Friday, August 31, 2012

a day in the life

Collin stayed extra busy on Thursday keeping his daddy company on his day off.

The guys painted the garage.  Tricking Collin (not giving him the "real deal" for whatever task he's working on) is incredibly difficult, but luckily he was satisfied painting with an empty paint cup and a dry brush. :-)

Collin sat out in the sunshine and took some notes on his notepad.

A whole morning of working outside meant Collin needed a bath

 and a nap!

Collin loooooooves Daddy's "eej" and the guys decided to head out for a cruise before bed.

Daddy's days off are special days around here! :-)

videos of Mr. Busy

I tell you what...  Collin is always up to something!


spinning and giggling:

snacking, bouncing, and chatting all at once:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Collin had his first sleepover tonight!  His buddies Malachi and Daniel came over around 5:30pm and we had a fun, busy evening. :-)

I was too busy to take pictures inside, but got to catch a few shots while we played outside after dinner.

Collin and Daniel are both one (Collin is just a couple months older) and Malachi is three.

Are these boys cute or what?

Everyone went to sleep without a peep.  Fingers crossed that the night goes as smoothly as the evening did!


Silly Collin made his first (quasi) fort today.

He moved all the chairs out of the breakfast area and had a blast playing under the kitchen table.

I love watching his creativity develop!

Monday, August 27, 2012

19 months

Sweet Collin is 19 months old today!

Little man is, in fact, quite little.  He weighs 24 pounds and is 31 inches tall - both measurements in the 10th percentile.  The pediatrician says Collin might stay small for awhile, as the goal in the next year is that he just not lose any weight.  Collin has a huge noggin and huge feet, so surely another growth spurt will be coming someday to get the rest of his body to catch up. :-)  He wears 18 month clothes and size 5 shoes.

Not gaining weight isn't for a lack of eating.  Collin has had a great month in terms of getting comfortable with a variety of new tastes and textures, and pretty much eats whatever we're eating.  We've read that successfully feeding a toddler goes like this:  we choose what he eats; he chooses how and how much he eats.  To that end, we're concentrating on protein, fruits, and veggies.  Collin's favorite foods right now include cheese, yogurt, raisins, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon, sunflower seeds, hamburgers, eggs, pancakes, peanut butter, and lasagna.

This month Collin discovered his pockets, and it's adorable.  He puts treasures in his pockets and he puts his hands in his pockets.  Sometimes treasures get stuck in there, which is frustrating.  Luckily most 18 month pants and shorts have pockets that are angled perfectly for easy access!

Collin learned to swish and spit this month.  Luckily he usually only swishes and spits when he's playing with water outside.

Jumping has been at the top of Collin's priority list this month.  He has good form - bend the knees, then get up on the tippy toes.  We've only seen him get air underneath both feet once, but he's definitely getting closer.  It isn't uncommon to glance over and see Collin doing random jumping practice.

Our guy still loves to read, and we love reading to him!  It's funny to watch him scan his bookshelves to find the book he's looking for.  He'll grab the book off the shelf, walk over to us, and then back his way onto someone's lap so he can be read to.  It is interesting to learn about the connections he makes with books.  As one example, he has a book called Smile that he calls "cheese" because there's a page in the book that says "Come on, say cheese!"  Other favorite books this month include Wheels on the Go and Night, Night Prayer.

Communication has improved a lot this month.  Collin's words are becoming more clear, which helps us understand more.  It feels like he says a lot of new words, but all we can think of are "oh no" (complete with perfect inflection), "bite" (as in, "I'd like a bite, please."), "shh" (with his finger to his mouth), "kiss," "owie," "bless you," "dirt," "trash," and "stool."

We had a (small) victory that gives us a preview of what's to come:  Collin peed on the potty this month!  It isn't something we're pushing at all, but we're happy to oblige if he initiates.

It was another fantastically blessed month as Collin's parents.  He's smart and sweet and has enriched our lives to the point we can't believe we ever were without him. :-)  Thank you, Lord, for our precious son!

Well, hello, five-year-old Collin... :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Collin learned a new word, "owie," just in time to get five shots on Friday.  We had the choice of doing four Friday and going back in next month for the fifth, but decided to just do it and get 'er done.

Sweet Collin would say "owie" every time he remembered. :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Collin had some friends - Tristan and Daniel are pictured; Malachi, Jack, and Emmalynn were also here - over for dinner + playtime tonight!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If Collin won't get to see Daddy before bedtime, sometimes we make a night-night video to send. :-)

Monday, August 20, 2012


Collin loves pockets.  When he has a treasure, he wants it in his pocket.  Today's shorts just so happen to have pockets that are perfectly angled so the bug can put treasures in his pockets without any help or frustration.

Put it in,

take it out,

and repeat!

a little help from a friend

Daniel brought C's sippy cup over with the intention of giving it to him, but Collin misunderstood and thought Daniel wanted to hold the cup while Collin drank. Daniel was sweet enough to oblige. :-)

another family photo attempt

We had a good run of family photos for awhile there.  Everyone looking at the camera and in-focus.  Nothing crazy going on.

And then we've had a tough run.

You see, little man learned how to operate the camera.  Rather than Mama running over to the camera after it clicks, Collin thinks he should do the running.  Except instead of waiting for the click, he wants to run to the camera one second before the click.  So we have a whole lot of pictures with Collin squirming to get away.

exhibit #247:

Collin the Chef

Collin was more than happy to help his mama make baked french toast the other day.  I let him crack beat the eggs against the bowl.  No pictures, as I was staying busy containing the mess. :-)

He's pretty good at pouring the measuring cups into the bowl once I fill them.

His favorite part, though, was pouring the egg mix over the bread.

This is serious work, people.

Sweet helper.