Monday, October 28, 2013


Today was a stick-out-your-tongue kind of day!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

family fun day!

Sunday is family day around here, and we do our best to make the most of it.  Today was a good one!

We started out with a fantastic breakfast made by Daddy and Collin, and then grabbed a couple family pictures.  Silly faces and not looking at the camera?  That'll probably be par for awhile. :-)

The boys worked in the garage, we had lunch with Papa and Grandma, we took care of a few errands, and then we headed to the pumpkin patch!

Bug pulled the wagon for about 5 feet before he got tired. :-)

Daddy found his pumpkin first, and then Collin decided to hitch a ride.

Collin was looking for a "really biiiiiiiiig pumpkin!"

He chose a great pumpkin and carried it all by himself.

"Ah!  I'm almost dropping it..."

"Oh no.  I dropped it."

"I got it!  I got it!"

We also found pumpkins for Lauren and me, and then put the kiddos in the wagon for a picture.

After the pumpkin hunt, we checked out the other fun things set up for kiddos.

This "hay hop" was stacked hay bales to climb and jump off.

Collin loved watching other kids jump

but wasn't so keen on jumping himself. :-)

Next we checked out the animals.

Collin loved feeding the horses, and he really loved the sweet girl who was helping him.  When she walked away to get more hay, he was looking everywhere and saying, "Where's my friend?" :-)

Fall.  Family.  Fun!

Lauren Kate: 2 months

Lauren Kate is 2 months old today!

height:  23 inches
weight:  13 pounds
head circumference:  16.5 inches
clothing size:  3-6 months

At 2 months, Lauren is developing a very sweet personality.  She's really laid-back and good at going with the flow.  She doesn't smile too often yet, but it's really sweet when she does!

When she's wide awake, Lauren likes having room to move.  She enjoys being on her belly or her back.  Being on her back is better for stretching her arms and legs; being on her belly is best for showing off her amazing head control.  She listens intently while we talk or sing to her, and watches us carefully.  She doesn't mind being left alone to stretch and babble, and then she loudly lets us know when she's done being alone and ready to be held.

Lauren typically only fusses because she is hungry, sleepy, or tired of her big brother's attention.  She is very tolerant of being touched and moved and loved.  She even enjoys diaper changes!

Baby girl loves her sleep!  She falls asleep very quickly if we swaddle her tightly and pat her booty for a minute.  She catnaps all morning (up for an hour, down for 30-60 minutes, repeat...), takes a 3-4 hour nap late in the afternoon, and sleeps for 10 hours at night without waking.

She still doesn't like the paci, though she has taken it a few times for 30 seconds or so.  We'll keep trying, because it'd be a handy thing to have around!

After she sneezes, Lauren always lets out a satisfied "ahhhh."  When she has her hands in a fist, she usually has her thumb tucked under her pointer finger (like the "I have your nose!" trick), and when she wakes up, she always raises her left arm straight up to stretch.  Even young babies have habits. :-)

We love our precious girl and are very blessed to have her in our family!

Collin Cooper: 33 months

Collin Cooper is 33 months old today!

He mostly wears 3T clothing, and his shoes are size 8.

Collin has always had a fun and engaging personality, but it's becoming even more pronounced.  Adults find him funny and easy to chat with.  Kids enjoy playing with him.  He's a good guy!

He talks a lot.  Like pretty much the entire time he's awake.  He's a good conversationalist, asking courteous questions and answering the questions that other people ask.  Favorite things he says right now:
"So, how's your day?"
"How was your sleep?"
"Not now.  Maybe to....later."
"No thank you.  Thank you for offering."
"My favorite in the whole world."
"Nice (to) meet you."

Articulation is improving every single day.  Just this week Collin added "f" and "l" to his arsenal.  Each new sound improves his ability to pronounce words well and be understood more easily.  His speech pathologist, Miss Terri, continues to come for an hour every Monday morning.  She brings a suitcase full of toys, and they just play and chat the entire time.  It's a highlight of Collin's week.

He also sings a lot.  New songs that he's singing lately are "Old MacDonald," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Rock-a-bye Baby."  His favorite is still the ABCs.  95% of the time, the ABCs are the first thing out of his mouth when he wakes up, which means most days our alarm clock is to the tune of the ABCs. :-)

Speaking of sleep, Collin is good at it.  His nights are 9pm-7am, and his daytime nap is usually 1.5-2 hours somewhere between 1 and 4pm.  Twice this month he skipped his nap, opting to spend the time playing in his crib rather than sleeping.  He was content, so we just let him do his thing.

Another of Collin's favorite events is having friends over to our house.  He loves having guests.  Toddlers often play in the same space without really interacting, which is called parallel play.  Collin loves parallel play and is getting good at inviting his friends to play with him too.  He's also getting good at sharing his toys, and he doesn't mind if all the toys are spread around while friends are over, because now he knows we'll help put everything back where it belongs when we're finished.

Collin is pretty particular about things.  His toys all have a home.  He likes to clean everything up before naptime and bedtime.  He lines up his plate and bowl and cup just so.  When he's eating strawberries, he makes a straight line with all the leftover stems.  His tidiness and organizational skills are a fantastic and fascinating strength, even though it sometimes slows things down.  His parents are tidy, so it works well that he's tidy too!

We still do TONS of pretending every day, mostly about fixing, building, driving, and doing checkups as "Dr. Collin."  We dance a lot and Collin spends quite a bit of time experimenting with motor skills - jumping, kicking, crawling, hopping, balancing, spinning, etc.

Collin loves to eat cheese, strawberries, oranges, yogurt, pancakes, soup, and sausage.  He likes sandwiches, but only if he can eat each part individually (cheese first, then ham, and then the bread).  He doesn't love vegetables, but he'll try most.  He's definitely his parents' child, because he always has room for dessert. :-)  Our new Sunday routine is a stop at DQ after church, which gets over around 7pm, and Collin is a big fan!

Big guy is the best big brother ever.  He's attentive to Lauren and he's makes a great effort to make her feel better when she's upset.  He wants to play with her and is excited to teach her everything he knows.  He continues to have conversations with her, maintaining both sides on his own.  This morning Lauren was laying on the floor while Collin was getting dressed, so the conversation went like this:
"Lauren say, 'Big brother, you're naked!  Where are your clothes?' "
"There, Lauren.  Now I have on undies."
"So Lauren say, 'What has on your undies?' "
"Those are stripes."
"And Lauren say, 'Oh yeah!  I forgot about stripes.  So that's what has on your undies.' "
He sings to Lauren, reads her stories, puts all her toys near "in case she wants to play," chooses which clothes and blankets she should use, and supervises diaper changes.  He can't wait for her to play with him!

He'll kiss her wherever she accepts it. :-)

We are blessed with a sweet, funny, easy-going guy.  As we say every night, he's the best boy in the whole world!

Friday, October 25, 2013


We have this awesome ottoman in our living room that has two storage cubes inside, and we use one for a toy box for Collin.  When he's having a hard time finding something specific in the toy box, he just climbs inside. :-)

Found it!



Sweet Lauren has been smiling a bit in the last two weeks, and I (kinda) caught it on camera this morning! :-)

Lauren also has amazing head control.  She was up for more than a minute!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

bedtime story

Collin really, really wanted to read a story to Lauren before bedtime tonight.

Are they sweet, or what?


Abbie Rae was over last Saturday night, and she and Collin had a blast with Lauren.

Two blurry (busy) toddlers with Lauren laying calmly in the middle.  That's how it usually is!