Monday, July 30, 2012

opening ceremony

Collin and I went downtown on Friday night to join the celebration for the Olympics opening ceremony.

Dude had fun clapping and cheering with his best buddy Tristan. :-)

He also enjoyed sitting on my shoulders to watch the action!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Collin's first boat

Collin has been working so hard around the house and earned enough extra allowance to buy his first boat!  Actually, it's a jet ski.  No, really, it's a floatie. :-)

We took it for a test ride at the pool this afternoon and Collin loved it!

When we got home, it was just sitting on the floor by the door.  Collin moved it into the kitchen and took it for a dry run.

Silly guy! :-)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

catch it!

Collin, can you catch the ball?

Get your hands ready!

You did it!

Friday, July 27, 2012

18 months!

One and a half?  Whoa baby!

At the ripe old age of 18 months, Collin is definitely more of a little man than a baby boy.  He weighs 23.5 pounds and is (still) 31 inches tall.  It's slow progress in the physical growth department, but he's busy and happy and smart, so all is well!  Tooth #10 popped through this month - the bottom left molar.

As previously stated, Collin stays very busy.  Sitting really isn't his shtick, unless he's reading, eating, or driving hot wheels cars.  Other favorite activities include playing with water, washing his hands, throwing a ball, running, spinning around in circles for no apparent reason, petting the puppies, going up and down the stairs, helping (throwing away trash, fetching things, passing an object between two people), brushing his teeth, and doing puzzles.

We can count on Collin eating a solid breakfast every day - eggs or a bowl of baby cereal or oatmeal, some kind of fruit, milk, and sometimes yogurt too.  For lunch, some of Collin's favorite foods are sausage, ham, cheese, pb&j, and fruit.  Dinner is usually the most random since that's when Collin tries what we're eating.  Sometimes he loves our dinner and will eat a substantial amount (hamburgers, for example), but sometimes he doesn't like anything we're having.  Eating good meals is something we're working on. :-)  Snacks are a very important part of the day, in Collin's opinion.  He loves fruit, cheese, crackers, peanut butter (he'll dip an apple in peanut butter as a snack, but mostly just eats the pb!) and fruit snacks.

Collin loves reading by himself and with his parents.  If he's reading alone, he mumbles as he's flipping the pages and will say the word of objects he recognizes in the pictures.  Sitting in Mama's lap with a book is a great way to calm a frustrated kiddo, and sitting in Daddy's lap with books is a great way to delay bedtime. :-)  Favorite books this month include Five Little Monkeys (he does the actions) and I Love You, Stinky Face.

It seems like Collin is always discovering new tricks and skills.  We have lever door handles, so Collin is now a professional at opening doors.  His favorite is the pantry door, because he can usually get on his tiptoes to reach a snack.  Other things he's learned to do this month include pound it + blow it up (the cool dude's version of high fives, I guess), sniffing to smell something, wiggling his nose, blowing his nose, oinking like a pig, pointing to objects in books, and initiating peek-a-boo.

Collin is incredibly observant, to the point of shocking us on a regular basis.  At bedtime he pushes the button to turn on his sound machine, flips it over so the light shines into the floor rather than up into the room, and slides the machine under his crib  - exactly the same way his parents do it.  I'm telling you, this guy doesn't miss a thing!

Collin talks a lot and we have a pretty easy time understanding him, but being with other people makes us realize how much translation is necessary for people who aren't around Collin on a regular basis.  Even for us, it sometimes takes some context to figure out what he's trying to tell us.  There are a lot of new words this month, but right now I can think of...  door, window, buckle, button, cup, juice, shoes, grapes, love you, on, off, down, back (as in "put it back"), baby, rock, dirt, help, Jeep, and pocket.

We're finally on a pretty predictable schedule, which is quite pleasant!  Collin was a super sleeper as a newborn, but somewhere in his infancy we made some mistakes and caused him to be too reliant on us for successful sleep.  Lesson learned. :-)  We've been working through it and made really great progress in the last six weeks or so.  Collin typically sleeps 9pm-7am and then naps from 11-2 or 12-3 each day. It's amazing what good sleep (or lack thereof) does to a little guy's attitude. :-)

"Shh!  I'm pretending I'm sleeping!"

Sweet Collin Cooper is such a tender-hearted love -- generous with hugs, tight squeezes, and kisses.  He's absolutely precious and we just adore watching him grow!

Monday, July 23, 2012

sweet South Dakota

It's time for photo overload... :-)

Collin and I headed to South Dakota on Monday!

When we got to town we visited Collin's favorite cousin Abbie

and then spent Monday evening up at the cabin.

Tuesday morning we had a relaxed breakfast on the back deck

and then Collin helped Grandma at her office.

We met Abbie at the park Tuesday afternoon.

Collin thought Abbie's puppy Daisy was hilarious. :-)

Collin was such a big, brave boy at the park!  He climbed all over the place.

We went to the cabin on Tuesday evening and Collin had fun playing with his second cousins Kaiya and Spencer.

On Wednesday we played at the park in the morning

and then met Spencer at the water park in the afternoon.  Both boys had a blast!

Wednesday evening we went to the cabin again.

It was fun getting group photos. :-)

Here's Grandma Helen with her three great grandkids!

Some of the grandkids and our kiddos.

a four generation shot

the best of the four of us, if you can believe it...

another four generation shot

Collin heard Spence laughing and wanted to join the fun :-)

Collin and Grandma

Thursday morning was low-key, just relaxing and playing in the backyard.

Collin was a big helper in the kitchen with Grandma.

On Friday we met Abbie and Andrea for coffee,

visited Papa and Grandma at their indian taco booth at the park,

and spent the evening at Grandpa Tim and Grandma Lee's.

Collin and Abbie had a blast watching the puppies out the window.

On Saturday morning we met my great friend Kristi at the park on our way out of town.

What a GREAT trip!