Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lauren Kate: 13 months

This lovely lady is 13 months old today!

In terms of new skills, it's been an exciting month.

Lauren has found her voice this month, and it is precious.  She babbles while she plays and is experimenting with specific sounds to communicate.   If we pay attention to what she's doing, we notice she is using sounds that match to words she hears us say.  She says "buh" for bye, belly, and boo.  She also says "puh" for please, mostly to beg from her brother.  Because Collin chats so much, Lauren will probably have to be aggressive to get a word in edgewise!

Mostly Lauren points and says "uh-uh-uh" to communicate.  Last weekend she pointed and said "uh-uh" to lead me all the way through the church building to where she saw a sippy cup she wanted.  It's really helpful that she's figuring out how to tell us what she wants and needs!

Sweet girl is very playful.  She loves initiating peekaboo - around corners, under blankets, and through windows.  Lauren thinks it's hilarious to chase and be chased, she loves being rolled around, and she laughs at things that seem too wild for her tiny stature.

Lauren loves backing into a person's lap so they can read her a story, and her current favorite book is Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks from A-Z.  It's just her size and she enjoys carrying it around.  Her favorite parts of reading are turning the pages and touching the pictures.

Daredevil is the new word to describe Lauren.  She's independent and she's reckless.  She climbs and dives and sometimes she crashes.  This month there have been several bruises and a sad scrape to show for her daredevil ways...

Lauren learned to give hugs and sloppy, open-mouthed kisses this month.  She's pretty proud of herself and her newfound skills of affection.

Baby girl is an excellent sleeper - 8pm-8am plus two naps each day.  She sleeps in the car if that's where she is when naptime rolls around, and she even sleeps at the church when we're there for bible study!  As long as she has her blankie, she'd probably sleep anywhere.  Her flexibility is an enormous blessing.

This sweet girl makes us laugh, surprises us with her intelligence, and is such a joyful part of our family.  We are blessed by you, Lauren Kate!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

cowboy Collin

Collin Cooper got himself some cowboy boots, and he LOVES them!  Add in a cowboy hat and a "lasso," and it makes one very happy boy.

In true 3-year-old style, cowboy boots can be worn with any and all types of attire.

Collin wore his boots to CBS this morning...
"I have to wear my cowboy boots so I can show them to my teachers!  They've never met a cowboy before."

Swarm Days parade

Last weekend was homecoming at the college, and we were excited to go to the parade!

Collin was fond of the fire trucks and the clowns.

Lauren Kate figured out how to collect candy

 and was sweet enough to share with Daddy.

Collin-isms part 9000

C:  "I wish I was 19."
Mommy:  "Not me!  When you're 19 you probably won't want to live with Daddy and me anymore."
C:  "I will!  I'll live with you forever."
Mommy:  "You will?  Promise?"

(the next day)
C:  "Some day when I'm bigger, I'll have my own house."
Mommy:  "Oh, no sir.  You promised you'll live with me forever."
C:  "Oh yeah!"

"I don't want to die.  We need to pray and tell God and Jesus if they'll protect us so we won't be died."

(after listening to a song that includes the word "judgement")
"What means judgement?"
"What happens if God judges we do bad things?"

(after a conversation in which Collin requests a pet bird and we tell him he has pet dogs instead)
"Well.... But the dogs are yours!"

(after helping our neighbor, Jan, in her garden)
"Jan should start calling me more often!  Since I'm so helpful."

(in song, as he's playing his guitar)
"God's love is good!  He is great and powerful.  And he is always in our hearts."

(after saying he's "plum full" and ready to get dinner, and then finding out dessert is being offered)
"I'm already over my stuffing!"

funny pronunciations that are still hanging on:
perftick (perfect)
loosually (usually)
rerember (remember)
pie-lull (pile)
oi-lull (oil)

Thanks for keeping us laughing, funny boy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

the hose

Sometimes on warm days, Collin and Lauren like to get crazy with the hose.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

hard-working kids

Sweet Collin loves to be a helper, and it's getting to where his "help" is actually helpful.

We made cotton candy last week, and Collin loved his job as the sugar pourer.

Whenever Daddy's working with lumber at the house, Collin is too.

He's pretty good at pounding in nails.

Baby girl is learning to be a helper too!

a snowy day in September!?

It snowed on the 11th of September.  Lauren and Collin loved it!

Dude even had time to build three snowman and two snowpuppies.

Thankfully the snow is gone and the sunshine has returned for a little bit of South Dakota fall.

sleeping babes

One lucky day, I got to snuggle exhausted Collin while he slept.

I still love watching them sleep...

Collin and Lauren

These two sweet babies are getting along so well these days and it is adorable!

They play together

and they're making big plans to get in trouble together as they grow...