Monday, March 31, 2014

Lauren's new wheels

Daddy was really excited to get out the car/walker for Lauren Kate.  It seemed way too early, but they proved me wrong!

Big girl loves sitting on the car!

She doesn't move it anywhere, but she has a blast playing with the toys.

It's hard to believe how quickly she's growing!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

daredevil Collin

Collin is into tricks right now, which mostly involve jumping or rolling.  This particular day, he wanted to me to take pictures as he jumped.

"Ready, Mom?  Watch me jump more higher!"

"Ah!  That was a good one!  Did you see me?"

Good landings are particularly important.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Collin's new book

Collin found a great new book in the seat pocket in front of him this weekend!

He probably spent 20 minutes concentrating on the atlas, "finding" all kinds of towns he knew.

Lauren's hair

Lauren Kate is getting a good amount of hair!  It seems to be lighter as it gets longer.

Check it out!

Friday, March 28, 2014

spring: hot and cold

Spring in South Dakota = who knows what the weather will bring!

Sometimes it's freezing cold and we can only last outside for 15 minutes before our fingers are too cold and we have to head inside to warm up.

Sometimes it's warm enough to relax outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Whatever the weather, Collin enjoys being out in it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lauren Kate: 7 months

Lauren Kate is 7 months old today!

Sunshine is full of spunk!  Her personality is really shining through, and she's a very sweet girl.  She loves to smile, has a precious laugh, and is really laid-back.

We've entered the separation anxiety phase, so Lauren no longer likes to see our backs (because she doesn't want to be left alone as we walk away).  She definitely knows Mommy and Daddy, but she's still pretty easily distracted and typically gives smiles to people she's familiar with.

Because she's such a content girl, Lauren doesn't seem to have the motivation to be mobile yet.  She can roll both ways, but she rarely does.  She loves to sit and she also loves standing in her jumper.  She is able to hold herself up for a few seconds while standing and holding onto something, like the coffee table.  Mostly though, she likes to sit and watch.

Girlfriend loves to eat, and she was very happy to learn that finger foods are in her near future!  We'll have to head to the store for puffs, but I can already tell you that Lauren will love them.  No matter how much she's had to eat, she's always sad when the food container is empty.  Based on her cheeks, you can tell she never gets enough to eat...

Lauren loves playing with toys, and prefers her brother's toys more than her own.  How is it that she instinctively knows the difference?!  Her manual dexterity is impressive, as is her flexibility.  She puts the two together to reach and grab toys that we thought were far enough away to be safe.  Pretty much everything goes right to Lauren's mouth, so we have to be careful what she ends up reaching!

Lauren's hair is coming in very evenly, and it's a lovely light brown.  Her eye color seems to have settled, and they're awesome:  hazel with dark green around the edge of the irises.  No teeth yet, but it seems like they'll be coming soon.

 Sweet Lauren Kate is a perfect fit for our family.  We love you, precious girl!

Monday, March 24, 2014

snowy day

It wasn't too windy this day, so we bundled up and braved the snow to get some fresh air.

Collin and Papa built a great little snowman

while Lauren and I supervised.

glimpses of spring

'Tis the season:  sunshine and spring-ish one day, eight inches of snow the next.

So far Lauren Kate is a fair weather girl, so we're doing our best to get her outside when it's a little nice.

Collin loves being outside no matter the weather.  He's always working on something and talking like crazy.

This particular day, Collin thought Dino and Tyler would enjoy the fresh air too.

Cute suit, no? :-)

"Don't worry, Lauren.  I will teach you how to walk when you get bigger."


It's a slow process and still in progress, of course, but Collin and Lauren are becoming playmates!

Collin can be very sweet to his baby sister

and Lauren usually thinks Collin is hilarious.

He likes to show her everything

and she's a great listener.

Built-in best friends!