Friday, August 26, 2016

foster care :: reflections on the first week

As of last Wednesday, August 17th, we are an officially-licensed foster family!  God has called our family to serve in foster care, and we are so anxious to see how He works in and through us on this journey.

There is a shortage of foster homes in our area (and everywhere), so we expected a quick placement once we were certified.  We didn't expect the worker to bring a referral with our license, but that's exactly what happened.  36 hours after being certified, we welcomed a 15-month-old boy into our home and our family.

Yesterday marked one week with baby C in our home, and it has been the most amazing experience!  The sad-eyed, quiet little boy that arrived at 8:30 Friday morning was wrestling with Collin and Lauren by lunchtime and giggling with Ryan and me before bed that very first day.  After a full week with us, he is comfortable here and his sweet, silly personality is shining.

My husband is the most gorgeous daddy in all the land, and watching him parent another sweet bebe has been precious.  So grateful to be his partner for life!

Collin and Lauren have hearts the size of the universe.  The beautiful way they've adjusted to having a new little person in the house is mind-blowing, and I have no doubt God has been preparing them all along to love like this.

We don't know what the future holds, and we don't know how long baby C will be with us or how his time with us will be.  We are committed to loving him every moment like he belongs here and like he's ours, and trusting God's plan and provision for the duration.

It's a stunning experience to watch God's beautiful stories unfold.

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