Friday, October 31, 2014

bedtime prayer

Collin has mastered his bedtime prayer!

Dear God,
Thank you for all you give:
for food, for love, and a place to live.
I thank you for my family too,
and I want you to know that I love you.
Please give us peaceful rest tonight
and keep us safe until the morning light.

Lauren's new tricks

Lauren loves giving kisses!

She also knows how to growl.  When I walked into the nursery after CBS last week, Lauren was playing with the teacher by chasing her with a "growling" toy.

She's really smart and playful.  It's fun to watch her figure things out and put things together.

Collin the climber

This fun climbing spot was at a house where Daddy was working a few weeks ago.  When he wasn't busy being Daddy's helper, Collin did a lot of climbing practice too!

Collin writes!

Collin has recently taken an interest in drawing and "writing."  He writes his name really well, but we've never practiced writing anything else.  After writing his name the other day (in the center, backwards, which he has done a couple other times...), he asked if I'd help him write Daddy's name and my name and Lauren's name.  I said sure, but I didn't expect success.  I jokingly said, "Can you make an M right here?" and I almost fell off my chair when he did it!  I told him the letters, and he wrote the rest of MOMMY in the bottom right corner.  Next we did Lauren's name, and Collin did the entire thing independently (I just told him which letters to write) except I helped him make the last line of the R.  Then we did Daddy and I only helped with Y, and we also did Fremont.

The next day Collin wanted to make a note for Papa, so he wrote his name after I told him how to spell it.  He also drew a picture of Papa with an owie on his leg, because the big news in Collin's world was that Papa had recently cut his leg with a chainsaw.

After Shane and Bridget visited, Collin asked me to draw a fish.  He then drew himself and Bridget, fishing poles and fishing lines, and wrote both of their names.

Last night he wrote his name and Great Grandma Helen's name on one of his pumpkins.

I'm not sure what age is "average" for forming letters, but I'm quite sure 3.5 isn't average.  We aren't pushing it too hard, but this little mister is probably ready for some academic challenge.

bathtime fun

sleeping babies

Lauren prefers to be buried in blankets while she snoozes.

At the very least, she needs her blankie up by her face.

Collin is always "not tired," but on rare days we can coerce him into napping.

Collin slept on the floor in his sleeping bag while Shane and Bridget were visiting.  Here he is, barely in the sleeping bag and barely on the pillow, but the important detail - Tyler under his arm - is still in place!

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from the Fremont family!

Collin the firefighter

and ladybug Lauren

had a fantastic Halloween!

We trick-or-treated at our favorite neighbors' house (Denny and Jan), and then we walked the halls of an assisted living facility in town.  Collin had excellent manners, loudly saying "thank you!" to each resident who gave him treats.  Lauren Kate was very brave to walk up to each person.  She would hold onto a treat as she walked, then drop the treat when the next person offered her a new piece of candy.

Sweet costumes.  Sweet treats.  Sweet day!

pumpkin carving

It was our first family pumpkin carving adventure, and we had a great time!  The kiddos had fun scooping out the guts

and Collin drew names and designs to be carved.

(Collin and Helen, since Great Grandma Helen was here while we carved!)


Mom did the F for Fremont and the pumpkin with all our names.  Collin made the 3-eyed "scary jack-o-lantern," and Daddy did the jack-o-lantern with Lauren's tooth pattern. :-)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lauren Kate : 14 months

This sweet bundle of spunk is 14 months old!

It's been a fun month for Lauren Kate.  She's really learning to express herself, and it's fun to watch her find ways to communicate.  For a girl who doesn't really say any words, she sure talks a lot!  Pay attention for a second and it'll be pretty clear what she's asking for.

Lauren got 3 new teeth this month, so she's up to a total of 4 now.  It hasn't changed her eating pattern, which means she still eats pretty much all the time.  Girlfriend is hungry!  She loves yogurt and cheese and strawberries.  She also enjoys most kinds of meat, grapes, peaches, and most everything else too.  If it's food, she'll probably eat it.

 Lauren has tons of really cute tricks and mannerisms.  She gives kisses and hugs.  She knows how to blow dandelions and "brrrr" while she's driving cars and growl while she's playing with toy animals.  She loves to be part of what we're doing, and she's excited every night to hold our hands for prayer before bedtime.

Baby girl is fun, fun, fun!  She likes to be silly and entertain, and she loves joining when she hears other people having a good time.  I was carrying her out to the car today, but when she heard Collin and Abbie giggling in front of us, she had to get down so she could walk and squeal too. :-)

Laughing is one of Lauren's favorite things to do, and it is the sweetest sound.  She laughs at Collin's silly antics, she laughs when she's being chased, she laughs when she is tickled, and she laughs when she accomplishes tricky tasks.

Lauren is big and brave.  She likes to run and be chased, wrestle, climb, and she's really trying to learn to jump.  One of her favorite games involves diving onto Collin's bed with him, and she really loves rough-housing with her daddy.

Lauren Kate is a delicate combination of sweet and sassy, cuddly and independent, big and tiny.  Precious girl, we adore you!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

facial expressions

We have a couple of sweet, silly kiddos!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Great Grandparents

We visited Great Grandpa Mike and Great Grandma Betty this weekend, and it was fun to capture a few lovely pictures with Great Grandma.

four generations of ladies:

a four-generation shot with Collin too:

We didn't get pictures of it, but Lauren repeatedly kissing Great Grandpa Mike before we left was another highlight of our visit!