Saturday, January 31, 2015

Collin's birthday party!

Collin had a super fun firefighter party to celebrate his 4th birthday.

We love birthday celebrations, and it's fun for us to go all out to make a big party.

We invited 10 of Collin's friends, along with their families, for a fantastic brunch prepared by Papa and Grandma.

We made flaming buildings,

fun firefighter notebooks for the kiddos,

and even had a real fire truck stop by the shindig!

Grandma Lee made an awesome fire hose/water/flames cake,

and the day was a wonderful celebration of our sweet boy.

Friday, January 30, 2015

sunny park date

It was 70* and sunshine-y on Collin's birthday, so we headed to the park for a picnic lunch with Daddy, Papa, and Grandma.

Lauren Kate, the bravest girl in the world, climbed to the top of the 6' ladder without any hesitation.

Collin Cooper, the sweetest boy in the world, spent most of his park time chatting people's ears off.

They did make a little time to play together though!

We have been spoiled with so much gorgeous weather this winter!  I'm afraid we're in for a snowy March & April!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lauren Kate: 17 months

Lauren Kate is 17 months old!  She's the sweetest, most spunky little girl.

Girlfriend loves to eat.  Breakfast is the first order of business when she wakes up in the morning, and she hustles to the kitchen whenever we ask if she's hungry or offer her a snack.  She loves to feed herself and doesn't love getting cleaned up after she eats.

Lauren also still reeeeeally loves her sleep.  She easily falls asleep at naptime and bedtime, usually sleeping 8pm-8:30am and napping 1-4pm.  Her blankie is her source of comfort and absolutely essential for falling asleep.  Once she's asleep though, she moves around like a maniac!

Lauren is really smart and a very good listener.  She hears everything and follows directions well.  It's such an interesting time - she's tiny so it seems she couldn't possible understand what we say, and then she'll knock our socks off by demonstrating she knows exactly what w'ere talking about.

Baby girl likes identifying body parts - eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, hair, hands, belly, and toes.  Sad but true, she knows to use her elbow to cover while she coughs.  She likes blowing her nose and copying every. single. thing. her big brother does. :-)

Full of facial expressions but not full of words, Lauren's communication style is really entertaining.  She knows a few words - please, papa, mama, dada, whoa, baby, peek, hi, bye, and pup-pup - but doesn't use many on a regular basis.  She nods and shakes her head and points very clearly, so that helps us understand her pretty well.

Lauren loves to read, and location depends on her mood.  Sometimes she wants to sit on a lap and be read to, but other times she wants her own space to read by herself.  That's the cutest - "mm uh mmm uh uh" as she reads.

Lauren also loves dancing.  She shakes her hips and rocks her shoulders whenever music comes on, and sometimes even when someone sings to her.  She also dances while she's comforting her babies - she'll pat baby's back, say "shh shh shh," sway her hips, and spin in circles.

We call Lauren a wild woman because she is playful and adventurous and fun!  She climbs and jumps and dives and spins.  She likes being upside down, and she laughs when we do crazy tricks with her.

Lauren is also snuggly and sweet, full of smiles and cuteness.  Cuddling helps her feel better when she's upset, and breathing in her blanket is a surefire fix for any trouble.

We love you precious girl, and we're praying about how to channel your persistence and tenacity as you grow.  God is going to use you to do big things!

1000 posts!

4.5 years ago, I started this little blog.  I wanted a way to keep our family updated since we're spread out across the country.  I didn't realize what a treasure this blog would become - a record of all kinds of precious details about our family.

God is so cool, nudging me back then to take pictures and keep track of things, knowing how much we'd love the ability to look back and remember.  It's a record of our highs and lows, mostly just regular days that are our most precious memories.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Collin Cooper is 4!

4 years!  It feels like an eternity and the blink of an eye...

I still remember waking your daddy to tell him he was going to be a daddy!

I still remember the first time we heard your heartbeat and the first time I felt you move and the day we found out we were having a boy.

I still remember how fervently we prayed for your health and how peaceful we felt knowing God has a perfect plan for your life.

I remember the sound of you greeting us the moment you were born and how Daddy almost knocked over everything in the surgery room as he ran to be by your side.

I remember the awe we felt as we drove home from the hospital - "We get to keep him?!"

I cherish the memories of our first moments and first days with you.

I cherish the memories of snuggling you tight and rocking you to sleep.

I remember your first smile, first laugh, first steps, and first words.

I cherish the sweetness of your relationship with your Daddy. 

I cherish the memories of your mannerisms and how you used to say things when you were tiny.

I remember the moment you met your baby sister ("Dat Baby Yornen?  Her tute!")

and I cherish the relationship that's developing between you two.

I cherish the joy that always oozes out of you.

I cherish the way you blow our minds with your creativity and memory and persistence.

I cherish the way you still call me Mama, even though you're a big boy ("obviously!").

I cherish you, precious boy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

props: a pogo stick and a magic wand

Collin was using a pvc pipe as a pogo stick.

Lauren was blowing raspberries as she assembled her magic wand.