Monday, March 30, 2015

a cool park date

Lauren Kate loves slides!

Brave boy does too.

"Oh hey, Bubba!"

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lauren Kate :: 19 months

This spunky little girl is 19 months old!

At 19 months old, Lauren Kate looks less like a baby and more like a little girl.  She's definitely starting to act like a little girl too.  She wears 18- and 24-month clothes and size 5 shoes.

We like to say that Lauren is a beautiful little dichotomy.  She loves to copy everything Collin does and she really enjoys playing with him, yet she also really loves playing alone.  She's incredibly laid-back and goes with the flow very easily, but she's also very opinionated.  She's big and brave, yet she likes to snuggle with her blankie when she's upset.  Sweet and sassy - that's our little girl!

It's been a fun month for Lauren, as she has picked up several new skills and quite a few new words.  She is becoming quite the climber, and her courage reached new heights this month when she went down a two-story tube slide all by herself.  She's brave, that's for sure!  She's good at jumping, she "whistles," and this month she learned to climb ladders so now she can slide all by herself.  Lauren's current word list includes:  please, hi, bye, up, ow, pee-yoo!, uh-oh, tweet-tweet, men (amen), puppy, dada, mama, bubba, papa, mah-maw (Grandma).  She'll try to say anything we say, and she's good at matching syllables and inflection.

Lauren's favorites are her blankie, baby dolls, and books.  We try not to take the blankie out of the house, but sometimes she carries it around when we're home.  Mostly she just needs it while she sleeps.  Lauren is a caretaker, carrying her babies around while she pats their backs, sings to them, sways, and tells them "shh shh."  She likes to have her arms full of baby dolls!  Favorite books this month include "Night-Night Prayer" and "Humpty Dumpty."  Lauren's new thing for story time is that she prefers to sit beside instead of in a lap.

Lauren is a tidy girl, very good about cleaning up toys and putting a book back on the shelf before pulling out another one.  She likes items lined up just-so, especially on her high chair.  Collin always leaves his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, and Lauren has taken it upon herself to carry the clothes to the laundry basket.  She knows where things go and she's good about putting everything in its place.

One of my favorite parts of Lauren's day is our bedtime routine, just because it's so cute to watch her and know that she remembers what's coming next.  She runs to the bathroom and puts her arms up so we'll put her on the counter to brush her teeth, she insists on rinsing and "spitting" just like Collin does after brushing, she runs to Collin's room to pick a book for her bedtime story, and she sits beside while we read.  She holds our hands and mumbles while we pray, and she claps while she says "men" (amen).  She gives kisses all around, tells the boys "bah," and runs to her room to turn on her sound machine.  She loves our routine!

Precious girl, we adore you and are having so much fun watching you grow!


One day this week, Collin decided we should go camping.

He set up our "tent" and "sleeping bags," and we had fun!

piggie tails

Piggie tails are one of the few hairstyles we do for Lauren so far.

She's adorable with them in, and then she's hilarious once we take them out.

Sweet, silly baby!


This week we met some friends for a swim date up at The Lodge.

The kids really love the splash features.

We need to visit the pool more often, because we really had a blast!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daddy's copycat

Cutie pie found her daddy's hat and pencil on the table and decided she better wear it.

Pretty proud of herself, obviously!

Sweet girl.

Lauren loves her crib

 It's so fun to watch Lauren sleep.

Sometimes she squishes into the corner of her crib.

Sometimes she stays buried by blankets.

Sometimes she spreads out a little bit.

When she wakes up, she likes to stay in her crib for awhile.  She sings and works on two important tasks:  undressing her baby doll and undressing herself...


Collin is excited for the season of sidewalk chalk.

He likes to be up high on this swing.

Lauren is pretty impressed by her newfound ability to copy Collin by swinging on her belly.

We are loving the time we've been able to spend playing outside!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

concrete day

Exciting news here:  Papa and Grandma's new garage = construction fun!

"Mama, a pumper truck is pulling in!"

This was our first time seeing a pumper truck, so it was pretty exciting.

Once they figured out how the concrete truck and pumper truck worked together, Collin and Lauren were ready to imitate.

Happy lady.

Happy dude.

The result of an entire morning working outside?

Yeah, she's in there... :-)

Friday, March 20, 2015

the kids visit the dentist

We went to the dentist last week!

Collin thought it was pretty great, because he got to watch Sid the Science Kid while he was in the chair.  For a dude who doesn't watch tv, it was a pretty fun treat.

Lauren Kate enjoyed watching her brother's exam, but hers wasn't as fun.  She stayed in my lap (that's what they do for babies) and screamed the entire time.  Luckily they just did a 2 minute exam for her.

No cavities.  Compliments on our brushing skills.  Good day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lauren: bravery + babbling

Lauren is finding her voice!  It's fun to hear her babble.

We didn't think it was possible, but she is also finding more courage.  She is so brave...

happiness is a good book

We're so grateful that Collin and Lauren love books as much as they do.  Reading is a gigantic part of our days!

It's pretty sweet listening to Lauren read to herself.

Collin is an excellent model for Lauren.  He reads all the time.

How cute are they?