Thursday, July 28, 2016

Collin Cooper :: five and a half

This handsome guy is officially five-and-a-half!

He asked if he could make brownies and I said yes.  He grabbed the box from the pantry, cracked the eggs, added the butter, mixed it, and poured it into the pan.  After baking it, I commented about how crazy tall the brownies were.  He goes, "Yeah, Mom.  That's because it's a chocolate cake!"

Apparently he wanted cake to celebrate his half birthday! :)

At 5.5, Collin is truly an incredible kid.  He is smart and creative, loving and tender-hearted, hilarious and entertaining, hard-working, determined, and just plain interesting.

Collin has been reading for about 7 months now, and his vocabulary and knowledge base have grown tremendously because of his interest in and commitment to reading.  He is so curious and soaks up information like a sponge.  Science topics are Collin's favorite to read about - animals, space, the human body, etc - and he has skill enough to read any book he finds.  He also loves books that make him laugh, so Elephant and Piggie are quite popular around here.

Since birth, Collin has always been a little man:  serious facial expressions and personality, little man hairstyle due to his cowlicks, and gestures that make you think of an adult.  His "little man" persona continues, and it's so entertaining to listen (and watch) him tell stories and explain things.  Raised eyebrows, highly-intentional gestures, and fascinating inflection make him so interesting!

Collin loves to know how things work, and he loves to be a worker.  He is at an age where he's incredibly helpful - remembers where things are, understands how they work, and has good ideas for how to fix pretty much anything.  He'll spend 8 hours straight working in the garage with Daddy, most of that time just working independently on his own little projects.  He's great with tools and wants to be a plumber/electrician/contractor when he grows up.

Collin is a lover and his ability to be empathetic has grown immensely in the past few months.  He notices the people around him, their actions, and their emotions.  He works to include and impress and encourage.  He loves making people laugh, and he is a fantastic big brother.

There is no doubt God has big things planned for our sweet Collin.  "Thank you God for forgiving our sins and being the only one true God.  And know that we love you and we always will, and thank you for loving us too.  Amen."

We love you so very much, little mister!

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