Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Collin and the snowblower

Collin is Daddy's best helper, clearing the neighbor's driveway,

and now he knows how to run the snowblower by himself!

Collin the working boy

Collin setup a pretty cool pretend office, complete with computer and printer.  Typically he requires his pretend play to be highly accurate, so this was an interesting one...

"It's really hard work.  First I have to type into the calculator.  Then I have to write it all on the paper.  Finally I have to run it through the radio to pretend it's printing."

He's always working on estimates for new building projects, just like Daddy.

Morgan's new skills

Morgan is getting really good at his version of an army crawl, which means he can move on his own toward toys he's interested in.

And he's quite happy about it!

If situated properly, he can hold on and stay in a standing position for a few seconds before getting distracted.

He's figuring out how to drink from a sippy cup too!

He thinks he's pretty big stuff.

It's been a fun couple months of watching this cutie learn and grow!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

bedtime story

Collin was in charge of reading before bedtime.  How cute are they?!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

leaf-jumping Lauren Kate

Baby girl had a blast jumping in leaf piles this weekend.

Talk about cutie pie!!

Collin Cooper

He's silly and loves pretend.

He's a verrrrrrrry avid reader.

He's incredibly observant and detail-oriented.

(found a perfectly-shaped ice cube inside his frisbee)

He loves babies.

And most of all, he loves to be a helper!


Cory loves to be silly.  This particular morning, he was hiding a load of cars in his pajamas and then pulling them back out.

If he can climb inside it, he will!

He loves to read and play with "big kid" stuff.

He's mischievous and reckless.

And he loves to be "helpful!"

Lauren and Cory

Lauren and Cory are so interesting - best friends or battling enemies.  100 or 0.  I take pictures of the 100% times, because that's the sweetness we like to remember.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

happy Morgan

Look at this happy, smiling cutie!

Seriously.  Such a sweet, cheesy boy.

hard-working boy

Give him a project and watch him go!  Daddy set Collin up with a ratchet to pull out a bunch of bolts.  Not one to be satisfied with simple, Collin quickly came up with the idea to attach the socket to his drill and make the task more efficient.

He's one seriously cool dude.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Now that he's mobile, he can crack himself up by swimming in the curtains.

Spaghetti and raspberries (and messsssssy!) make him happy.

He can keep his balance for a couple seconds while leaning against something.

He loves backpack naps.

And most of all, he loves to laugh!