Thursday, January 31, 2013

six shirt silliness

The other day, Collin wanted to try on all the new shirts he received for his birthday.  At the same time.  The result?  A 2-year-old who looks like a linebacker. :-)

Looking muscle-y meant Collin had to flex to show off. :-)

Two-year-olds are silly!

Collin's first ice cream cone

Collin had his first ice cream cone recently when we went to DQ to celebrate Grandma's birthday.  He couldn't even wait to get to the table before having his first bite!

He loved it, obviously. :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

crazy SD weather

It was 60* on Saturday and now it's 6* and blizzarding.  Hello, South Dakota! :-)  Collin and I took advantage of a break in the snow and caught some sunshine this morning.

This place is gorgeous.

So is this boy.

A big log truck drove by on the highway that's across the creek from where we were walking.  Collin is saying "hi toot-toot!"

He avoided looking at the camera for the entire walk, so I told him he couldn't go inside until he gave me a smile.  Be careful what you wish for! :-)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Collin's 2nd birthday party: Balloon Mania!

Collin's 2nd birthday landing on a Sunday means we got to celebrate with a party on his special day!  He loves "boons," so we ran with that for his party today.

We decorated while Collin napped.  Think he was excited to see balloons everywhere? :-)

We lined the railing with balloons,

attached balloons to the kiddos' favor bags filled with some of Collin's favorite things (play-doh, hot wheels, a bouncy ball, bubbles, nilla wafers, and fruit snacks),

covered the front window with a balloon rainbow,

displayed balloon bouquets,

attached balloons to Collin's highchair,

put balloon (candles) on Collin's cake,

and even put the cupcakes in the shape of a balloon bouquet!

We also put up a photo from each month between Collin's first and second birthdays,

a wreath by the front door,

 popcorn favor bags for the adults,

and a birthday banner just for Collin.

 The spread for Collin's 2nd birthday was amazing!

We served taco roll-ups, veggie pizza cups, chocolate-covered strawberries, mini fruit pizzas, bbq chicken bites, maple smokies, nachos, and cupcakes.

(close-up of the food label)

Collin took charge of the schedule for the party and decided to open gifts after the food (but before the cake).  The guests at Collin's party were very generous!

Next it was time for cake.  Sweet boy loooooved when everyone sang to him!

After his first blow, I think all 8 candles were still lit.  8 girlfriends?! :-)

Opposite of his first birthday, Collin dove right into his cake (with a fork, of course) this year!

It was a sweet, sweet party and a sweet, sweet day!

2 years old!

Collin Cooper is 2 years old today!  It's hard to believe how quickly the time is passing.  Our big 2-year-old is such a cherub.  He's happy and silly, smart and creative, and an absolute joy to be around.

"Big guy" is actually still quite small.  He's 32.5" tall and weighs 27 pounds.  We'll get the specifics at the pediatrician's office next week, but both Collin's height and weight are very low on the percentile chart for his age.

Every moment of Collin's life has been fun and fascinating to watch, but this is such an interesting age! New skills pop up all day long and it's exciting to watch Collin's personality develop right before our eyes.

Some of Collin's favorite things right now are play-doh, cars and trucks, balls, music, and books.  He likes to crank up the radio so the music is "youd," he likes to read books "by self," and he likes making cookies out of play-doh so he can pretend eat and say "om-nom-nom."  He has the hang of throwing, catching, and kicking, but bouncing a ball has eluded Collin so far.

Being outside makes Collin very happy, but he won't go without proper gear!  He loves wearing mittens and a hat.  I haven't mentioned his big noggin lately, but this is an adult-sized hat because the big boy hats were "too tight."  It's fun to follow the trail of Collin's entrance into the house - coat on the floor right by the door, hat on the floor a few feet away, gloves on the floor a few feet farther than that...

 Collin talks constantly and his vocabulary is blowing up these days.  He imitates what we say, repeats the last words of phrases he hears, and experiments with new concepts every day.  His favorite words today?  "Collin's birthday!" and "um... 2!" to tell how old he is.  He's interested in opposites and loves identifying the color of everything he sees.

Comfort with "strangers" is coming along nicely as Collin gets more brave.  Last night he told two different people (our acquaintances) that it's his birthday and that he's 2!


Collin is very aware of others and quite a compassionate little guy.  If he sees big kids doing something that seems dangerous, he'll say "kids owie" while shaking his head to indicate that he doesn't want them to get hurt.  He feels very guilty when he accidentally does something that hurts someone/something else, and he's sweet to give kisses or comfort after watching us get hurt.

Collin might go into construction when he grows up!  He enjoys using tools (real or pretend) to fix things that are broken, he's great at working on puzzles, he likes disassembling and reassembling, and he knows who to ask if he needs help: "Uh oh.  Dada mix (fix)!"  He also loves big trucks and likes to point out a "biiiiiig toot-toot" when he sees one on the road.

Collin's imagination has really come alive this month.  He pretends some really interesting things - with several bowls and spoons, he'll pretend pour "hot" water between the bowls; he pretend paints with water on paper plates; and yesterday he even set up a pretend hand-washing station with an empty juice bottle and an empty drink dispenser.  He especially loves to teach us about what he's pretending so we can pretend with him.

God has blessed us beyond measure with the gift of our precious Collin, and our lives are forever enriched.  Happy birthday, sweet boy!