Thursday, March 17, 2016


(after finishing a small bag of M&Ms)
"It says fun size, but it's not a fun size for me.  I could definitely eat more!"

(while being tickled)
"Dad, stop!  Let's don't get me all riled up and jazzed before bedtime."

(while "preaching")
"God always teaches us about what He is like.  What He is is our Savior and our Daddy.  The bible teaches us about how much He loves us and how we should treat people."

(lyrics to an original song about Grandpa Tim)
"He likes rat rods.  But he doesn't like to paint 'em... or put anything nice on 'em.  He just likes 'em rusty!"

C:  "Mama, did you know my wife is 21 years old now?  We have like a thousand kids!"
Mom:  "A thousand kids?  How do you remember all their names?"
C:  "Easy!  They wear name tags."

"Dad, do you think you could ask Wes and Bailee if they'd be ok with having... just... sides on their deck?  So that way when it starts raining it will still be safe.  And people can still party in there!"

(while wrestling with Daddy)
"Ohhh!  You got me right in the breathing tube!"

(another wrestling moment...)
"You're squeezing all the blood right out of me!"

(speaking to Crosby, Grandma Lee's dog)
"Hey Crosby, where are you?  Crosby!  Lauren is pooping on the potty!  Isn't that so exciting?"

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