Wednesday, July 31, 2013

bounce house

Our new neighborhood had a bbq on Saturday, and the fun included a bounce house for the kiddos.

Collin loved watching the big kids run through, but when I asked if he wanted to go in he said, "No thank you!  Too much boys."

When it was dinnertime, all the other kids headed over to the food and Collin took advantage of the opportunity to check out the bounce house all by himself.

Think he had fun?!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

a roof!

Saturday morning:

Saturday afternoon:

It looks like a house!  Woohoo!

dear baby: 35 weeks

Lovely Little Lauren Kate,

35 weeks already!  You're 18 inches long and somewhere around 5.5 pounds!  Every part of you is almost fully developed, so you'll spend the next few weeks gaining weight and getting stronger.  You've spent the last 35 weeks growing and moving all my organs out of the way, and sometime in the next several days you'll have full control of my heart - moving it up and to the left to get the last little bit of room available.  Your movements are less jerky because you're crowded, and you're facing head down.

Growing you has been a really smooth process.  Your heartbeat is always strong and all your measurements during ultrasounds have been right in the range of normal.  At this phase of pregnancy we saw your big brother on ultrasound almost every week, and we haven't seen you for two whole months!  Not needing to monitor you weekly is a great thing, but it feels strange because it's so different from our previous experience.  We are praying that you spend these last few weeks growing strong and healthy and ready for the great big world you're about to enter.  We're anxious to finally see you and hold you and snuggle you and get to know you!

One more month, sweet thing!

Collin singing

Collin let me catch two songs on video this weekend!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

30 months

30 months.  Our sweet Collin Cooper is officially 2.5!  It's been a big month in terms of changes, but none of them have been physical growth.  Still holding at 29 pounds! :-)

Collin's conversation skills are developing like crazy, and it's a blast.  He's been good at participating in conversations for awhile, but now he's getting the hang of initiating.  The other night he and Abbie Rae were side by side in their carseats on our way to dinner.  "Hi Abbie Rae!  Have a good day?  What you do?  Go swimming at pool at gym?  Go under?  I be brave and go under!"  It's pretty sweet that he regularly asks people, "Have a good day?"

Clowning around and making people laugh is one of Collin's favorite things to do.  He enjoys having an (adult) audience and gets excited when he's the center of attention.  He's not afraid to be silly!

We've spent quite a bit of time at the pool this month, which is awesome for both of us.  Collin loves to wander around and splash, crawl along the bottom of the shallow part of the baby pool, spin around while I hold him, and play pretend with the dials (steering wheels, obviously!) all around the water park that adjust the sprinklers and sprayers.  Last week he accidentally went under for the first time this summer.  (Last summer I put him under quite frequently, but now I figure he'll hold it against me if I put him under against his wishes...)  He slipped and was under for a couple seconds before I was able to pull him back up.  I assumed he'd be finished swimming for the day, but he actually was really brave and just wiped the water off his face and continued playing!  "Have to clean my ears out Mom.  So I hear you."

Pretend is an even bigger part of our world than it was last month.  We do lots of pretend construction projects, yard work, car fixing, trailer towing, concerts, taking care of babies, and inviting Abbie Rae along for whatever we're doing.  Pretend playtime is where Collin's bossiness is most prominent, because he has a specific vision of how the scenario should go and wants us to follow along.  I remind him every day that pretending is more fun when he isn't bossy.  "You the boss, Mommy?"  We also have to regularly remind him that dogs don't know how to pretend, because he gets frustrated when our pups walk through his garden or through the cement at his construction site. :-)

Collin loves to sing, and knows all the words to Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, "ABC song" (the alphabet), and You Are My Sunshine.  He also knows enough of several other songs to fill in the gaps when I leave words out.  Every time he sees a rain gutter he asks, "Itsy Bitsy Spider climb up that water spout?"  As with many other things in his world, Collin prefers to sing on his own time rather than when he's asked to, but it's pretty sweet when he sings with us!

As much as he can, Collin seems to understand what's going on with his baby sister.  He knows she's in my belly (last night he asked why she's still in there), he's felt her kick and hiccup, he knows she'll be coming out soon, he has agreed to letting her live at our house with us :-), and he says he wants to hold her when she's born.  He's such a love, and we know he'll be a fantastic big brother!

Collin's memory is really awesome, and he's talked several times this month about things that happened months ago.  (from the month of March:  "Mommy, remember that time we went to cabin?  Had no key!  Had to crawl through hole in door.  That was funny!")  He remembers people's names and lots of random details.

Speaking of names, Collin is very interested.  "What's that boy's name?" and "What's that girl's name?" are very common questions.  It can be awkward when he wonders the name of the girl pumping fuel beside us at the gas station, but it seems pretty considerate that he's interested.

The most common question right now is "Why?"  Answering that question can be a challenge sometimes!  "Why are you eating eggs for breakfast?  Because that's what you asked for.  Why did you ask for eggs?  Because you like them.  Why do you like them?  Because they're yummy!"  If I say "I don't know," Collin says, "My daddy know.  I ask him later."

Another common question is "You really like me?" and its variations "You like me all the time?," "Why you really like me?," and "I really like you!"  He already understands that he can say, "I no really like you" to express his displeasure, but luckily he says "I really like you!" at least one hundred times more often!

Collin is becoming more and more of a BOY - loud, dirty, and dangerous!  He crawls and climbs on things like crazy, and has far less inhibition than he used to.  So far he's smart and good at towing the line between brave and way too dangerous.  With that said, he always has his share of battle wounds from random mishaps.

We're entering new territory with a little less compliance and a little more opinion.  They say that questioning our parenting strategies is an indication that we're doing ok, so hopefully that's true!  We are madly in love with our sweet, smart, hilarious little man and we are working very hard to help him develop into the best man he can be.  Being his parents is an enormous gift and we are so grateful!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a boat party for 3.5

Ryan took the day off and we headed out to the lake on his uncle's boat.  It was awesome!  (And Lauren's first boat ride!)

Collin loved being with Daddy,

driving the boat,

going fast enough for the wind to blow through his hair,

waving at other boaters,

and being cheesy. :-)

It was a treat to have a whole day with Daddy!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

renal ultrasound

Collin had an ultrasound of his kidneys this morning, and he wasn't a fan.  As in, he cried the entire 45 minutes. :-(  But based on his adorable and accurate reenactment of the event, it apparently wasn't as traumatizing as I thought.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Collin's new shower

Collin loves watching his house being built, and today was really exciting because we got to check out all the rooms.  "This my room?  This my room?  This my room?"  Every room is his. :-)

He was especially fond of the master shower.

"Up there is the shower!"

"Better get some (sham) 'poo and wash my hair."

"My hair's all clean.  Time to turn off the water."

When I tried to show him the shower in his bathroom, he said, "This your shower Mommy.  My shower's way over there!"

the difference a day (of framing) makes

Framing at our house started yesterday!  Everybody yell, "WOOHOO!!!" :-)

We stopped by this morning to see what had been done and were impressed!  After yesterday, all the floor joists were in place.

Here's the view from the driveway:

Here's the view from the basement:

And here's the view from the corner opposite of the driveway.

The guys were just getting started with the work when we visited before 8 this morning, but were planning to build the exterior walls today and put them up tomorrow.

Imagine our surprise when we found this gorgeous sight this afternoon!

Exterior and interior walls are up!  So exciting!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

things Collin says

Lately I've been texting Ryan transcripts of funny things Collin says, and I thought it'd be fun to collect some of those conversations here.  Most are part of pretend scenarios.

                 (with his hand up to his ear like a phone):

Mr. Dave, be crazy?
What happened your truck?
Need me help you?
Ok! Bye!"

"My daddy's way over there. And I say 'MY DADDY HOME!' Came in front door. And I say 'Hi Daddy! Have a good day?' and my daddy say 'Yeah!'"

(crouched down behind the vehicle) "Steam coming out right here? From exhaust pipe? Oh yeah!!!"

"Have to use my bobcat to spread some dirt. That guy poured some dirt on the road. My road. Leo. From Mr. Dave's dump truck.
My daddy put rocks in there from Midwest Motors?
Put it there please. Thank you. Bye!
Use my bucket and spread it. Whee!"

Mom: "Collin, be careful! You're at the edge of the counter."
Collin: "That's an edge?"
Mom: "Yep."
Collin: "Papa has a weed eater. Daddy uses it to do edges."

Mom: "Collin, I lost my sock inside the slipper!"
Collin: "What you thinking? You crazy girl Mom!"

"Mom, stay right there. I have to go work at my shop. I have M&Ms right by my desk if I want to eat them. Look. I got a lot! No chocolate on my fingers."

 2.5-year-olds say the most interesting things. :-)

cool dude on a cycle

We took Collin's motorcycle with us when we went for a walk this morning.

He's such a stud. :-)


Collin's favorite food of the moment is strawberries.  Yesterday after lunch he ate 8 in a row!

They're a sweet treat for a sweet boy!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

a whole row of equipment

Collin lines all his vehicles up and goes through all their names.  Last night he let me record.

(The same as his life-size one, he couldn't decide what to call his gator, since sometimes it functions as a mower or a Jeep or a truck or whatever else...)

Great Grandma Helen

Collin thinks Great Grandma Helen is pretty awesome!

He's right.  She is awesome. :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Collin's car wash

 On Sunday night, Daddy and Collin built a car wash for the gator! :-)  This evening was our first chance to try it out.

Collin loved driving in

and putting his hands in the streams of water.

Beyond getting the windshield wet, he wasn't sure.  He certainly didn't think it would be a good idea to keep driving, so he decided to jump out and check things out on foot.

He walked through

and ultimately decided the car wash - for tonight - was best for getting a drink.

Cool dude, don't you think?