Saturday, February 28, 2015

full hands

You know that awkward moment when you bend over to pick up an item you dropped, only to drop two more items in the process?

So frustrating!

Friday, February 27, 2015

snow excavation

We had a big snow drift on the table on the deck, and Collin was so excited to get out there!

The dump truck and excavator are best friends, so they, of course, worked together to clear the snow.

Happy boy!

Lauren Kate :: 18 months

18 months?  Whoa, baby!

At 18 months, Lauren weighs 23.5 pounds and is 32 inches tall.  She's around 65th percentile for height and weight.  She's our child, so of course her head is 97th percentile!  She is happy, healthy, and growing steadily, for which we are so grateful.  She has 11 teeth, and her hair is finally long enough for clips or pigtails.

 Our little ray of sunshine is so much fun!  She loves to laugh and be silly, and she definitely enjoys getting people's attention with her goofy antics.  She's a daredevil, not afraid to climb and dive and do anything to keep up with the big kids.  She has no fear, but luckily her motor skills and coordination are developing quickly to keep her relatively safe from injury...

Baby girl is a great communicator, but doesn't use many words.  She points and babbles a lot, and she's really good at answering questions by nodding or shaking her head.  Her word list includes:  mama, dada, papa, bubba (for Collin), uh oh, whoa, baby, puppy, and please.  She'll say two syllables if asked, such as for "more please" or "up please."  Her babbling is becoming more consistent, and she does "uh uh mm uh" to tell important stories.

The blankie is still a staple in Lauren's world.  It's a magic calming tool and can fix almost any situation.  She always sleeps with it, and sometimes carries it around if she's having a rough day.

Lauren Kate loves to sleep, and generally does a 12-hour night plus a 3-hour afternoon nap.

Eating is perhaps Lauren's favorite pastime.  She likes cereal, yogurt, pancakes, or a smoothie for breakfast.  She knows where the snacks are stored anywhere we go (CBS, friends' houses, the church nursery, and obviously our house), and she'll point and "uh uh mm" to let us know she's hungry. She'll eat pretty much anything, and usually puts away more food than her big brother.

Lauren loves reading and is so excited by the new bookshelf in her bedroom.  She enjoys sitting in a lap and being read to, but she prefers to determine the pace, often flipping pages faster than we can read.  She also "reads" books by herself, babbling and pointing at pictures as she works her way through a book.

She also loves her big brother.  She loves to copy everything he does, and it's especially sweet when he teaches her new things.  She's quite attentive to his instruction!  Not to say they always get along perfectly, because they don't, but it's fun to watch them become playmates.  Lauren isn't afraid to express her opinion to Collin (or anyone else), and she definitely stands up for herself.

Routines and details capture Lauren's attention, and it's amazing to realize how carefully she pays attention.  She knows where items belong, she remembers all the details of our routines, and she does an excellent job of listening and following directions.  She's a smart cookie!

Lauren Kate is such a precious love and is really learning how happy she can make a person by giving a kiss or a tight squeeze.  She's learning to blow kisses, and she especially likes giving kisses at bedtime.  She has a unique way of capturing a person's attention, and her sweet mannerisms are fun to watch.

We're grateful for Lauren's courage and tenacity, and pray daily that she will always be courageous and tenacious as she serves God and his people.  We love you, sweet Lauren!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lauren loves babies

Lauren Kate loves playing with babies!

She undresses them (re-dressing them is our job),

swings them around to play (she nods when asked "Lauren, does your baby like hanging upside down?"),

 and snuggles them in tight while saying "shh shh" and patting their backs.

Sweet little girl.

Monday, February 23, 2015

angels and other snow fun

Another February snowstorm = another chance to bundle up and play in the snow.

Collin loves making snow angels

and he convinced Lauren to join him this time!

The pups love running around in the snow

and Lauren thinks it's fun to call for them to come back.


Add in a little hill climbing,

swinging for Lauren and crazy sliding for Collin,

and it's a happy, happy day!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

brother & sister/best friends

They get into all kinds of mischief together

and make each other laugh.

He's teaching her everything he knows

and that makes them laugh too.

It isn't always perfect, but we're so grateful for the relationship that's growing between our babies!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

sweet friends

We are so grateful for sweet friends!

Lauren & Anna

Collin & Maya

snowy fun

It's been cold and snowy, but we've committed to bundling up and spending a little bit of time outside regardless of the weather.

Lauren Kate likes to swing

Collin likes to climb through drifts.

Lauren is trying to figure out how to swing on her belly the way her brother does.

Collin is happy to practice new snow tricks.

Their mom?  I'm happy to get some fresh air and then get back inside where it's warm and dry!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

out of the mouth of the boy

Funny things just keep coming out of Collin's mouth! :-)

(after hearing conversations about a baby shower I was planning)
"Mama, why do babies take showers?"

(to convince Lauren to give him a hug)
"I have snuggly arms!"

"Wait a minute.  Aubrey's daddy hunts?!  I didn't know daddies could hunt!  I thought only papas went hunting.  Someday I'm going to hunt with my papa!"

(while discussing that he and Lauren were wearing matching shirts, which made them "twinsies")
"Uh huh.  Except we're not twinsies by what we wear on our booties.  You wear a diaper and I wear undies, because I'm a big boy and you're a little girl."

Keep 'em coming, kiddo!