Friday, September 27, 2013

Lauren Kate: 1 month

Lauren Kate is one month old today!

She's grown a lot!

At 12 pounds and 22 inches, Lauren is a very solid little girl.  Newborn clothes lasted three weeks, but only because 0-3 month clothes were in storage until we moved. :-)

Baby girl has surprising head control - sometimes able to hold her head up for 30 seconds at a time!  For such a young baby, it seems her motor skills are pretty advanced.

During the day, Lauren eats about every two hours, then catnaps until it’s time to eat again.  At night, we’re averaging 5-hour stretches, but we’ve also been surprised by two 7-hour stretches!  We are not experiencing your typical newborn sleep deprivation (yet!).

Lauren’s favorite things to look at are her big brother, lights, windows, and fans.  She usually likes to snuggle, but sometimes if she’s fussy it’s because she just wants to stretch out.

She likes to be swaddled tightly, loves white noise from her sound machine, and is still undecided on the pacifier.

Laid-back and easy-going seem to be fitting adjectives at this point, except for the panicked scream that accompanies hunger. :-)  This growing girl isn’t about to wait for a meal!

We are so in love with our precious girl and grateful for another healthy child!  It’s been a great month!

Collin Cooper: 32 months

Big guy is 32 months old today!  At 35 inches and 31 pounds, Collin is still wearing size 2T clothes and he’s up to size 8 shoes.  We’ve had some cool days and pulled out his 2T jeans from last winter, and many of them are almost too short.  He’s growing, albeit slowly. :-)

This month probably tops the chart of most eventful months so far in Collin’s life.  He became a big brother, moved to a new house, and had a week of being very sick with croup.

We usually don't do tv/movies, but watching shows on the ipad kept sick Collin still...

The big brother gig suits Collin very well, and he has transitioned more perfectly than we ever could have dreamed.  He is a very sweet and compassionate little guy, and that definitely shows during his interactions with Lauren.  He likes to hold her (in true-to-toddler-form 30-second increments, of course), kiss her, sing to her, and rub her head.  He says “Hey little sister!  I’m your big brother!” every single day, and he always knows where Lauren is and what she’s doing.  Not to say being a big brother isn’t difficult sometimes, but Collin is doing a wonderful job!

We moved into our new house last week, and Collin has really taken that transition in stride as well.  Being part of the construction process certainly helped, since he’s known where his room would be for the last couple months.  Unfortunately Collin’s first real illness coincided with our move, so sleeping in his new room was tricky for the first several nights.  Croup isn’t our friend, but our trooper made it through and is on the upswing now.

In addition to being full of big events, this month was also big in terms of speech developments.  Collin now has /k/, /g/, and /z/ sounds!  His articulation is improving dramatically and it’s exciting to hear.  Some of our favorite words and phrases Collin has been using:  “actually,” “in the whole world,” “what in world?,” "wasn't that cool?," “I can’t believe it,” and “I’d love to.”

Dancing continues to be a favorite activity of Collin’s, and the smile on his face while he’s jamming to music is infectious.  He particularly likes to do spins and walk backwards while he’s dancing.

Collin also loves making music - drums, guitar, and flutes, mostly, plus a pretend violin or trumpet every once in awhile, and he still loves to sing.  Favorite songs this month are the same as last - the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle.  There was actually a phase this month where Collin sang the ABCs twenty or thirty times a day, but we seem to be past that now.

Pretending takes up the largest part of our days.  Mostly we build and fix.  Sometimes it’s all pretend, but other times we make use of Collin’s tools and equipment.  The most common projects right now are building a school, installing a mailbox, fixing a motorcycle, and fixing a fountain at the park.  Collin continues to be very thorough and elaborate with his imaginary scenarios.  He likes to say, "I'm hard-working guy!"

Besides pretending and being musical, we’ve also been spending quite a bit of time reading and playing with play-doh.  Favorite books at the moment are “Green Eggs and Ham,” “The Three Little Pigs,” and “I Love You Because You’re You.”  Collin makes cookies and cuts lines with his play-doh, and quite enjoys giving directions for things we can make with our color.  I hadn’t thought much about it, but a mom friend commented on Collin’s insistence to keep the play-doh colors separate.  Not mixing up the colors fits his personality pretty well. :-)

We’re proud of our guy and we love watching the ways he changes and grows every day.  It’s an interesting time right now - like he has one foot in the crib and the other on his way to college.  Big guy moments and little guy moments are all sweet and cherished.  We love our Collin Cooper!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

wrapping her up

Yesterday Collin decided he should wrap Lauren up so she was warm and cozy.

 She's a good sport. :-)

Lauren's first bath

Lauren had her first bath last week!

She enjoyed stretching and squirming

and pretty much thought bathing was no big deal! :-)

post #601!: our new house!

Our blog now has 601 posts!  It is such a treasure to us and we're so grateful for the record of our family memories.

We're home!  There are still unfinished projects (like the single garage door...), but we moved in a week ago today and we love it here.

Can you beat our view of the sunrise?!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a great morning

Most of the pictures I've taken of Lauren have been sleepy shots, but I'm trying to remember to also get out the camera when she's awake!

Pretty happy with what I captured today. :-)


She slept while we were at the park this morning, which worked perfectly so I could play with Collin the whole time.

He was happy to be outside!

Monday, September 16, 2013

brother & sister

Collin loves to lay by Lauren so he can look at her, and of course he lays on the side that makes it easiest for Lauren to watch him too. :-)

"drink like a puppy"

Collin thought it was a good idea to get a drink from the sprinkler like his puppies do.

Getting splashed in the face was cracking him up!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

our babies' eyes

Collin gets regular compliments on his big, gorgeous eyes.

It looks like Lauren will have them too!

photo ops

I ran to get my camera to take pictures of snoozing Lauren, and when I returned she was fussing.  Gotta remember every detail, right? :-)

A moment of patting and she was back to sleep.

When Collin saw I was taking pictures, he ran to his room as quickly as he could to get his camera.

"Mommy, say cheese!"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sibling love

At least 5 times a day, Collin says "I want hold her!"

Yesterday he told her, "Soon you be big.  Then you can play with my tractors."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a sunny day for a snooze

Lauren doesn't mind snoozing outside on a nice day!

"Hey little sister!  I'm your big brother!"

We can't wait to watch this brother-sister relationship grow!

construction Sunday

We spent most of Sunday working at the house, and the kiddos were happy to help.

Daddy let Collin draw all over the kitchen island, since this surface will soon be covered with rock.

As usual, he took his job very seriously.

Lauren did what she does best.  Looks normal enough, right?

She was just napping in the midst of the construction zone.  No biggie!

We're almost in. :-)