Thursday, August 28, 2014

climbing girl

Little Lauren loves to climb.

Sometimes it allows her to be helpful

and sometimes it gets her into a jam...

Lauren's blanket

Lauren Kate has always loved snuggling with blankets, but she's really taken it up a notch in the last month or two.  She loves holding it to her face and she does something interesting to it, almost like clicking her tongue and sucking right by it - but without getting it wet.

She loves playing with her blanket

and she definitely loves sleeping with it.

Sweet baby girl.

water park fun

We bought a season pass to the water park again this summer, and we've had a blast getting our money's worth!

I'm usually only able to get pictures during snack breaks

and afterwards,

(exhausted Lauren after several hours at the pool!)

but one day I got some pictures while the kiddos were in the water.

Collin loves standing with the big kids when the huge bucket dumps water.

Cute boy has spent the entire summer working his way closer and closer to the bucket

and he has so much fun!

Lauren Kate is crazy brave.  She climbs six stairs to get up to the third level of the structure

and has a blast being sprayed from all sides.

There's also plenty of splashing and fun in the pool.

We are parents to a couple of fish! :-)

playing outside

We've had such a great summer, full of sunshine and fun.

Abbie and Collin had a fun day of running through the car wash

cruising in the gator,

and playing with Abbie's giant ball.

Lauren did some nude swimming...

We checked out the big slide at a playground near our house

Lauren's been practicing her climbing skills.

We've had several picnics in the yard.

The kiddos have learned to blow on dandelions to make a wish.

And we've even gotten to know a few horse friends while out for walks in the neighborhood!

Summer, we love you.

Lauren's 1st Birthday

We had a cupcake party in honor of our little cupcake's first birthday!

We ate a delicious dinner (party sandwich, fruit, veggies, broccoli salad, chips and salsa...)

and then the guys helped Lauren open presents.

She got dolls, clothes, cash for her piggy bank, and a fun picnic basket.  Honestly, she wasn't too interested in sitting still to open gifts...

After gifts, it was cake time!

Lauren was more hesitant than we expected, but Collin was happy to assist.

Sweet girl loved toddling all over the house during her party

and was sweet enough to walk her guests out at the end of the party.  She even waved good-bye for several people.

Happy 1st birthday, precious girl!