Thursday, April 21, 2016

checking for roots

Collin has this new project that he calls "checking for roots."  It involves hammering screwdrivers down into the grass all over our yard, with the goal of finding roots.

(a conversation with Mr. Duane, our neighbor)
D:  "What's he doing over there?"
me:  "Oh, he's checking for roots."
D:  "At first I thought they were rain gauges, and I was surprised at how particular you were.  I looked closer and realized they're screwdrivers, and then I knew Collin must be up to something."

(a conversation between Collin and Lauren)
C:  "See, Lauren?  These are root checkers."
LK:  "Woot tetters, Bubba?  Oh my!"

When she got bored of checking for roots, Lauren moved onto her own never-ending project: vacuuming outside.

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