Tuesday, November 27, 2012

22 months

Collin is 22 months old today!  He’s becoming such a big boy, and what an entertaining toddler he is. :-)

Collin talks all day long and expresses himself well.  As his articulation improves, this guy will be a very impressive communicator!  He independently uses three- and four-word phrases and will repeat a word or phrase until we say it back to him to affirm that we heard what he said.  Repeating a phrase nine times until we repeat it back to him can be irritating, but it’ll continue to be helpful for people to understand what Collin is saying.  Examples of phrases he uses include "Mama, light on please" and "Daddy's hat please."

A word list is hard to compile at this point because Collin says so many things.  Sometimes he independently says thank you (“nay”), which I think is pretty impressive for a less-than-two-year-old.

Collin is really interested in what belongs to who (whom?).  He'll say "Daddy's nose.  Mama's nose.  Collin's nose."  This morning he even did "Daddy's boots.  Mommy's slippers.  Collin's shoes."  He pays close attention to which cup is Daddy's and which is Mommy's.  For whatever reason, he likes to follow the trail of ownership.

Silly boy is obsessed with hats and gloves.  He loves to wear his own and anyone else's, but especially Daddy's.  He also really likes to fix things with tools, dance and spin to music, run, explore outside, and build with blocks.

If there's an object he doesn't know how to use, Collin will request help and then imitate to a T.  As an example, Collin pulled two cribbage boards and a pencil out of a game drawer and didn't know what to do with them.  We didn't want him to know about the tiny cribbage pieces, so we showed him how to balance the pencil on end on the cribbage boards.  The next time he pulled the cribbage boards from the drawer, he had to get the pencil too, since balancing the pencil was what he knew to do.

Life at the cabin has taught Collin some location-specific knowledge.  For example, he learned the hard way that mousetraps cause owies.  Every time he’s by the kitchen trash can (with a mousetrap hidden behind it), Collin says “Mousetrap.  Owie.”  He also knows that starting a fire requires crumpling newspaper, which is the part of the task that he helps with.  He rides along while we're bringing wood down the hill and he holds the door while we're hauling the firewood into the cabin.

Being back in SD has allowed Collin his first full day away from his parents (he stayed at the cabin with Grandma for a whole day) and developed little man's napping flexibility as sometimes he naps at Grandma and Papa's if naptime comes while we're in town.

Collin likes to make people laugh and is a fun entertainer.  He brings joy to our world like we never could've imagined!  He is a blessing!

Monday, November 26, 2012

a little bit o' cabin beauty

About four inches of snow fell last night and it's gorgeous up here!

The best thing after a long, bundled-up walk outside?  Knowing it's warm and toasty inside!

bright future

Collin's future is so bright, he needs shades!

He likes to pretend he's getting ready to go somewhere.  In this case, he put on his shades, then said "Bye Mama!" and walked toward the door. :-)

He's such a sweet, silly boy.

family visits!

Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Susan, and Uncle Jadon were in town this weekend for Thanksgiving!

Collin had a blast and it was so fun to see him playing with and following Uncle Jadon around. :-)  Jadon even taught Collin to do a a double high-five and a double fist-bump!

We even were able to grab a large-group photo.  For me, the picture addict, it was an exciting moment!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

sunny days

It's been a gorgeous November thus far!  C. Coop has been taking advantage of the sun and warmth by playing outside a lot.

There was plenty of fun in Grandma and Papa's yard the other day.

Life in the woods is full of adventure!

Turns out Daddy's construction site is pretty fun too. :-)

I left this post un-done last night (after a 65* day) and we woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow.  Welcome to SD!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No pocket? No problem!

Collin loves pockets.  He likes to have his hands in his pockets and he loves to hide treasures in there too.  This particular morning, he was wearing jammies still and didn't have any pockets so he decided to improvise - by putting his treasures in at the neckline of the PJs.

All was well and good until he realized where those ten backgammon pieces went... to his left foot. :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

cutting paper

There's a new activity Collin has been enjoying lately:  cutting paper.

Watching the concentration on his face is fun. :-)

Collin's first college football game

Collin went to his first college football game yesterday!

Here's the view from the stadium.  We live in such a lovely place!

Little bug did a really great job watching the game,

clapping to the music,

expressing frustration with poor calls,

(just kidding, of course!)

cheering and yelling "yay" with the crowd,

 and pointing to the speakers to show Papa where the music was coming from.

It's safe to say that Collin loved the experience!