Sunday, November 30, 2014

a visit to Rapid

The kids and I headed to Rapid the other day to visit Great Grandma Betty.  My plan was for the kiddos to nap on the drive down.  Collin kept saying "I'm not tired!" but fell asleep about 5 miles from Grandma's house.  I cruised around town for a bit to give him a chance to rest.

As soon as we got into town and stopped at our first stop sign,

this little lady was awake!

We had a super fun evening out in Grandma's backyard playing soccer and just being silly.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lauren Kate: 15 months

This beautiful bundle of fun is 15 months old today!

Lauren Kate is funny and spunky and precious.  She brings so much light to our family and we're having a blast getting to know her sweet personality.

Baby girl is a really good listener and she follows directions well.  Several key words (hungry/snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner/eat) make her hustle to the kitchen for food.  She'll follow directions to go find her shoes, sit down to put socks on, and deliver items to a specific person ("Take it to Daddy!").

Lauren knows and thrives on our routines.  When she's hungry, she'll grab a bib and ask us to put it on.  After her bath, she gets excited because she knows that next she gets to run around naked.  When it's naptime, she walks to the sound machine to turn it on before we grab her blanket.  After we read a book at bedtime, she grabs hands for our bedtime prayer.

Favorite activities for Lauren right now include dancing, reading, spinning, climbing, looking out the window, wrestling, and copying everything her brother does.  She loves giving high-five, rough-housing, pulling rags out of the drawer to help clean her high chair, jumping on Collin's bed, and drinking from water bottles.  She's pretty predictable in her wildness!

Lauren Kate is possessive of her mama, squeezing in when another person (or dog) has my attention.  On the flip side, she does really well in the nursery at church and bible study.  She mimics facial expressions really well and loves copying a scowl.  Favorite above all is Lauren's blankie.

Words are few, but Lauren has great communication skills.  She makes clear gestures and is persistent to get whatever she needs.  Requiring words makes her frustrated, but we have no doubt she'll get there soon.

Sweet Lauren Kate is just fun, fun, fun!  She's learning and growing and changing so quickly, and we are proud of the precious girl she's becoming.  Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lauren's belly

"Lauren Kate, where's your belly?"

"Who's asking?"

"Just kidding.  Here it is!!"

late-night sillies with Lauren

baby in the bath

Lauren Kate loves bath time!

Recently she learned she can lay on her belly in the tub.  She's proud to show off her new trick, and especially enjoys when we compliment her bravery.

Sweet baby girl. 

snow fun

Wowza, it's been a long cold snap!  We enjoy bundling up and getting outside to play.

Lauren likes to swing even more when it's cold and windy outside

while Collin prefers being adventurous in the snow.

all about the play

Collin and Lauren are two of the sweetest, most playful kiddos.  They love to be silly and they both enjoy working to make others laugh.  Happy.  Full of laughs.

Sometimes we do crazy things like toss the kids while they're wrapped up in the bean bag.

Sometimes we do regular things like play with toys.

Sometimes Lauren's a party animal who makes crazy faces.

Lots of times she tries to imitate every single thing her big brother does.

Sometimes Collin does crazy things to make his sister laugh.

 Sometimes he's too busy laughing hysterically at himself.

We are thankful for our two little people!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

pajama parties

They always wake up happy.  Happy babies in cute pajamas?  Yes, please.

Sometimes Collin wants to stay in his jammies all day, and Lauren is happy to join that party.

(She loves her big brother!!)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

snuggly, sleeping babies

Collin always. always. always. snuggles with Tyler while he sleeps.

Lauren Kate prefers to snuggle with three blankets while she snoozes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

family snow fun

It was SO cold yesterday, but we decided to bundle up and brave it for a little bit of family fun in the snow.

The boys took a few runs down the hill on the sled.  It's been so windy that the snow has blown a lot, which means the icy hillside is perfectly slippery for sledding.

Lauren is brave about a lot of things, but decided she'd rather watch the sledding from the warmth and safety of her mama's arms.

 Beside the house and out of the wind, the kids had fun climbing a huge drift of snow.

Happy kiddos!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Where's Waldo?

I bundled up Collin and sent him out to play.  See him?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

snow day

We got about 8" of snow yesterday, the first substantial snow of the season.

Collin went out first thing in the morning while the snow was still really flying.  He played in the snow with some tractors and even his eyelashes were covered with snow by the time I convinced him to come inside to warm up.

After the snow slowed down, we bundled up again and went outside to sled with Papa.

Lauren enjoyed a couple minutes of sledding before she was ready to go in for a warm nap.

Collin was super brave

and even picked up a little speed sledding down the driveway.

He loved every minute of it.

Collin has quite a few activities on his to-do list since there's snow on the ground, but I explained there's no rush since the snow will stay for a few days with the extremely cold temperatures.  We're all geared up and ready for winter!