Monday, May 30, 2016

wind in her hair

Sometimes she hates the wind, but on this particular day Lauren thought it was absolutely hilarious to have the window down so her hair could blow in the breeze.

Silly baby girl!

a super fun Saturday

We stopped at the nursery to grab some gardening supplies and of course decided to play too.

Next we met up with some friends at the park, and had SO MUCH FUN!

Lauren and Eva were adorable - they're getting to the age where they actually play together, rather than just playing near each other.

"Eva, drive boat?  Me sit here."

Collin had a great time with Hatley and Ethan too - friends that moved away and were back to visit.

 It was one of those crazy, precious days when the stars align and the kids are all happy and we ended up getting lunch so we could stay at the park for almost 4 hours!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

let's play at the park!

We really love our town's new park!!

And look at this big dude!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Collin the biker

We adjusted his training wheels to require a lot more effort to stay balanced, and Collin is doing great!

He's happy to be outside racing around like a stud.

My sweet, handsome biker man.

Lauren Kate :: 33 months

This cutie girl is just three months shy of her 3rd birthday!

She's getting so big!  This month Lauren is tall enough to reach the top of our [rocker] light switches, so now she can turn lights on!  Sometimes it seems like she's still a tiny little peanut, but a new reach means she's obviously growing.  Lauren's coordination has really developed, and she's almost fast enough to keep up with her brother.

Lauren loves to jump and balance and climb and do all sorts of tricks.  She likes riding her scooter and her strider bike, but usually prefers our help while she rides.  Hopscotch on the sidewalk is right up her alley!

It's been a chatty month for Lauren, as she learns lots of new words and her vocabulary really develops.  Her articulation is great, and her enunciation is fantastic.  She. says. every. word. carefully. and that makes it much easier to understand what she's saying.

Lauren is a mama, through and through.  She spends a large portion of her days caring for babies.  While she's the mama, I'm Carrie.  She doesn't like Collin to call me Mama when she's the mama!  Sometimes Lauren's babies need new diapers or new clothes, often her babies are "hunny" for a bottle, and they always love going for walks.  When it's naptime for the babies, Lauren will sing songs and she always says "yay by you?" to ask if baby wants her to lay beside the crib.

Lauren is full of spunk - such a funny girl!  She loves clowning around to make people laugh, and she LOVES to laugh.

Lauren Kate is a really sweet sister - compassionate and attentive to Collin, great at sharing (90% of the time...), and a super fun playmate.  She loves having a big brother!

We love you, sweet baby girl!

Thursday, May 26, 2016



learning ABCs,

and enjoying ice cream.

Together always!

a C & LK photo shoot

When the light is lovely but only half the kids are cooperating...

Yup.  The best I could get...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

visiting the baby bunnies!

The baby bunnies (next door to where Daddy is working right now) have grown quickly, and are now hopping around their enclosure.

Don't worry, the daddy bunny is doing ok too!

Cute, right?!