Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lauren Kate :: 31 months

This bright-eyed beauty is 31 months old!

Lauren Kate is 3 feet tall and weighs about 32 pounds.  She wears 3t clothes and is still in size 6 shoes.

This month has been really fun, as Lauren's personality really shines these days.  She is spunky and creative; smart and silly; empathetic and attentive to details; and when it comes to physical feats, she's a very brave girl!

Lauren is talking a lot - telling stories, asking questions, and regularly saying 5-word sentences.  She has some really cute speech habits...  After something funny happens, she'll ask, "Tunny, Mama?" to see if I agree that it was funny.  She learned this month about me/mine, so now she says, "Daddy yay me?" when she wants Daddy to lay by her at bedtime.  She has also become quite serious about being called Lauren - if I call her Squirt when she's not in the mood, she'll point to herself and say "Yorni" to remind me of her name.

Besides family, the people that are most regular in Lauren's life are her teachers at CBS.  We're there for 5 hours every Thursday morning (and have been since before Lauren was born), so it's fun to hear those lovely ladies' perspective on Lauren as she grows.  Everyone has mentioned in the last couple weeks how much Lauren has grown and changed, especially with her willingness to speak while she's with her friends and teachers.

Lauren loves being a little sister.  Playing with Collin is definitely one of her favorite things, and she's also really attentive when he's teaching her something new.  She loves having Collin read to her, help her, and answer her questions.  She's quite tolerant of him being the leader, but she definitely lets him know when she has her own opinions.  Laughing with her "Bubba" is one of the best parts of Lauren's day.

A natural mama, Lauren spends a large portion of her day taking care of her babies.  She loves to cook for them and then feed them lunch, and they especially enjoy going for walks in the stroller.  She sings to them, dances with them, and reads them stories.  When there aren't any baby dolls around, Lauren also takes care of "Baby Bubba" and is a sweet caretaker to Shelby and Kacy too.

Lauren's really spunky and funny, so excited Lauren is hilarious.  She loves to run around and show off, waving her arms in the air as she laughs or says "Yay!"  She doesn't love strangers, yet she rather enjoys being the center of attention when she's extra happy or excited about something.

Laid-back girl goes with the flow really well.  As long as there are snacks available, she's good.  This month she started saying, "I hunny" to let us know that she's hungry.  She loves to eat granola bars, cheese, strawberries, ham, and raspberries.  She likes dipping her food, and she's very independent about clearing her plate and taking it to the sink.  Super messy (like, soooo messy...), Lauren insists on cleaning up her own messes with napkins at every meal.

Ever true about our girl - girlfriend loves her sleep!  She still does 12+ hours per night and naps for 2-3 hours every afternoon.  She has no desire to move out of her crib, and we're happy to let her stay safely confined for as long as she wants.  It doesn't leave her crib very often these days, but baby girl still loooooves her blankie.

It's so fun to think back through the details of this past month.  Our sweet girl is growing up!

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