Thursday, September 27, 2012

20 months

Collin Cooper is 20 months old today!

He's growing and changing so quickly.  20 months old is so big!  Honestly, "he's so big" is something we say to each other on a daily basis.  Don't worry, you didn't miss a big growth spurt.  He's still a peanut (32" and 24 pounds), but he is so grown up!

Collin is a great communicator and is getting more understandable as he keeps practicing words.  New words he's been saying lately include:  rain, whoa, wow, grapes, dirty, key, and broom.

 We've also heard several two-word phrases this month!  He's been saying "up please," "more please," and "bite please" for awhile, but he has also added "Papa go?," and "rain on" this month.  It's exciting because he's putting together two words that are unrelated, which is more advanced.

Sweet Collin has a big personality and imagination.  He doesn't spend his time playing idly; he's always busy working on something.  Whatever he's doing, it seems that he always has a plan and an end-goal in mind.  He likes to do things by himself!

He's an impressive imitator.  He'll repeat the inflection of any noise we make, and he copies gestures like you wouldn't believe.  If he sees it once, he'll figure out how to do it on his own. :-)  Daddy was sharing chai tea with Collin this morning.  Daddy touched the chai tea with his finger to check the temperature and then licked the tea off his finger.  When Collin got his cup of tea, he stuck his finger in to check the temperature and then licked the tea off his finger -- with the exact same form as Daddy.

Social skills are coming along nicely and Collin is usually loud and proud to yell "hi!" when he sees people out and about.  He also greets animals -- especially dogs and birds.  A favorite breakfast-time activity these days is waving and telling neighbors "bye!" as they pull out of their driveways.

 (yelling "hi!" to a flock of birds flying overhead)

Collin LOVES puppies, and especially his two.  He has a blast playing with them, laughing and running around with them, and giving them belly rubs.  At times, he's really bossy to the girls!  He tells them "no! ba!" to get out of the kitchen while he's eating.  This morning he threw Shelby's toy downstairs and was telling her "down please" to go get it.  He gets frustrated when they don't obey his commands. :-)  When Shelby wouldn't listen, Collin came running over and said "Mama, please!" to request my help in getting Shelby to go fetch her toy.

Collin has become quite aware of owies this month.  He likes to have a kiss on the injury when he gets an owie, and a kiss will almost always make the pain (and whining) stop.  He says "owie" when he sees anything abnormal on skin - scar, birthmark, etc.  He's also learning about when he causes an owie, and kisses the spot if he hurts someone (or the puppies).  He pinched Daddy today while being picked up, and then leaned over to kiss the spot he had accidentally pinched.

Mr. Observant points and says "on" whenever he notices a machine turn on (a/c, sprinklers, radio, light, sirens, etc).  While we were grocery shopping yesterday he'd point to the ceiling and say "on" each time we passed under a speaker, and then start shaking his booty to the music. :-)

Several new skills and habits this month show Collin's spunk.  He hides things and then asks "go?" and he thinks it's hilarious to hide behind the curtains.  He squeals and stomps when he's excited (so cute).  Best of all, he hums to himself while he's working.  He's such a little man!

Collin really loves animals and their sounds.  He identifies pictures of a cow, puppy, cat, bird, duck, bug, and dinosaur.  He'll imitate any animal sound (or other sound, for that matter) that we make.

(This is what "ROAR!" looks like.)

Collin has learned several new body parts this month too.  He now knows his belly button, elbow, knee, hair, and eyebrows.

Current favorite foods include cheese, yogurt, raisins, sausage, peanut butter, kiwi, and hot dogs.  Suckers (from the parade) were a popular new treat this month.  Most days seem like Collin's belly is a bottomless pit and he could just sit at the table eating all day long!

Right now, some of Collin's favorite things are:  when Daddy comes home, bathtime, playing with hot wheels, building tall towers ("whoa!") with blocks, water, pretending to drive the Jeeps ("eej"), helping with anything we're doing, dancing, and standing on a stool at the kitchen counter.

 It's been another fantastic month watching Collin learn and grow!  Being his parents is such a blessing.  Hard to believe he's four short months from being a 2-year-old...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Big news here in the Fremont household!

It's been previously mentioned that Collin isn't a stellar sleeper.

Picture this for the past 19.95 months:  He sleeps with a paci, we stay with him until he falls asleep (which takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour), and he demands calls for us to come sit with him when he wakes up during the night.  Sleeping through the night is a special event rather than the norm.

Until now...

On Monday we retired the paci, and it seems that li'l paci has been the dealbreaker all along.

In his post-paci life, Collin has put himself to sleep three nights in a row without his mama or dada in his room.  He's slept through the night (last night was an 11-hour night!).  He's taken two-hour naps all alone.

Ladies and gentleman, we're going to start calling our sweet and precious Collin Cooper a professional sleeper.

We're praising God for this breakthrough!

So long, good and faithful friend.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

milkshake celebration

We celebrated surviving another long drive back to Colorado by having "milkshakes."

Seriously, how cute is he?!

Collin's second parade!

Sitting on the curb and waving at the trucks, Collin loved his first parade.

The second parade went a little bit differently!  By the time the second float passed by, Dude was out in the road picking up candy.  It doesn't take long for him to catch on. :-)

He loved having his hands full of candy.

He also still loved watching the floats, waving, and yelling "hi!"

Abbie joined us at this parade.  It doesn't look like it, but they had a blast together.

Collin also had his friends Will and Drey there to help collect candy.

This, by far, was Collin's favorite "float":  the Humane Society.  Picture him stomping his feet and yelling, "Hiii!  Pup-pup!  Hiiii!"

And then he got a box of Nerds open, and he loved that too...

My favorite part of the parade?  Watching Collin dance as the bands passed by. :-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

SD: park + parade + football

We're still in the midst of our South Dakota adventure! :-)

On Thursday, we met up with Abbie and Grandma Lee for some park time.

Collin was very vocal about his enjoyment of the frog.

It's fun to watch the kids interact!

Partners-in-crime, these two will be... :-)

Today Collin went to his first-ever parade to celebrate the high school homecoming.  He had a blast!  He stayed busy waving and saying hi to the various puppies he saw.

He also got to try a tootsie roll.

Tonight was Collin's first-ever football game.  He loved it!

How cute are these boys?  It's my 10-year reunion this weekend and some of us met up at the game tonight.

Anthony, Greyson, Collin, Will, and Drey

Sweet boy is having a blast so far this weekend and it's only just begun! :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

an afternoon on the (chicken) farm

Collin and Abbie got to visit a chicken farm tonight!

Collin thought the chickens were hilarious.

Brave boy wasn't hesitant at all

and jumped at the opportunity to wrap his arms around a chicken!

Ab was a bit more cautious

but laughed hysterically from a distance. :-)

Collin fed the chickens

while Abbie watched from outside the coop.

He threw feed,

collected eggs,

and chased the chickens all over the place.

The kiddos took a break from farming for some soccer,

sandbox play,

and swinging.

The chicken farm was a hit!