Thursday, July 31, 2014

afternoon park visit

We made a quick trip to the park this afternoon and had so much fun.

Lauren Kate did a little bit of peeking up by the tunnel

and then an experiment on edibility of wood chips...

while Collin climbed and slid to his heart's content.

This was a fun way to spend the last hour before dinnertime!

great grandparent time

Earlier this week we headed down to see Great Grandpa Mike and Great Grandma Betty.

Lauren Kate made her rounds

while Collin had a blast feeding treats to the neighbor pups

and playing soccer in the backyard.

After dinner came the real excitement:  we heard the ice cream truck!

It turned out to be a reeeeeally long wait

but it was worth it!

Such a fun night!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Collin Cooper: 3.5

Today is Collin's half birthday, so we officially have a 3.5 year old!

This kid is amazing.

particular and meticulous
friendly and talkative
brilliant and hilarious

a perfect 3.5-year-old combination of bossy and sweet
a precise mix of adventurous and cautious

You keep us on our toes and your antics (and vocabulary!) make every day exciting and interesting.  You're precious, sweet Collin, and we adore you!

Lauren Kate: 11 months

Sweet Lauren Kate is a big 11-month-old!
She weighs 20 pounds and is about 28" tall.
She has one tooth!

Baby girl is the sweetest thing.  She loves holding hands, snuggling, and touching people's faces.  She giggles and joins in when other people are having fun.  Exploring is her favorite pastime, and she gets up on her tiptoes when she's excited.

Lauren is a professional walker.  She also learned to crawl this month, but walking is definitely her preference.  She falls onto her booty 95% of the time, which is a blessing from an injury standpoint!  She knows how to get up to a standing position by herself, but first she'll squawk after falling to see if anyone will come rescue her.

Little sister Lauren does everything she can to keep up with Collin.  She likes to play with his toys, she loves interacting with him while they play together, and she enjoys checking on him when he's in another room.  She is very tolerant of his craziness, often even joining the wild fun.

Communication skills have come a long way this month!  Lauren points and grunts to indicate what she wants and also makes a distinct sound when she sees food or drink that she's interested in. She'll hand over something if we say "please" to her, and she puts her hand out to indicate when she wants us to hand something to her.  She smiles and giggles and waves, but only on her terms!

Our cupcake is a hungry girl and a fantastic eater.  She is in the process of weaning herself from nursing, down to just once per day at bedtime.  She loves meat the most, but she eats pretty much everything we give her.  Her meals are about the same size as Collin's!

It's been fun this month watching as Lauren becomes a little girl with a unique personality.  She hands things over when she needs help with them (for example, getting a toy phone open).  She uses items properly - trying to get shoes onto her feet, wiping her face and her highchair tray with a rag, putting a toothbrush under the faucet before putting into her mouth, etc.  She's a smarty pants and she's definitely always watching!

Sweet girl, you add light to our world and love to our family.  Happy 11 months, lovely!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

copycat climber

Collin has a great stool in the bathroom so he's able to reach the sink and wash his hands independently,

and today Lauren figured out how to get up onto the bottom step.

There's a "Your kid is doing something iffy.  Grab your camera or grab your kid?" decision to be made almost daily around here.  Obviously you know which side I'm on...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lauren's first tooth!

Why, you ask, is she fussy?

And why does she so enjoy chewing on her fingers?

She got her first tooth, of course!  See that beauty?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Collin the chef

Collin loves being a chef and was excited to help at the Festival in the Park this year.  His job was setting dough out to thaw.

He also thought he should do some dough flipping.

(Notice the dough that's mid-air!)

construction project

Collin and Lauren helped their daddy with a big construction project this month.

There used to be a wall between the living room and dining room

and now it's a half-wall!