Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday fun day

Yesterday was the first full-family full-day we've had since we moved back to South Dakota.  Our schedules have been so hectic and we've been coming and going quite a bit, so it was a treat to spend an entire Sunday all together, just the three of us.

On the way home from church we stopped at the park to swing for a bit.

When we got home we bundled up and went for a walk.  It was the first time Daddy got to wander in the woods with us, and it was fun!  Collin was thrilled to get some snow on his boots for the first time in several days.

I'm so blessed to have these two sweet guys in my life!

take-a-part dump truck

We gave Collin a take-a-part dump truck for Christmas, and this toy is awesome.  Using his own special drill, Collin can remove all seven bolts to take the truck completely apart and then put it back together again.

For a guy who loves trucks and tools, it's a perfect toy!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

23 months

Big guy is 23 months old today!  At 28 pounds and 33 inches, Collin is small but solid.  He has a full set of teeth now, a total of 16.

Collin talks all the time.  The new words he's learning (which are many!) are quite a bit clearer than the words he's known for a long time.  One of the earlier words he said was "water" and it still sounds the same: "ow."  This month he learned the word "bible" and it sounds perfectly clear.  He regularly speaks in three- and four-word phrases and is very good at communicating his thoughts.  If someone is having trouble understanding, Collin is good at gesturing and improvising to get his point across.  One day he was trying to talk to me about his socks but I didn't understand, so he changed his strategy.  He said "mama's slippers" which I repeated back to him, then he pointed to his own feet and said "Collin's socks."  He's a smarty pants!

Collin is a bit funny about the way he likes order and organization.  If all his cars are lined up and one gets bumped out of line, he says "uh oh" and puts the car right back where it belongs.  When he mentions one light being on, he then works his way around the room saying "light on, light on, light on, light off, light on, light off" until he has addressed every light.  He likes his socks and mittens pulled on tight and if it has a zipper, it must be zipped up.  He's a funny little man!

Collin likes to snack, but is also doing really well these days with eating whatever is served at meal time.  He liked stuffing the most from Christmas dinner, and he was a pretty big fan of the "snow" (cool whip) on top of the bite of pumpkin pie he had. :-)  His favorite foods are still cheese and yogurt.  He also really likes ham, pulled pork, bananas, grapes, kiwi, and crackers.  He thinks dipping food (apples in peanut butter, veggies in ranch, bread in jelly, etc.) is really fun.

Collin counts to three by himself and knows a few colors - blue, green, white, and red.  He knows a red stoplight means stop and a green stoplight means go, which he tells us when we're out driving.  He likes to blow raspberries on bellies, which is only a little awkward out in public. :-)  He loves to play with cars and trucks, balls, and anything with moving parts that he can examine and figure out.

He also loves to read!  He'll say "Collin read," then pull a book off the shelf, open it, and mumble some words as he turns pages to read the book all by himself.  He points out everything he recognizes on each page and books take quite a bit longer to read when we're discussing the details of each picture!

Collin has learned this month about the joy of back scratches.  He's so busy and on-the-go that we rarely get a chance to hold him unless he's reading with us, except now he'll sit to enjoy getting his back rubbed.  It's been awhile since he was snuggly, so we're enjoying the extra time!

Motor skills have come a long way in the past month.  Collin gets a couple inches of air when he jumps from two feet, can hold himself up by just his arms when he's between the couch and the coffee table, runs quickly, and is just overall pretty coordinated.  He's a pretty accurate thrower (he even steps with his throw) and can catch balls if they're at least the size of a tennis ball.  He climbs like a monkey and gets himself into predicaments, but he enjoys it!

Speaking of predicaments, a monumental event this month was Collin's first trip to the emergency room.  He's a tough guy and only cried for a couple minutes when the accident happened, but it bled for longer than that!  At the ER, Collin sat still and didn't even whimper while the nurse held his face in place and the doctor did the liquid stitches.  We were so impressed by his bravery!

Our sweet Collin Cooper is an absolute gem and the source of unbelievable joy in our lives.  Lord, please teach us to foster Collin's tender-heartedness in a way that spreads his love - and yours - to the world!


Christmas 2012 was one for the books!  We were thrilled to be in town with all our family to celebrate, and even though there was a big bump (and a trip to the ER) in our plan, it was a wonderful Christmas for the Fremont family.

We started Christmas Eve working at Daddy's lot, rearranging vehicles in the freeeeezing cold.  We went to my parents' house for lunch, and that's when the bump happened.  Collin randomly tripped and split his face open right above his upper lip.  We decided it needed medical attention, so we made Collin's first trip to the ER.  A bit of dura-bond, no tears, and an hour later, we were on our way back out the door with a fixed-up little boy.

We went home for a nap and then to a lovely Christmas Eve service, followed by a bit of play time with Abbie Rae before heading back home for bed.

On Christmas morning Collin woke up to find a new trampoline!  He jumped right on and has been having a blast getting his exercise.

This is the only family picture we took...

Next Collin checked out his stocking.

Papa and Grandma came up for breakfast and playtime

plus more gift opening.

Collin got a life vest so he can fish on Papa's new boat,

a new night light,

a rubix cube,

a new hat and mitten set,

a magna-doodle,

a remote-controlled car (he's a pro!),

several fantastic books, and a take-a-part dump truck and drill.

Next, Great Grandpa and Great Grandpa came up for lunch and more gifts.

Collin got this hilarious giggle box plus some great clothes.


and Shelby were just thrilled with all the action...

After a Christmas nap, we headed to Grandpa Tim and Grandma Lee's house for dinner and more presents.

Collin got a farm set,

a cash register,

and his own BBQ grill!

Daddy got a cash/candy/toy model replica of his dealership!

Lots of family time, food, and presents filled our Christmas celebrations, which felt pretty fast and furious.  We were so grateful to have spent some time beforehand reminding ourselves and teaching Collin about the true meaning of Christmas - celebrating that God sent his son Jesus to be born on the earth save the world.  May the earth continue to receive her King!

1, 2, 3

Smart boy counts to three all by himself!  He mostly does it before jumping, as shown in this video.  You also get to hear how he says his name ("dah") at the end when he says "yay Collin!"

Saturday, December 22, 2012

live nativity

There are a lot of cool, free things to do in this town!  Last night we checked out the live nativity at the wildlife sanctuary.

It was funny to watch Collin trying to reconcile in his head - real-life animals look a bit different than pictures of animals. :-)

At first he just wanted to look,

but then decided touching the animals might be ok too.

He particularly enjoyed chasing this poor duck around.

Fun family evening!

I didn't have my camera and it was pretty dark for my iPhone to take very good pictures...