Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We're taking full advantage of having Collin's only cousin (Abbie) in town!  We wanted to dress the kids up as a pair and decided on Pebbles and Bam-Bam. :-)  I made the costumes and I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.

Are they cute, or what?

Bam-Bam learned how to use his club, but luckily he only hit the ground.

We went to the Rec Center for indoor trick-or-treating, and it was perfect.  As I'm sure you can imagine, Collin and Abbie were very popular. :-)

They collected candy,

did a lot of dancing,

hung out by the bleachers to listen to music,

danced some more,

and even met a puppy in a skeleton costume!

Happy Halloween!

the great outdoors!

We had snow last week, but now it's shaping up to be a gorgeous week!  Collin and Papa took advantage of the beautiful weather and took the puppies for a walk the other day.

Collin took this beauty of a pic:

He was pretty excited to discover the "ow" (water) while we were out walking.  He'll love playing in the creek next summer!

Gorgeous afternoon lighting means Mama must snap some more pictures of cute Collin. :-)

I can't remember what was so funny... :-)

We love this little boy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

first SD playdate: pumpkin carving

Collin made two new friends today!  Connor and Addison invited him over to carve pumpkins.

Collin was all about gutting the pumpkin...

for about five seconds. :-)

Then he was ready to move onto something else, as were Connor and Addison.

"What, Mom?  I'm supposed to be helping Daddy carve?  No worries!  He'll take care of it!"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

21 months

Collin Cooper is 21 months old today!  He weighs 28 pounds and is 32 inches tall.  They say that doubling a 2-year-old’s height is a good prediction of his adult height.  At present he’ll only be about 5’4” as an adult, so we’re definitely hoping he grows a few inches in the next three months!  He wears 18- and 24-month shirts, 18-month pants, and size 5 shoes.

It’s been a landmark month because Collin has a new bedroom in a new house in a new town!  He has been such a stud, going with the flow as his whole world was turned upside-down and then replaced right-side-up.  It seems to be sinking in that this is his new home and he’s making great progress toward jumping back into his old routine in this new place.

One of Collin’s favorite things about the new house is the wood-burning fireplace.  Every morning he checks the fireplace and says “fire go?” to ask where the fire went.  He likes starting the fire to be our first task of the day and expresses that fact by saying “mama, fire on.”  He doesn’t stay still very often, but sitting on a lap in front of the fire is a close second to sitting on a lap to read a book.

Collin Cooper is a gem.  He’s funny and creative and smart.  He’s brave and busy.  He’s sweet and compassionate.  He enriches our lives and is absolutely precious.  He’s turning into a little man!

There’s a lot of talking going on around here.  Collin’s articulation requires practice to know what he’s saying, but he’s a fantastic communicator.  When he’s frustrated, we say “Use words.  Tell us what you need.” and he does.  He’s using quite a few two-word phrases these days (light on, Daddy’s water, Shelby go?, ...) and tries to repeat three-word phrases when prompted.  It’s cute to hear him say “milk more please” or some other mixed-up version of a three-word phrase we’ve suggested.  Sweet boy chats all the time and loves to tell stories.  Our current favorite is when Collin says bye because his inflection is so cute.

I’ll keep saying it (it’s part of my job description), but Collin is so smart!  When we pull off the highway into Papa and Grandma’s neighborhood, Collin says “Papa.  Mm-ma.” because he knows where we are.  He remembers impressive details and imitates everything he sees.  Tonight he tried to throw a piece of newspaper into the fire (he can’t reach because of the screen, but he gave a good effort).  He’s waaaatching... :-)

Collin loves his puppies and loves to boss them around.  When we send them outside, he’ll say “Zsi-Zsi, do pah” to tell them to go potty.  When we call for them to come back inside, he yells their names and tries to whistle. :-)  He’s sweet to them most of the time, but he’ll give a kiss to apologize if he pets too hard.  He likes to be where they are and keeps tabs on their whereabouts at all times.

Favorite foods haven’t changed much in the past several months.  Collin loves cheese and yogurt the most, followed by cottage cheese, cereal with milk, sausage, raisins and fruit snacks.  He enjoys when his parents have sweets and we need to be better about avoiding them so he isn’t tempted!

Physically, it was a bit of a rough month for Collin with quite a few bumps and bruises.  He’s getting brave and doesn’t always have the motor skills to match what he tries to do.  A quick kiss on his owie does the trick and makes the pain stop, and we’re encouraging Collin to continue trying new things.  The joy of learning to jump is worth the momentary pain of bumping his forehead when he loses his balance!

Other favorite things, in addition to Collin’s newfound jumping ability, include bouncing (on the bean bag, the couch, a lap, etc.), making silly noises, swinging, sliding, reading books, driving cars, dancing, turning lights on and off, walking around in Daddy’s shoes, ripping paper, sweeping, making people laugh, and figuring out how things work.

As Collin grows, we continue to pray for his heart to stay tender and his will to stay strong.  We are blessed to be parents to our little peanut!

Friday, October 26, 2012

family Friday night

As we thought of our move to South Dakota, what were we dreaming of?

A popping fire,

car driving,


and cookie eating

pretty much sums it all up!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

snow day!

It snowed all day yesterday!  We had a lot of work to do inside, so we waited until this morning to enjoy the snow with Daddy.

Collin wasn't so sure about being bundled up in so much gear

but pretty soon he got the hang of it. :-)

This is our new life!