Saturday, September 17, 2016

the Fremont family :: a party of 6!

Sometimes (often?) we would prefer to ignore a prompting from the Holy Spirit.  It might seem like life would be easier if we took our own path, but experience tells a different story.  After disobeying God's lead, we spend so much time trying to do better/go back/fix it to make up for our disobedience.  This is one of those instances...

We were contacted by our social worker, asking us to consider the placement of a 7-month-old baby boy.  Our heads told us that three kids is a lot and we're finally finding our groove as a family of 5 and taking another is illogical.  Our hearts told us we'd always regret if we said no.

Our first afternoon/evening as a family of 6 was hectic!!  But imagine Mama Lauren's delight when she learned she was needed to hold a baby and hold a bottle.  She's a professional.

He's a happy little man

and loved already.

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