Monday, June 27, 2016

Lauren Kate :: 34 months

Just about ready to put her toe into the world of 3-year-olds...  Lauren Kate is 34 months old!

Baby girl (she'll always be our "baby girl") spends the majority of her day on pretend play, primarily with babies.  Either she's the mama of her baby dolls, or she's the mama of her "baby" brother, or she's the baby and Collin is the daddy.  Babies are her main focus!  New this month is that Lauren will say "Baby in tummy.  Oh!  Baby come out!"  Lauren's babies are mostly potty-trained, and it seems they're very well-behaved.

Lauren also loves to sing and read.  Her favorite songs are "2 Monkeys Jump[ing on the] Bed," "Roll Over," the ABCs, Amazing Grace, and This Little Light of Mine.  She hums very frequently, and loves singing pretend songs.  Her favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear and it's the first book she has memorized!

Lauren is very detail-oriented.  She always notices if something is broken or somehow not in its just-right place.  She notices and compliments details about people - "Boy wear big hat!" or "Pretty necklace, Mama!"  She can't stand when a closet door is left open, and she's great at "fixing" things.

Lauren loves to be a helper and wants to copy everything her brother does.  She's not very trustworthy with a hose, and she's a crazy messy eater.  "I spilled" is said nearly every time she has a cup.  She doesn't love being cleaned up by her parents, but she loves washing her hands by herself!

This month has been huge for language growth, and Lauren's conversation skills have blown up!  My favorite thing she says right now is "maybe next time," which she uses to explain and excuse anything and everything.

Need to go potty Lauren?
No.  Maybe next time.

Can't find your babydoll?
Maybe next time.

Don't like the song we're listening to?
Maybe next time.

I also think it's sweet how Lauren says "toe tunny" (so funny) and "tunny, Mama?" (funny, Mama) when she wants to know if I thought it was funny too.  Lauren has mostly figured out her pronouns, so now correctly uses you/I/me/my.  She always says "girl" or "boy" rather than "he" or "she."  She says "yuh you" very often and is getting really great at asking and answering questions.

Lauren is a super listener, noticing every detail of conversations.  She's paying careful attention, as evidenced by her laughter during something that struck her as funny during a sermon a couple weeks ago.  We're making good progress at having rational conversations when Lauren is frustrated, and she responds well to the opportunity to "do-over" when she needs to say something in a calmer/more polite way.

A cute thing Lauren's been doing the last couple months is planting her feet whenever she yells "WAIT ME!" as she's being left behind.  I keep telling her she needs to hustle to try catching up to Collin as she yells "Wait me!" and she has finally taken my advice.

Lauren loves attention and often says "Watch me!" and "Look at me!"  She enjoys having an audience.

Our cute Lauren Kate is bouncing back and forth from being a "bid durl" to being a "tiny baby," and it's so fun to watch as she finds her way.  We are grateful beyond words for the privilege to be your parents, precious girl!

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