Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lauren Kate is 3!

Our sweet baby girl is now a big, beautiful, hilarious 3-year-old!

Every month is so fun, but this past month has been particularly exciting in the life of Lauren Kate.  She's always been a woman of few words, and all of a sudden Lauren insists on speaking in complete sentences.  8-word sentences are flying off her tongue left and right, and it's a blast to listen to!

In other [gigantic] news this month, Lauren became an instant big sister via foster care!  We told her Thursday at lunch time that a baby boy would be coming to stay with us.  When she woke up from her nap Thursday afternoon, she walked into the baby's room and said, "Where my baby brudder?"  He came Friday afternoon, and she started mothering him instantly.  When we take into account how drastically and immediately Lauren's entire world was rocked, we are so proud of how well she is handling the transition.

Our sweet girl is a mama and loves playing with her babies.  She also loves books and games and having a job to do.  She likes to color and is so creative when explaining all the parts of the pictures she draws.  ("It a worm!  A baby worm!  Oh, dat a rainbow.  Toe [so] pretty?")

Our girl has really taken to bike riding this month and is getting so good on her strider.  When she puts her mind to it, Lauren can figure out anything.  She's pretty athletic and is getting very fast!

Pretend play is big right now too:  doctor checkups and haircuts and tea parties and making/selling food and whatever else makes sense at the moment.  Lauren is thorough in her pretend play, and likes to follow the same routine for each task.

Little girl is super, super funny.  She is so shy and quiet when she isn't comfortable with her surroundings, but she's hilarious when she's confident in the circumstances.  Her conversation skills have improved greatly this month, and it's so fun to listen her chat with people.

On her birthday, Miss Janet next door called over, "Happy birthday, Lauren!"  Lauren responded with, "Happy birtday, Danet!"  Two seconds later she started laughing hysterically and said, "I tay happy birtday Danet.  It my birtday!!  Happy birtday Yornen!!"

Our girl has a tender heart and is the sweetest sister and friend.  She's strong and determined, creative and energetic, and so, so precious.  We love you, big 3-year-old girl!

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