Friday, March 18, 2016

roller skating!!

Check this out!!!

The Spearfish Rec Center hosted a skate night, and we were so excited to be there!

At first it was just Mama and the kiddos.  We managed really well, especially because Collin got the hang of skating really, really quickly.

This little champ only needed about 5 minutes holding onto my hand before he was steady enough to stay upright on his own!

The best part was when Daddy got off work and came to join us.

Our kids had a blast.  We had a blast.  What a fun start to the weekend!

Before bed we were raving to Collin about how well he did, and saying we were so impressed by his roller skating.  He said, "Mama, will you be snuggling with the dogs tonight?  Please will you snuggle them a little so you can show them how good I did?"  How sweet is that?!

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