Saturday, May 31, 2014

first family hike

We spent Memorial Day going on our first family hike!  Collin wasn't sure at first, thinking the hike might be scary.  The great news is it only took about 5 seconds for him to warm up to the idea.

Collin and Daddy climbed together; Lauren rode in the ergo carrier on my back.

The best part, in Collin's opinion, was all the water crossings.

Lauren Kate was happy to get out of the carrier at the end so she could put her tootsies into the creek too.

We had a blast on our first family hike and we're looking forward to many more this summer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lauren Kate: 9 months

Lauren Kate is 9 months old today!

She is a sweet, smiley, easy-going girl.  If she's fed and rested, she's probably happy.

Lauren has learned a few tricks this month:  she gives high five, waves and says "hi!," and gives kisses.  The "ahh!" sound she makes while waving or high-fiving shows she is proud of herself and having a great time.  She is still experimenting with different wave styles, ranging from a tiny flick of the wrist to a two-handed flail.

Lauren has an interesting mix of social skills.  She recognizes familiar faces and freely shows her gorgeous smile, yet she often hides her face when being spoken to by a stranger.  She does a small laugh when she hears other people laughing, and loves watching people.

Standing is Lauren's very favorite thing to do.  She will hold onto anything to keep herself steady - the railing, a toy, her brother's belt...  She is able to stand independently for a couple seconds, but she panics as soon as she realizes she isn't holding onto anything.  Lauren loves walking behind her push car, a skill that she mastered very quickly.

Still a toothless wonder, baby girl loves to eat and isn't picky.  Her favorite food to feed herself is banana slices, but she will eat anything.  She loves pulled pork, beans, yogurt, and cottage cheese.  She has a great pincer grasp and is very accurate to pick up food and put it into her mouth.

Lauren is an excellent sleeper.  We got rid of her swaddle for naptime just a few days ago, and she made that transition like a champ.  For naps, she pulls a blanket up to her face and falls right asleep.  She still starts nighttime with a swaddle, but she always has her arms out by morning.  She typically naps 10-noon and 3-4:30, then sleeps 8pm-7am.

We often say Lauren has a sick sense of humor, because her brother's crazy antics are her favorite.  Collin gets the biggest smiles, and loudest squeals, and the wildest laughs from Lauren.  Their interactions are sweet to watch, and we're so excited for them to grow up as playmates and friends.

Sweet Lauren Kate, you are precious and we are so grateful for you!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

she waves

This week Lauren learned how to wave.

She's pretty proud of herself, and she loves how we squeal with delight every time she waves.

Sweet, sweet girl.

conversations with Collin

"Yep, I see your problem.  Your screws are leaking.  Don't worry, I can fix it for you."

In the midst of a whole bunch of pretend play and hard work, we also have serious conversations too.

"Mom, where will we sleep when we're in heaven?  Will God have toys like these?  What will we do while we're there?"

"How will we get up to heaven?  Will we fly there?  Jesus will help us, but will God help us too?  I think we will go way up up up high like the clouds.  Maybe that cloud is big enough for all of us."

Once he's satisfied with our conversation, then Collin can go back to being his silly self.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rocket Park

We spent a couple hours at Rocket Park this week.  While Collin crawled and climbed and did the slides, Lauren was happy to have a place she could stand all by herself.

Both kiddos also spent some time flying. :-)

sunshine + sweet babies

Oh, spring!  We were so excited about the warm, sunny days this week that we spent hours and hours soaking up the wonderful weather.

Lauren Kate decided she loves fresh air - just in time!

And of course we already knew the dude loves being busy outside.


This week, SuperCollin wore his costume out in public for the first time.  It was awesome.

He stuck out his belly to three people, saying "See?  I have Superman on my shirt!"

Two of the people he chatted with asked what happened to his cape.
"Oh, I just left it in the Jeep.  I can't fly inside, so I just have to walk."

Friday, May 23, 2014

standing girl

Standing is Lauren's favorite, and she's getting really independent about finding something to hold onto.

Her balance is really improving, allowing her to move around a bit without falling over.

She's pretty fond of her freedom.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lauren's balloon

Lauren and Daddy were playing with a balloon the other night, making funny noises by blowing.

Lauren thought it was hilarious.

sibling love

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Sweet cheeks

still loves being swaddled

even though she usually busts her arms out so they can be above her head while she sleeps.

With his great big bed,

Collin prefers to squish into the corner.

tub time

When Lauren's in the tub, she loves to chat.

When Collin's in the tub,

Lauren likes to supervise.

When they're both in, Collin likes to keep Lauren confined so she doesn't contaminate his bath water.  Not that she's ever done that...

They love each other!

Mr. Rabbit + baby rabbits

Daddy and Grandma Lee have been telling Collin all about Mr. Rabbit, who they've been seeing where they're working right now.

Collin and I went looking for Mr. Rabbit or the baby rabbits we heard about.  We didn't get to see the big mister, but we did catch a glimpse of three babies!

I don't think anyone thought it was weird to see us laying in the grass looking under a tree. :-)