Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lauren Kate :: 35 months

This lovely lady is 35 months old!  Just one month until her 3rd birthday, and she is so excited for everyone to sing at her birthday party.

Supergirl is so funny and spunky!  She's shy around unfamiliar people, but when she's comfortable her personality shines.  She is bright and engaging and just super fun.

Lauren continues to be a natural mama, carrying a baby almost everywhere she goes.  She does typical things with her babies - feeding them, singing to them, rocking them, reading to them, taking them for walks, putting them to sleep.  New this month, sometimes the baby she's caring for is her "baby titter" or "baby brudder."  Also new this month is the presence of imaginary kids.  "I had 2 tids.  Tee?  Dey yittle!" (I have two kids.  See?  They're little!)

Did I mention she has personality for days?!

The hunger monster has made another appearance this month.  There are times when Lauren seems unreasonably frustrated, and the cure to helping her calm down is identifying the fact that she's hungry.  She knows to ask for snacks, but sometimes it seems she's just too hungry to concentrate.  In those moments, we call her Betty White (after the Snickers commercial when sweet Betty turns into a meanie football player because she's so hungry...).  Ha!

Lauren loves to read and sing.  This month she's been singing a lot more of the words to her favorite songs, and she really loves to hum while she's wandering and playing.  She knows a few books by heart, and it's precious to watch her reading (real words) to her babies.

"Watch me" is a super common phrase, as Lauren loves to show off her fancy tricks.  She's fast and strong, and can accomplish any feat as long as fear doesn't get in her way.  Swimming this month has become quite a bit more adventurous, with Lauren pushing away from the edge and kicking her way back.

It's been a fun month of new concepts and information for Lauren, her favorite being matching.  She gets so excited when she notices that her socks match her daddy's socks or that her plate is the same color as Collin's.  Imagine her thrill when she and our neighbor Trish were wearing the same color shirt and the same color shorts.  "Mama!  Trish me match!!"  She's attentive to details and likes things just-so.

Turn-taking is another skill Lauren is interested in this month.  Mostly it comes in the form of "your turn, my turn?" when she wants to do something independently (like stir the granola or brush her teeth) but I make her wait until I'm done.  She's really great at passing things to Collin when it's his turn.

Lauren is a sweetie little sister, very compassionate and empathetic with her brother.  She really likes to take care of him, even when he's not interested.  Lauren will follow her brother anywhere and copy anything he does.  For such an opinionated little girl, she is surprisingly compliant to go along with Collin's ideas.

Little girl, you light up our world.  Parenting you is a gift, and we are so excited to continue watching you grow!

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