Monday, August 29, 2016

Lauren's birthday party

We had a blast celebrating Lauren Kate's 3rd birthday!

She was SO excited for her party this year - talking about it every day and asking so many questions.  "Tomorrow be my birtday party?"
"Grandma Helen be at my party?"
"After my nap, then it be my birtday party?!"

I forgot to take pictures of the park shelter after we decorated, so just imagine this stuff hanging up all cute...

Grandma made an amazing spread for dinner

and it was fun having all our friends milling around while they ate.

Grandma was making cotton candy too.  Yum!

While the littler kiddos were playing at the park, the big ones were with a few daddies down at the creek.

(Mr. Big Stuff!)

After plenty of park play time, it was time for cupcakes!

Lauren loved having everyone sing to her.

After I photographed these three cuties enjoying their sweet treats,

we were reminiscing about the picture I shot of the same three at Lauren's party a year ago.  Looking at home much they've grown absolutely blows my mind!

So grateful Lauren gets to do life with such fabulous girls.

Cory's first cupcake was a hit.

LK opened gifts and received all kinds of wonderful treasures.  Here she is with Annie Jane

and with Oreyna.

We are so grateful for the precious group of friends and family we have to love our kiddos.  Happy birthday, sweet Lauren Kate.

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