Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lauren Kate :: 30 months

Our little Kit Kat is officially a 2.5-year-old!  It has been a really fun month with our precious Lauren Kate.

Vocabulary and conversation has really blown up for Lauren this month.  She has tons of new words and is regularly putting them into 3- and 4-word sentences, like, "Mama!  Window open please."  Her articulation is pretty good and we're glad to hear beginning and ending sounds on all her words.  Ts are the most common sound replacement (tut = truck, timmy toot = swimming suit, mitt = miss, teep = sleep, toot = scoot...) and she's pretty easy to understand.

Lauren has started telling stories this month, and that's super fun to listen to.  Her stories often revolve around babies, and especially her cousin "Baby Lyla."  As we were talking about Lyla the other day and wondering what she was up to, Lauren told us, "Baby Lyla night night?  Jammies on.  Light off.  Cry.  Blankie.  Paci?  Baby Lyla sleep."

My favorite thing that Lauren say is "oh bummer" when something goes wrong.  She knows her name is Lauren (she says "Yorni") but refers to herself as "mine."  She doesn't say "I" or "me" - just "mine."  For example, she says "Daddy yay mine" when she wants Daddy to lay by her.  She calls us Daddy and Mama, and she still calls Collin "Bubba" even though she knows his name is "Tonny."

Lauren is a really great listener and really picks up on details of conversations.  I asked Collin if he wanted to have lunch with Papa and Grandma, and Lauren said, "Mine?  Yunch.  Papa?  Yeah bee!"  Of course there are particular buzz words that she's always listening for:  ice cream, movie, treat, blankie, Daddy, outside...

All this talk about Lauren the conversationalist would surprise many people, as she's very quiet when we're around people she doesn't know well.  Her comfort zone is pretty small, but I remember the same thing being true with Collin and this age.  Now he doesn't know a stranger, so I'm quite sure the same will be true of Lauren as she gets older.

Lauren's motor skills are getting really good - she easily lands a jump off the bottom step, and she is getting to be a very fast runner.  She hops, climbs, walks backwards, and does pretty much anything she can to imitate her brother.

Singing is a favorite pastime of Lauren's, and she knows the words to "Roll Over" and "Happy Birthday."  She's also working on "Twinkle Twinkle," "Amazing Grace, and the ABCs, but she actually prefers to sing her own original songs.  Babies must hear a Lauren lullaby before they can go to sleep, and Lauren always sings to the dogs after she puts them into their crates.

Babies and books occupy much of Lauren's day - often together, as her baby dolls really love being read to.  Lauren's babies eat, poop, and change clothes as often as the tiniest of newborns, and she's a very busy mama.  She loves to pack her bag, buckle a baby doll into the carseat or stroller, and say "Buh-bye Mama!" as she walks away.  She also often says, "I yuh you, baby," which is about the sweetest thing you've ever heard.  None of her babies have names at this point, but I'm sure that will come with time.

Gosh, we are so grateful for this spunky little girl and the fun she brings to our family!

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