Saturday, March 31, 2012


If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you're probably not surprised to hear that we have taken thousands of pictures of Collin.  We are blessed with an absolutely precious child and we love having photos that capture details we never want to forget.  I took some of those types of photos today. :-)

No more words.  Just pictures of our sweet Collin Cooper!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. Spunky

Sweet boy was happy to show off some spunk for the camera today!


It's so cute how Collin says "dada" when he's excited!

woof woof!

Collin and I were out in the backyard today and he was saying "woof woof" to bark back at the neighbor dog. :-)

We practiced "woof woof" a little more when we came inside for a snack.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

14 months old!

Development-wise, this has been a big month for Collin!

For one thing it was the real beginning of verbal communication.  Collin says "please" and "more please" to ask for what he wants.  If I tell him we're going to see Daddy or that Daddy is coming home, he says "dada-dada-dada!" because he's very excited.  He'd probably do the same thing for me, except that he doesn't get to be away from me very often... :-)  We have a feeling his word list (please, more please, hi, dada, mama, belly) is going to explode in the next month!  When he doesn't have the words, he often imitates the number of syllables we say.  We also get to hear Collin laugh a lot ~ when he cracks himself up, when we do something silly to make him laugh, and when he joins in to laugh while we're laughing.  It's a blast to hear his sweet voice!

True to his age, Collin is a very good mimic, which has resulted in some fun new skills this month.  He opens the dog crates to let them out, makes the "brrr" sound when he drives cars, crawls around on his hands and knees to drive small cars, will push another kid on a car, claps when others clap or say "yay," eats (messily) with a utensil, and makes a snapping motion with his fingers (without the sound).

One funny thing Collin is experimenting with right now is different ways to eat without using his hands.  He'll lean his face over the tray of his highchair to grab a piece of food with his mouth.  At the dinner table one night he was putting his crackers into a small cup and then pouring the food from the cup into his mouth.  He will even lay on the ground in push-up position to grab a piece of food off the floor!

Of course we're biased, but our guy is quite the smarty-pants.  His quick rate of learning makes me know it's time to get busy being deliberate about teaching him!  He identifies his belly, mouth, ears, and nose.  Next we're going to practice identifying and naming animals.

He picks up on routine, so he often knows what comes next.  For example, after I pull out the ironing board, Collin walks back into the laundry room and points at the iron because he knows I'm grabbing it next.  After we put the dogs in their crates, he walks over to where their treat jar is because he knows they'll get one.  A funny and helpful routine he knows is when he's having his diaper changed away from home.  When I put the changing pad on the floor, he walks over to it and sits down to get ready.

Collin is very, very busy and always doing something.  We figure he probably is on-the-move at least 7 hours a day.  He doesn't sit very often, and when he does, it's only for a minute.  He'd rather be standing and moving!  He loves to dance, climb stairs, climb onto chairs, play with the dogs, swing, slide, dig in the dirt, and run around yelling "aaaah!"  Of course all that action gets him into trouble sometimes... :-)

Our sweet boy is also very loving.  He likes to give hugs (complete with a sweet "aaah" sound) and kisses.  The cutest is when he randomly walks up to a kid at a playdate to give a hug. :-)

This month has been big for social development too.  After a long 6 or 7 months of separation anxiety and only wanting to be touched by his parents, Collin is starting to feel more comfortable with other people.  We're glad because he's such a fun and charming boy and we want other people to know that too!

We are so very proud of Collin and we are having a blast watching him transform into a little man!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Collin the Jeeper

We made a quick trip to New Mexico and bought Collin's first Jeep today ~ a '78 Jeep J10.

Just kidding of course.  The Jeep is for Collin's daddy.

Collin just helped get it strapped to the trailer.

"Oh, hi Mom!"

As usual, Collin spent a little time turning the steering wheel while we were stopped at a gas station. :-)

As strange as it sounds, it was a fun day spent in the car cruising to New Mexico and back!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

patio picnic

It was another gorgeous day today (record-breakingly, actually), so Collin decided to have lunch out on the patio!

Happy weekend! :-)

Mr. Sandman

Collin loved taking his new sand toys to play in the sandbox at the park yesterday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

more please

Not too long ago I posted a video of Collin saying "please."  He has added to his vocabulary and now says "more please." :-)

on the road again!

Collin and I made another trip to South Dakota from Friday-Wednesday.

Luckily he's such a good traveler!

We had a lot of great time with Grandpa Tim and Grandma Lee, Papa Kent and Grandma Sue, Great Grandpa Mike and Great Grandma Betty, Great Gramma Fran, Great Aunt Tana, Uncle Wes and Aunt Bailee, Aunt Andrea, and cousin Abbie.  There's never enough time to do everything we wish we could, but this trip was close to perfect. :-)

Papa offered to give Collin a ride on the tractor on Saturday morning, but Collin thought it was way too noisy.

We spent Saturday afternoon swinging at the park.

We also spent Sunday afternoon at the park.

Collin knew exactly where he was headed!

Aren't they cute?

Monday was a fun and relaxing day at the grandparents' houses.

Tuesday was also spent playing and relaxing.

Collin and Abbie are going to be best buddies!

On Wednesday it was time to head back to Colorado, but not before a quick photo shoot!

I let Collin play in the driver's seat when we stopped in Wyoming on the way home.

We had a nice picnic lunch before we hit the road again.

Traveling is so much fun, but also exhausting! :-)