grandma's walker!

On Monday, it was already time to head back home!

Before we left town, we stopped to see Uncle Shane at work.

Shane and Collin played a fun game with Shane's hat ~ taking it off and putting it back on. :-)

By Monday afternoon, little man was wiped out!!!  He snoozed in the car on the way to the airport.

He had a blast watching a plane get loaded and pull away from the gate.

Then he slept for two hours of the flight back to Denver!

 We had a FABULOUS trip!  Collin was entertaining and charming and fun.  I'm always proud of him, but I am especially proud of what a terrific traveler he is. :-)

Uncle Shane and Auntie Bridget, we're coming back soon!