Sunday, April 28, 2013

Collin and Abbie Rae

Collin has decided to always call his cousin "Abbie Rae" rather than just "Abbie."

Even though she hasn't been out on the tractor with him yet, he has already reserved the passenger seat as "Abbie Rae's spot."

They're pretty cute together!

dear baby: 22 weeks

Sweet baby Lauren,

You're moving and grooving in my belly!  For such a tiny girl, you are making your presence known.  You have a routine for when you're asleep and when you're awake, and it seems that evenings are your favorite for dance parties.

You're 11 inches long and close to 1 pound.  Your skin is very wrinkly because it's ready to be filled in with lots of fat before you're born.  You have eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe even hair on your head.  Don't worry if you don't have hair... we're expecting you to be born near-bald like your brother. :-)  Your sense of hearing is developing, so you're now aware of my voice, heartbeat, and the whooshing sound of blood circulating through my body.

The weeks are going quickly and it feels like you'll be here in the blink of an eye.  We're excited to meet you, ladybug!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

27 months!

Collin is 27 months old today!  He's holding steady at 28 or 29 pounds, and he's 34" tall.  He wears size 2t clothes and size 6 shoes.

When I think of new things Collin has done in the past month, I mostly think of words and phrases.  He's a fantastic communicator and talks constantly - identifying the color, size, shape, etc. of items if that's what it takes to continue the conversation.

Some common phrases he's using right now:

"oh yeah!" when he figures something out
"pretty good" whenever he's asked how his day way, how he is, how is sleep was, etc.
"Mommy hold you" in his whine voice when he wants to snuggle
" 'mon Daddy/Mommy/etc." to get us to come with him
"yeah, I know" to express sympathy or disbelief when he explains something
"there is!" when he finds something ("There is!  Daddy's work!")
"one" with one finger up as an attempt to negotiate after we've said "no"
"Collin do that!" when he wants to do something by himself
"no" as an automatic answer to almost every question...

He also repeats phrases exactly the way he hears them.  Last night he and Daddy beat me home.  When I arrived, Collin stood out on the porch and said "Collin open door for Mommy!  Mommy not home yet."

He narrates his activities and holds full conversations with himself.  A couple weeks ago, he said "Daddy's work?  Nope.  Grandma's work?  Yep!  There it is." as we were driving by her office.  Tonight he bumped his forehead on his crib rail, so he said, "Collin bumped forehead on white rail, right there.  Yeah, I know.  Poor Collin."  Like I said, he talks a lot!

Collin is really, really observant.  We were out driving the other day and he spotted a windmill about 250 yards in front of us and he called out "Star!  Spinning around!"  It was so tricky to see, Ryan couldn't even find what Collin was talking about.  He can see chickens in the field from a few hundred feet away, he spots airplanes far in the distance, and he sees Daddy's vehicle as soon as it pulls into the neighborhood.

Collin's favorite thing right now is helping at Daddy's work.  He loves to help Ryan at the lot - especially moving vehicles, typing on the computer, and talking on the phone.  He has his daddy's memory for vehicles - the other day he and Daddy moved six different vehicles, and he told me about each one.  "Collin and Daddy drive white truck."  "And what else?" "Um, drive gray truck." "And what else?" "Drive tractor.  Move snow!" etc. until he had told me about all six!

He also loves watching at construction sites (the huge, messy interstate project going on right now is a thrill to Collin because it means we see so many trucks and pieces of big equipment) and going anywhere.  Big guy is completely potty trained (yep, I'm gonna call it!), likes to chew gum when he's in the car, and climbs into his highchair by himself.

We had a big moment this week - Collin walked into the church all by himself for our Thursday morning bible study, led the way up the stairs to his classroom, and cheerfully said "Collin's going to eat lunch with Miss Barbie and Michelle (the teachers)!  Mommy go read bible study.  Bye Mommy!"  He always loves being in classrooms, but has also always required 10 seconds of a meltdown when I leave the room, so it was a treat to say good-bye with him smiling and waving. :-)

Collin is really creative and elaborate with his imaginative play.  While outside driving his tractor yesterday, I watched from afar as he stepped into the tractor and them immediately stepped back out because he had forgotten to open the imaginary door.  He's thorough!

Collin recognizes his name in writing, knows how to spell it (sometimes with 3 or 4 Ls - COLLLLIN!), and always writes at least "Coin" but sometimes even writes his whole name correctly.  He counts to 10 and is becoming very interested in letters.  It's time for us to jump on the alphabet wagon while he's curious!

Being a big brother is something Collin seems to understand as much as possible for such a foreign concept.  He was patting my belly yesterday and when I asked, "Who's in there?" he said, "Lauren!" and kissed my belly.  He'll point to characters in books and identify them as Collin, Mommy, and Daddy, and now he points out Lauren too!

Sweet as sugar, bossy as can be, and smarter than he's ever given credit for, Collin is such a cherub and we love being his parents!

Friday, April 26, 2013


The day after we bought Collin's tractor, a huge snowstorm dropped over a foot of snow.  And then another storm came.  Collin would see his tractor in the garage and ask if he could drive it, and we'd say, "As soon as the snow is gone, you can drive it again."

Today when we got back to the house after running some errands, Collin said, "Mommy, no snow on grass!  Collin drive tractor?  Yes please?!"


He had lots of fun cruising around, and then, as usual, he created a job for himself.  He parked the tractor, jumped off, and grabbed his shovel out of the back. 

He then proceeded to work on the only remaining pile of snow - shoveling and spreading it out.

Busy bee, this guy is!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

counting to seven

Collin is a creature of habit. :-)  He likes his shapes and colors book to be read the same way every time, and he'll go back a page if something was missed!  He likes to count the circles:

a missing book

Right now, Collin's favorite book is "Love You Forever."  It's pretty long, and Ryan and I are a little tired of it after reading it several times a day for the last few weeks, so last night we decided to hide it.

Today before naptime, Collin (of course) went looking for it.

His exact words...

"Hmm hmm hmm...  Mommy Baby Book, where are you?"

surprise shower

Collin loves playing in the tub.

One of his current favorite bathtub activities involves covering his belly with bubbles and then rinsing the bubbles off under the faucet.

That was all good until he decided to pull up on the shower switch to see what would happen.

Poor guy panicked when water started coming at him from above!  Needless to say, the shower surprise ended bathtime in a hurry.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

baby Lauren

Last night Collin was leaning back on my belly, and Lauren was busy squirming in my belly.

I said, "Collin, do you feel Lauren kicking you?"

He said, "Yeah!  Lauren's in Mommy's belly!"

What an odd concept for a 2-year-old to make sense of, eh? :-)

Monday, April 22, 2013

loading the car

I recorded a little bit of a conversation Collin had with himself the other day.  He's whispering, so turn it up!

"Open Mommy's door.  Close door for Mommy.
Open Daddy's door.  Daddy in.  Close Daddy's door.
Open Collin's door.  In Collin.  Close Collin's door.
Open Papa & Grandma's door.  Go in.  Close Grandma's door."

hot wheels with Daddy

Daddy and Collin setup the hot wheels track on the stairs yesterday and had a blast!

Collin's job was to pick a vehicle, put it on the track, launch it toward Daddy,

and then laugh hysterically as the vehicle jumped at the bottom of the track. :-)


April has been wild and snowy!  Collin loves it!

The last big snowstorm was perfect for making (and throwing) huuuuge snowballs. :-)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

dear baby: 21 weeks

Hi Lauren!  You're 10 or 11 inches long and weigh three-quarters of a pound.  It's hard to believe we're already to the point of measuring you in pounds rather than ounces, yet I'm so excited for you to be seven or eight pounds and ready to come out! :-)

Your eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed, your eyes are active even though your eyelids are still sealed, and taste buds are forming on your tongue.  You breathe in and out, pee, and drink amniotic fluid for hydration and nutrition.  Now that we're over halfway through the pregnancy, you have one main project for the next 19 weeks:  gaining weight.  Grow, baby, grow!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

dear baby: 20 weeks

You're the length of a banana!  You're swallowing more these days, which is good practice for your digestive system.  I'm starting to transfer my immunities to you.  Spending 6 years with classrooms full of kiddos strengthened my immune system, and I hope I pass it on to you!

Lauren, we are so excited to know your name!  It really helps us imagine what you'll be like, dream more clearly about our family, and explain your impending arrival to your big brother.  You are a precious gift, and we are excited to meet you in August!  Until then, keep growing, sweet girl!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"already did!"

Lately, Collin has been experimenting with a very useful phrase:  "Already did!"

It's especially helpful when avoiding trips to the potty...

Mama:  "Collin, it's time for you to pee on the potty."
Collin:  "Collin no pee on potty.  Already did!"

The other night, he used it in a new way that I thought was hilarious.

Mama:  "Collin, let's go put on your jammies and get you ready for bed."
Collin:  "Collin no go night-night more.  Already did!"


We love you, sweet boy!

Friday, April 12, 2013

20 weeks -- it's a girl!

Today we went in for the anatomy scan on sweet baby 2.  Before we left the house, I got Collin on video announcing his final decision for baby's gender...

Collin's 2-year-old intuition is right, and he's going to have a baby sister!

Meet our precious daughter, 
(She's waving hello!)

Lauren is very, very active and all her movements allowed us to get fantastic images of every part of her anatomy that needed measured.  She is growing perfectly and measuring right on track - Praise God!

Here she's sucking her right thumb and covering her face with her left hand.

Here she's all curled up.  Her head (not pictured) is on the left, the bottom part is her belly, and her knee is pulled all the way up to touch her elbow.

We are so grateful for a healthy baby and excited to grow our family!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Collin's tractor

Daddy has been chomping at the bit to buy a powered vehicle for Collin.  Yesterday was the perfect day to make it happen.  We decided on a John Deere Gator, and Collin LOVES it!

So does Daddy. :-)

It took less than a minute for Collin to figure out how to operate his new tractor, and by the end of the day he was even a master at reverse.

 "Bye Mommy!  Bye Daddy!"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

dear baby: 19 weeks

6 inches long and over 8 ounces, you're the size of a large tomato.  Your arms and legs are in proportion with your body now, hair might be sprouting on your scalp (if you're lucky!), and a waxy coating is forming on your skin to prevent it from getting wrinkly in the amniotic fluid you swim in all day every day.  When you're out here, your big brother will teach you all about how fun it is to get wrinkly in the bathtub! :-)

Your sensory developing is exploding, with your brain developing specialized areas for smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, and touching.  You're staying busy touching your face, reaching for your umbilical cord, pedaling your legs, and sucking your thumb.  Your kidneys are producing urine now, and we're praying hard that they function perfectly!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

sweet boy

Collin doesn't watch tv.  His screen time, thus far in his life, has been limited to the Superbowl and March Madness.  The way he pays careful attention to what's on the screen reinforces the fact that he shouldn't be watching it regularly.

Tonight was a very interesting example.

There's a commercial with four tall guys and one short guy sitting around a table.  The short guy wants to give the tall guys high-fives, but they're so tall that he has to stand up to reach.  That's pretty much the whole commercial.

Ten seconds in, Collin ran over and shut the tv off.  Then he ran back to me with the most stressed-out, panic-stricken face possible and snuggled on my lap.

I said, "Collin, why did you turn it off?"

He said, "Collin no like."

When I asked why, he said, "Get owies!  No like high-fives."

For such a brave dude, he's also a very tender-hearted little guy. :-)

Friday, April 5, 2013


Collin doesn't mind making himself comfortable during storytime. :-)


In the same day, Collin rode two different kinds of horsies:

the duck horsie

and the shovel horsie.

It seems list a realistic-ish horsie on a stick might be a good toy for this guy. :-)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

what's in a name?

Collin is learning that people can be called by different names.

The other night he was playing out on the deck.  He peeked his head in and said, "Hey, Ryan?" to get his daddy's attention.  When Daddy didn't respond, Collin repeated, "Hey, Ryan?" several more times.

I thought it was hilarious!

And then this morning he peeked his head around the corner and said to me, "Hey, babe?"

Guess he's paying attention to what his parents are being called! :-)