Saturday, October 31, 2015

fun fall days

Fall is finally here!  Sometimes we have to really bundle up to play outside,

and the days are perfect for running through the leaves.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

important work: tracing

Collin is an idea guy, and luckily Lauren is usually willing to go along with whatever he's up to.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lauren Kate :: 26 months

Our spunky little girl is 26 months old!  Lauren Kate is super fun, and her personality is really starting to shine.

Lauren is small in stature but can certainly make her presence known.  She's an interesting dichotomy - sometimes quiet, shy, and snuggly; yet loud and a silly showoff when she's comfortable.

"Bubba" is her favorite, and Collin and Lauren have a sweet relationship.  She doesn't love his help, yet she knows she can ask anytime and he'll happily assist her.  She likes to follow him around and copy everything he does, but she also really enjoys her alone time.  He's teaching her a lot, and she's a sponge picking up new skills.

Verbal communication continues to develop in a slow but steady fashion.  New words this month include "spicy," "my do" which means she wants to do it herself, "trash," "yot" for locked, "truck," and "two three two" which is what every book/tape measure/note says.  Lauren counts to two, and notices when there are "two puppies" or "two balls" or "two books."  She asks questions a lot, and is a master at furrowing her brow and cocking her head to show confusion.  For so long she said "uh" to mean yes, and we've always prompted her to say "yes."  Now she says "yeah" automatically, and it is with the cutest intonation ever.

Lauren is a great pretender - mostly with babies and cooking, but also with picture-taking and going "buh-bye."  She'll put on her purse, strap her baby doll in the stroller, say "buh-bye" and wave, blow two kisses, and walk away.

She loves to read, sing, dance, play cook, build with blocks and legos, play with bubbles outside, climb, jump, and spin like a crazy girl.  A total daredevil, Lauren laughs hysterically at "oops, I almost dropped you" types of tricks.

Lauren likes to be on the go, and she's at the age where she's easily portable.  We can go anywhere without having to pack a lot of stuff, and she's fun when we're out and about.  She likes eating and forgetting to bring a snack isn't a good idea, but otherwise she's quite laid-back.  Her favorite places to go include the library, grocery store, and parks of any kind.

It's been a fun month, and it really feels like Lauren is on the verge of so many new developments and skills.  Happy 26-month-day, sweet baby girl!

Collin in quiet time

It's so fun to listen to Collin while he's playing independently.

Monday, October 26, 2015

excavating with Daddy

First Collin got to ride,

and then Lauren joined the fun.

She was so happy to work with Daddy that she didn't want to ever come out!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

art in the morning


Lauren Kate loves to color

while Collin loves to cut and glue.

Mostly they just like to work together.

busy kids

Collin has always loved working on projects, and it's fun to watch the projects he creates for himself.  This particular day was all about hauling dirt.  He used his shovel to load up the bed of the gator, and then he was using a crescent wrench (huh?) to move the dirt.

Lauren Kate creates her own projects too.  Making sure doors are "yot" is high on her list of priorities.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Collin's "chore chart"

Collin decided he wanted to make a chore chart...

Sunday Dad and Collin git two play legos!

He wasn't sure how to spell to, so he grabbed a counting book and turned to the 2 page to get his spelling.  He doesn't know about homophones, of course, but I was totally impressed by his resourcefulness!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Why is she hiding, you ask?

Little Miss had way too much fun digging through Mama's things and found my mascara...


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a beautiful evening at Daddy's jobsite

The kids love to stop by to visit Daddy while he's working.

He was working on a lift this particular day, and the kids absolutely wanted a ride!

Next, Collin needed to climb the huge hill,

and we ended the evening with some measuring, marking, and cutting.

Daddy's best helpers!

Yuh you

Sweet girl has starting saying "yuh you" for "love you."

gf/df cookies

Collin has really sensitive skin, and we've noticed a few rashes that make us wonder whether he has food allergies.  October 1st we decided to do some experimenting in that category, so we cut out gluten and dairy for the month.  It's been a little bit hard, but there's also been lots of fun as we experiment with new gluten-free/dairy-free recipes.

This day we made some frosted sugar cookies that are gluten and dairy free, and it was an exciting day!  So exciting, in fact, that I took pictures of the kids eating their cookies.  I'm a nerd.

They liked 'em!  And Daddy liked 'em too.  Success!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

two peas in a pod + best buds

Collin and Lauren do everything and go everywhere together...

Their days are full of crazy ideas

and silly fun

and even naptime snuggles!