Wednesday, February 27, 2013

25 months

Collin Cooper is 25 months old today!  His first month as a two-year-old has been a big one.
(No pictures today since the dude is recuperating from surgery.)

At 27 pounds and 33.5 inches, Collin is still a peanut.  He wears 2t clothes, size 5 diapers, and size 6 shoes.

The past month has been awesome!  Collin's personality shines through and his conversation skills surprise us every day.  For so long we've been "making conversation" with Collin and playing both parts.  All of a sudden, he contributes thoughtfully!  It's so weird - and exciting - to ask questions that receive logical responses.  (When getting him out of his crib one morning, Daddy asked "What time do you think it is?" and Collin replied "Um, eight.")  Smart kiddo!

Some of the funniest things Collin says...
-while holding his hand toward me to indicate he wants to me to stay while he goes: "Mommy, right back."
-"Daddy, own" while pointing at Daddy's drink because he doesn't want to share
"Uh uh Gigi.  Mine!" to tell a puppy to leave his stuff alone

New in the past couple days, Collin has started calling us "Mommy and Daddy" instead of "Mama and Dada."  He's changed several other words of his this month, which is awesome because his version is getting closer to the properly pronounced version.  It's tricky though, because sometimes I forget that he changed his pronunciation.  I told Ryan the other day, "If Collin and I are going to speak our own language together, he needs to tell me before he changes a word!" :-)

He's learning about pronouns and it cracks me up.  He commonly says "carry you" and "hold you," even though he means "Will you carry me?" and "Will you hold me?"  On the flip side, he'll say "sit with me" when he means "I want to sit with you," because that's what we ask.  ("Collin, do you want to sit with me?" "Sit with me.")

Collin is an interesting dichotomy of laid-back and regimented.  He'll go anywhere with us and is so good at going with the flow when we're doing new things or our schedule is off, yet he prefers his cars to be in a straight line.  He giggles and plays along while we tease him, but it isn't ok to put a toy back in the wrong spot in his room. (He'll say "uh uh Daddy" while he moves the toy to wherever it belongs.)  His personality is easy-going but his habits are a bit compulsive, if that makes sense.

Collin loves to pretend, and his pretend play is becoming more and more elaborate.  He had a toy truck at Shane's house last week that needed a key to work.  The key, funny enough, was just pretend and Collin kept it in his pocket.  It's fascinating to watch how thorough he is - pulling the key out of his pocket and putting it in the truck every time he wanted to play, and even remembering to put the key back in his pocket when he was done.
Last week he was given a bowl and spoon, and asked to feed a teddy bear.  Rather than just feed the teddy bear from the empty bowl, Collin walked to the kitchen, "opened" the cabinet and "poured cereal" into the bowl, and then sat the bowl on the table.  When asked why he wasn't feeding the bear, Collin responded, "too hot" while pointing at the cereal.  After mixing the cereal and blowing on it, it was finally ready to be served to the bear.  Like I said, he's elaborate.

Being a helper is really fun for Collin and assigning a task is an almost sure-fire way to distract him when necessary.  He especially likes helping Daddy with tools and helping Mommy in the kitchen.  He doesn't hesitate to push his way in to assist Daddy with the fix, and he always says "up please counter please" in the kitchen because he wants up on the counter so he has a better view of what's going on.

Bug likes to copy what he sees us doing and it's cute to watch how awkward it sometimes is.  This morning he and Daddy were sitting by the fire.  Ryan's legs were crossed and his arms were resting on his knees.  Collin tried to copy Ryan's pose exactly, which resulted in having to hold his arms straight out since his legs were too low to rest on. :-)

Collin is quite interested in colors, shapes, and numbers.  He knows all the basic colors and most simple shapes.  He correctly counts to six before he starts making up words so he can keep going.  His favorite color is yellow (just ask him!) and his favorite number must be four because he wants to tell everyone that's how old he is. :-)

We're so proud of our tender-hearted, sweet little guy and continue to be incredibly impressed by him.  We are blessed to be parents to such a precious child.  Of course we're biased, but we're pretty sure he's the coolest kid in the whole world!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

surgery success

I've said it before, but seriously, Collin is a champ!  He handled today with bravery and grace you can't even imagine, and we're so very proud of him.

We woke Collin up at 6:30 this morning, buckled him into his car seat, and made the one-hour drive to the hospital for surgery.  After checking in, we had to wait an hour for the anesthesiologist to really get the process going.  During that hour Collin was poked and prodded and so compliant, despite having an empty belly and a dry mouth after a 12-hour fast.

waiting to get started - wearing his favorite new pajamas

At 8:30, Collin was given a relaxant via drops in his nose.  He hated that sensation, but was completely relaxed after a minute of crying, to the point where I was able to lay him in the crib without him even fussing.  No cries from our sweet boy as he was wheeled away was an enormous gift for these nervous parents.

We sat in the waiting room for 1 hour and 15 minutes before Collin's doctor came in to tell us the procedure went exactly as planned.  In another 15 minutes the anesthesiologist came to explain how well Collin did with the anesthesia and how smoothly he was coming out, and in another 15 minutes we were allowed back to the recovery room to get our guy!

He was frantic when he woke up in a room with strange nurses and no parents, which took us several minutes and some fruit snacks to overcome.  If you know Collin, you're not surprised but it makes you laugh to hear that Collin's first words to the nurses were insistence that he trade out the hospital gown for his own pajamas. :-)

After we got Collin calmed down, the nurses removed his IV, gave him more pain medication, and checked his vitals one last time.  By the time we were leaving, precious Collin was waving and saying "bye" to them.

We are so grateful to our great God for protecting Collin during his surgery and guiding the medical team toward a successful outcome.  It's the first step of many in treating Collin, and we praise God that we know He will be here for the entire journey.

after - thrilled to be at home watching his first movie and still wearing his favorite pajamas :-)

Monday, February 25, 2013

more sunshine

We headed out again this afternoon to soak up some more sunshine!

It had cooled down a bit, so this walk was complete with rosy cheeks. :-)

Collin had a blast running on the driveway and ignoring my camera.

The most exciting part was watching the girls get stuck in snow drifts.

He thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Isn't this place amazing?!

snow + sunshine

We've had the craziest mix of weather lately!  Saturday was a sunny park day, Sunday was freezing cold, and then today we had sun and warmth.

As you know, time outside makes Collin very happy!

He was climbing on snow drifts

standing on rocks,

jumping off rocks,

and walking backwards down the hill. :-)

Spring, we're ready for you!

Collin's serious face

Collin is a hard worker and always has a plan.  He pays close attention to details and is good at focusing on tasks.  Here's a glimpse at his hard-worker face. :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

dear baby: 13 weeks!

Dear Baby,

You are busy this week!  Your nose and lips are completely formed, fingerprints are present, your body is growing to become more in proportion with your head, and you’ve reached the 3” mark!  Typically size comparisons are to produce, but this week they say you are the size of a shrimp.  You are busy flexing developing muscles and joints, plus hiccuping to strengthen the diaphragm - which prepares your respiratory system for breathing.  Your bone marrow is already making white blood cells to help fight infection after you are born.  Hopefully you inherit a strong immune system from your Daddy and Mommy!

We’re officially leaving the first trimester, and I can feel it. :-)  The nausea has completely subsided and I think I’m also on the upswing as far as fatigue is concerned.  I’m not sleeping well at night (crazy dreams, restlessness, etc.) so that’s causing me to be tired during the day.  I’m working to eliminate sugar from my diet in hopes that it’ll improve my sleep.  Good sleep at nighttime helps me be a better Mommy to your big brother during the day, so we need to figure out how to sleep through the night again!

We love you already, sweet baby!

Friday, February 22, 2013

another trip to Massachusetts

Collin and I got to spend last weekend visiting Uncle Shane and Auntie Bridget!

Cute Collin carried his own backpack and even helped haul suitcases into the airport.

He loved the moving walkway at DIA!

This was Collin's first time having his own seat on an airplane, plus his first time wearing headphones.  He was a fan!

We kept busy on the plane:


making glasses with wikki-sticks,

looking at animals through the viewfinder,

and lots more.

Pictures of the rest of the trip are in short supply, because we spent a lot of time just being silly and playing on the floor of their living room.

Collin loved watching the plow truck clearing the road out front

and shooting nerf darts.

He was a great eater

and sleeper on this trip!

 He also had fun in the tub at Shane and Bridget's!

'Twas a great trip!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Collin's first prayer

Tonight Collin said a bedtime prayer all by himself:

Dear God,
Bless Daddy.
Bless Mommy.
Bless Collin.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

dear baby: weeks 4-12

4 weeks
We wake up Christmas morning knowing I am 4 weeks pregnant.  I'm without symptoms at this point, save for fatigue.  While Collin naps, I'll be taking advantage of the opportunity to catch a little extra rest!  You're the size of a poppyseed and still considered a zygote (ball of cells).

5 weeks
The 5th week of your life is a big one!  Your spinal cord, heart, brain, blood, and blood vessels are beginning to form.  You're tiny (the size of a sesame seed, but you're mighty!

6 weeks
You're the size of a lentil.  Your heart is pumping blood and buds are forming where you'll have arms and legs.  Your skin is translucent.  I’m fighting intense fatigue and a slight feeling of nausea all day long, but it must be because you're doing such important things already!

7 weeks
You are the size of a blueberry.  Your head is 1/3 the size of your body, which doesn't seem as odd knowing how big of heads your family members have. :-)  Your brain and face are developing, and hands are starting to form.  I’m so tired, but I’m working very hard to express my gratitude to God that I’m exhausted because I’m growing you!

8 weeks
You're the size of a kidney bean and brainwave activity has started.  Your lungs are forming and your body is starting to straighten.

On January 22nd we had our first doctor appointment.  They adjusted my due date to August 31st, 2013.  This appointment was mostly about discussing my health history and answering any questions I had.  I feel like an old professional since I’ve done this whole pregnancy thing before, which I hope translates to being a professional Mommy too. :-)  We also did an ultrasound and got to see you!  Your heartbeat was 164, which is perfect and brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you, Jesus, for the blessing of another baby!

This week I'm having a hard time thinking of Collin as a big brother.  He is an incredibly sweet boy, and all of a sudden my heart is breaking at the thought of him not getting a hug when he needs it.  Or not being held just because he wants it.  We’re so excited for him to have a sibling and we know he’ll be a fantastic big brother, but I’m also worried about him getting less because we’re busy with the new baby.  Thankfully we have months and months to work through this concern before it is a reality.

9 weeks
You're already the size of a grape!  Your heart is almost completely developed, your eyelids are forming, and you now hiccup (though I don't feel it yet).  Your fingers and toes are no longer webbed, you're growing bones in your arms, and your hands can now touch your face.

This week we put Collin in his new “big bro” shirt to start announcing our exciting news.  He didn’t understand, of course, but my parents did!  We’re so thrilled to be growing our family!

10 weeks
You are in your final week as an embryo!  The size of a kumquat (I remember not knowing what it was when Collin was that big, and I still don't...), your eyelids are fused to protect your eyeballs and you're starting to practice breathing movements, even though you still get your oxygen through the umbilical cord.  Your skin is becoming less translucent.

11 weeks
You're the size of a fig, and almost all your organs and body structures are formed and functioning.  It's amazing!  Your gender is being determined right now, and your head is half the size of your body.  You are able to sigh, stretch, move your head, and suck your thumb.  You're getting so big!

Growing you is making me very tired, but very excited at the same time.  We are so excited to meet you, and 29 weeks feels like an eternity from now!  Daddy and Mommy are starting to think about whether you'll be a boy or a girl.  Your daddy thinks he's pretty skilled at guessing, and he thinks you might be a boy.  Either way, we're going to love you like crazy!  Keep growing, sweet thing!

12 weeks
You're the size of a lime and entering a new phase - where you look a lot like a baby. :-)  Your head growth is slowing to allow your body to catch up in proportion, and your posture is becoming less curled and more upright.

This week I had an OB appointment and got to hear your sweet heartbeat!  I remember the heartbeat being difficult to find sometimes while I was pregnant with Collin, but this time we found it right away.  What a blessing to hear you, precious baby!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

babysitting Bentley

Collin and I got to spend the morning taking care of this cutie!

Collin wanted to rock Bentley every time he fussed

and told him all kinds of important things. :-)

snow day

We were snowed in on Sunday.  It was a fantastic family day at home, and we waited until after Collin's nap to bundle up and head outside to get ourselves unstuck.

Collin LOVES snow!  And his snow boots.  And his snow pants.  And his snow coat. :-)

I was trying to get a picture that showed how deep the snow was, but I got totally distracted by Collin's hilarious/ridiculous cheesy smile. (Daddy said "Show Mom your teeth!")

We were shoveling while Daddy started the plow truck.
Here, Collin is yelling "hi Daddy!"

Best part of the day, in Collin's opinion?  When Daddy asked if he wanted to sit in the truck! :-)