Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lauren Kate :: 32 months

Sweetie girl is 32 months old today!  Lauren Kate is just. so. fun.

Communication continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Lauren regularly uses 5- and 6-word sentences, tells stories, picks up on details of conversations she hears around here, and speaks new words every single day.

Favorite phrases right now include "oh, dear" and "oh, bummah!"  When she wants to do something later (not now), Lauren says "night" to say that she'll do it tonight.  Maybe she can have a cookie "night."  She'll brush her teeth "night."  Is it ok if she watches a movie "night?"  Lauren's articulation is really good, so she says things like "quesadilla" and "purple jacket" really clearly.

Being a mama continues to occupy much of Lauren's day.  She sings to her babies (mostly Amazing Grace), feeds them, changes them, rocks them, walks them, etc.  She still doesn't have a favorite baby that she plays with all the time, but at the same time, she knows which one she wants to play with at any given moment.

Another of Lauren's favorite things is fixing.  She'll carry the toolbox around the house, fixing anything she can find - the wall, the bench, my knee...  Mostly she likes hammering, but she'll also bust out the chainsaw from time to time.  Being Daddy's helper on projects is fun for Lauren!

Lauren is still very much a daredevil.  She likes to swing "high sky," she wants me to watch while she climbs "up up up," and she loves jumping.  She runs almost as fast as Collin, is great on a scooter, and does quite well on the strider bike too.  She's getting good at recovering from falls too - she'll wail for a couple seconds, sit on my lap for just a moment, and then get back in the saddle.

Lauren Kate loves being a little sister and has so much fun with her "Bubba."  She enjoys following Collin around and joining with whatever he's doing, and she also takes the lead sometimes to show Collin what to do.  They get along really well at least 80% of the time, which is pretty impressive.  She doesn't hesitate to let him know when she's irritated, and they're getting good at working through disagreements and frustrations.

Our sweet girl continues to be shy in public, but she's a bright and sweet center-of-attention at home.  We love her spunk and are so grateful for the joy and laughter she brings to our life.

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